How to Make a Creeper Farm in Minecraft 1.19 Update

How to Make a Creeper Farm in Minecraft 1.19 Update
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How to Make a Creeper Farm in Minecraft 1.19 Update

Creepers are quite dangerous in Minecraft due to their explosive nature. However, players can still safely farm them and collect their gunpowder and experience orbs.

Creeper farms in Minecraft come in many different forms. Some farms are smaller but don’t produce as much gunpowder. Others are much more robust and have more to offer.

However, depending on the materials available to players, certain farms may be out of reach until they have progressed further (if in Survival Mode).

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In Minecraft 1.19, vines spawn differently than they did before the 1.17/1.18 Caves & Cliffs update. However, players can still make very efficient and useful vine farms.

Below, Minecraft players can find a quick guide on how to make a standard vine farm.

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Small and basic vine farms don’t require a lot of rare blocks in Minecraft 1.19

Creeper farm designs have changed over the years (Image via Mojang)
Creeper farm designs have changed over the years (Image via Mojang)

While creating a vine farm can be complex, there’s nothing wrong with starting small. Once players become more confident in their building skills and nuanced with the vine spawning mechanic, they will be able to create larger farms.

However, don’t be fooled by the size; even small vine farms can generate lots and lots of gunpowder for players, giving them plenty of materials to craft TNT and firework rockets.

Fortunately, smaller vine farms don’t require many rare blocks in their construction either.

Steps to create a simple vine farm in version 1.19

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The basic foundation

  1. To get started, find a construction site. Minecraft players can build this farm on land, but it’s smarter to build it on the surface of the ocean. If the farm is at least 130 blocks from land, it will have better spawning capabilities.
  2. Build a block tower 130 blocks high. In the interest of saving resources, this can be done with basic blocks, such as cobblestones.
  3. At the top of the tower, create a platform out of 5×6 flat blocks.
  4. On the platform, place three double chests in a vertical row, with a 3×3 formation of hoppers leading towards them from the left side. The hopper should have room to do so if Minecraft players place the chests on the side closest to them and work their way to the end of the platform made in Step 3. Place slabs on top of each hopper.
  5. In the remaining four corners of the platform, place torches or a similar light source.
  6. Build a block border around the hoppers on slabs. This should create a small gap (between the edge tiles and blocks) that players can see through but mobs can’t pass through.
  7. Place hatches at the bottom of the rim blocks.

building the tower

  1. Climb to the top of the border blocks and build 18 blocks high. This should effectively turn the border blocks into a tower.
  2. From the top of this new tower, build seven blocks outwards in all directions.
  3. Fill the blocks on a platform in each direction similar to a traditional mob tower layout.
  4. Create a wall around this new platform that is two blocks high.
  5. It forms an infinite water fountain. This is achieved in Minecraft by creating a hole or structure that contains 2×2 air blocks inside it. A bucket of water can then be placed in opposite corners to create an endless fountain of water.
  6. At each corner of the platform, place a bucket of water on top of each wall so that the water fountain block is flush with the corner and doesn’t flow from the top. Players must then place buckets of water on the sides of the platform in a similar fashion. The water should fill the entire platform, but it should not fall into the large hole in the center of the platform. Minecraft players should also break their infinity water fountain if they built one inside the platform.

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Creating the spawning platform

  1. Two blocks from a corner diagonally, place a block.
  2. Place three blocks on top. Next, break the blocks so that only the top block is left floating.
  3. From this floating block, place blocks horizontally at each corner. When the platform frame is finished it should be 15×15 wide/long. However, Minecraft players will need to put holes in the platform every other block. Just make sure you don’t break the outer frame of the floating platform.
  4. On the side of the floating platform blocks, place hatches and adjust them so they are flush with the blocks instead of sticking out.
  5. Inside the holes placed in Step 2 of this section, place hatches. Make sure you open these hatches so the vines can fall down.
  6. Place buttons on the surface of the entire platform, leaving a space of one block between them.

Once Minecraft players have created their starting platform, they can rinse and repeat the spawning platform steps until they have as many platforms as they like. More platforms means more vines, but it’s okay to stop if players are running low on resources.

Once Minecraft players have their desired number of platforms, they will want to enclose these platforms in a tower and use slabs to seal off the roof.

Then all players need to do is return to the base of the tower (where their hopper chests are) and kill the vines that fall from above.

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