Top 5 Minecraft Fantasy Themed Building Ideas in 2022


Top 5 Minecraft Fantasy Themed Building Ideas in 2022

Minecraft is an amazing game for those who want a creative outlet. In-game construction is cube-based, so it’s much easier to get used to than something like traditional drawing or modeling.

There are players who use Creative to have unlimited resources and just focus on the art side of building, and those who build Survival for the sheer joy of it.

Given the art style of Minecraft and the abundance of materials like stone and wood, medieval and fantasy themes fit together almost perfectly and are a staple of many builds. Below are a handful of awesome fantasy-based ideas for Minecraft players looking for some inspiration in version 1.19.

5 Amazing Fantasy Builds Minecraft 1.19 Players Should Try

1) Medieval fantasy house

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Medieval housing is a staple in fantasy settings as they are iconic. On the surface, it can be hard to tell what exactly differentiates a fantasy version of a medieval house from a normal one. Well, the answer is simple: exaggeration.

The house that tends to be represented within fantasy scenarios takes away from reality, yes, but it takes things to an absurd level. Things will be close enough to reality to be familiar, but enlarged, enhanced, and exaggerated to feel distinct and unique.

For example, fantasy homes tend to be taller than we would see and have features like curves and arches in the ceiling that are much more exaggerated. This translates incredibly well to Minecraft, as larger, more exaggerated features and extra curves are easier to render blocky, visually more interesting than straight lines, respectively.

2) Wizard Tower

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Wizards and magic users as a whole are an undeniable staple of almost all fantasy media. From Gandalf to Luke Skywalker, almost every media that is based on fantasy includes some kind of magic user. And one of the most iconic things associated with these magic users is their towers.

These towers tend to be tall and skinny, piercing the sky. They tend to be oddly shaped, with secondary towers appearing throughout the building.

These weird shapes and ramshackle auras would fit right into Minecraft, and would also make an amazing area for players to create an enchanting or brewing area, to mimic the magic that would normally exist within the tower.

3) Custom lower portal

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A staple of fantasy settings is the ability for people, specifically those with magic, to travel great distances instantly. Other settings feature the concept of other dimensions quite often. Both of these concepts are fairly well represented in the game: players can travel to other dimensions, including the Nether and End, and use the Nether to travel great distances quickly.

Since it’s a very natural fit for Minecraft, players should definitely consider customizing their Nether portals. The basic rectangular bottom portal gets the job done, but it’s undeniably utilitarian.

Players could do things like make a giant sword, with the Nether portal forming the blade to represent a huge sword stuck in the ground by some long-extinct giant. Or players could make an elaborate portal in the center of a hidden chamber, as if some alien cult had been experimenting with interdimensional travel.

4) Castle

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Castles are a staple of medieval and fantasy settings, and for good reason. These stone fortresses are large and imposing, making them great base centerpieces. They can also take advantage of all the new stone varieties added to Minecraft over the years.

Also, castle architecture works amazingly well for Minecraft. There are circular towers, topped with square battlements, as well as large square corridors, which are easy to create. Such options make this a great option for players who want to do their first large-scale build.

5) Airship

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To be honest, this one is a bit of a stretch. These large airships exist in normal fantasy settings, but are much better known and associated with techno-fantasy or steampunk settings. These are variants and sister genres of fantasy.

These creations are so unbelievably cool that it’s worth changing the rules a bit to include them. They usually take all the amazing details of old naval ships and combine them with blimps from the mid-20th century.

These would make an amazing flight base for a player who has acquired an Elytra and has a gunpowder and sugarcane farm large enough to guarantee a constant supply of firework rockets. They also give players the opportunity to experiment with different types of wooden and metal blocks, which are usually left behind in some large-scale base layouts.

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