How to make an automatic chicken farm in Minecraft (2022)

How to make an automatic chicken farm in Minecraft (2022)
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How to make an automatic chicken farm in Minecraft (2022)

Chickens are one of the most underrated mobs in Minecraft. They are easy to kill and generally do not have much combat value. But, once killed, they offer one of the best sources of food and trade items in the game. Eating chicken restores your health a lot, and you can even use its feathers to trade with villagers. However, they are only reliable when you have a lot of them. That’s where we step in to help you learn how to make a chicken farm in Minecraft. With this farm, you can get dozens of cooked chickens and feathers automatically and in a very short time. So, without further ado, let’s make an automatic chicken farm in Minecraft.

Make a chicken farm in Minecraft (2022)

The process of making a chicken farm itself is relatively easy. But first you need to know everything about chickens, like mob. For that, we are initially covering the game mechanics related to chickens. If you already know them, use the table below to jump right into the farm building process.

How to get chickens in Minecraft

The main part of a chicken farm is, unsurprisingly, the chickens. You need at least two chickens to start your chicken farm. They most commonly spawn in groups of four within all biomes except snow and desert biomes. The easiest way to find this passive mob is by visiting towns.

Chicken in Minecraft

In the same town, you can also collect seeds by breaking crops and grass. Chickens are naturally attracted to seeds., and you can use these seeds to attract them to the area where you are building your farm in minecraft. Alternatively, you can also use lead to pull them. Since chickens can avoid fall damage in Minecraft, you can even use Elytra to blow them up.

How to raise chickens in Minecraft

Every 5 to 10 minutes, chickens naturally lay eggs in Minecraft. These eggs do nothing on their own. But if the eggs are thrown, each the egg has a 1/8 chance of spawning a chick or a chick. On the other hand, if you raise two chickens manually, they will spawn one chick each time. For the chicken farm, we are going to use both mechanics.

Chicken breeding in Minecraft

To breed a chicken, you simply need to bring two chickens closer together and feed them seeds. You can use wheat seeds, beet seeds, melon seeds, or pumpkin seeds. We suggest you go with wheat seeds as you can get a lot of them by breaking up the grass. Once a chick spawns, you have to wait 5 minutes before breeding the same chicks again.

Necessary elements to make a chicken farm

Necessary elements to make a chicken farm in Minecraft

You need the following items to make a chicken farm in Minecraft:

  • two chickens
  • Forty four seeds (any)
  • a carpet
  • a bucket of lava
  • two hoppers
  • two chests
  • a slab
  • two dispensers
  • ten building blocks (none)
  • Two pieces of redstone powder
  • two observers
  • a comparator
  • eight glass blocks

Note that aside from chests, none of the blocks in this build must be made of wood. Since we will be using lava on the farm, the flammable wooden blocks can put the entire structure at risk. Having said that, all the materials you need for this farm are easy to collect in Minecraft. Because of that, you can create it from scratch in your survival world.

How to make an automatic chicken farm in Minecraft

Although the design of this farm is now common in the community, it was first created by the YouTuber. mystical. Follow the steps below to make a chicken farm in Minecraft:

1 First, put two chests on the ground and then put a hopper behind one of those chests. This hopper should face the chest.

Hopper entering chests

2. Then place a building block behind that hopper with two dispensers on top of that building block. These dispensers must be in front of the hopper.

Two dispensers on top of a brick block

3. Then, put a slab on top of the hopper. Once everything is in place, surround the hopper with two-block-high glass walls.

Chicken Farm Collection Area

4. Now, place a hopper behind the bottom dispenser and a piece of carpet on top of that chute. This hopper must be connected to the dispenser.

hopper with mat

5. After that, place a building block on the ground behind the new hopper. Then put a comparator on top of that block. The two comparator pins should be towards the hopper.

Comparator in a structure

6. Now place an observer just above the comparator. You need to make sure that the observer side with Redstone is facing up.

Observer next to the chicken farm

7. Finally, place two glass blocks on each side of the mat to surround it. After, put a bucket of lava in the top dispenser.

Chicken foot area in Minecraft Farm

how to make chicken farm work

With most of the farm structure ready, it’s time for you to do a little extra work. Follow these steps to finish your automatic chicken farm in Minecraft:

1. First, place a building block on each block around the carpeted hopper, that is, on the glass blocks, the dispenser, and the spotter. this will turn the carpeted area into a cage from which the hens cannot get out. After, you need to make a temporary ladder starting from the ground and leading up to the carpeted hopper.

Ladder for the chickens to enter the Minecraft farm

2. Use seeds or lead to make two chickens climb the stairs and drop onto the carpeted chute.

Chicken in chicken farm

3. Once both chickens are in place, you need to use seeds to breed them. We need a total of 24 chickens in this enclosed space. If you put more than 24 chickens, the game will start killing them due to the accumulation of entities.

24 battered chickens

4. Once you have enough chickens, place an observer on top from them. The arrow at the top of the observer’s face should be pointing towards the chests. Then remove all temporary blocks.

basic structure

5. Finally, to automate the chicken farm, place a piece of Redstone on top of the observer that is behind the newly placed observer. Then place another piece of Redstone on top of the dispenser that is right in front of the newly placed observer.

Chicken Farm Ready Easy in Minecraft

How does the chicken farm work?

Now that your farm is ready, it’s time to understand how it works. First, the chickens on the mat will lay eggs that will be collected in the hopper under the mat. The hopper will then send the eggs to the dispenser, which will release them until a chick hatches. After a while, the chick will grow and activate the observer causing them to release lava onto the chicks.

Working Chicken Farm in Minecraft

The lava will instantly kill the chicken, causing it to drop feathers and cooked chicken food into the hopper below the slab. This loot from the chicken is your reward that you can easily collect from the chest. The best part is that after the initial breeding, you don’t have to put any effort into running this farm.

How to use feathers in Minecraft

Cooked chicken, as food, is amazing for healing and restoring your hunger bar. On the other hand, the feathers collected by the chicken farm in Minecraft cannot be used directly. Instead, you can use the feathers to:

  • Create a firework star, a book, a feather, and arrows.
  • You can use the feathers to buy emeralds of fletcher villagers. But usually the cost of emeralds is quite high. Therefore, it is better to heal a zombie villager first to get better trade deals.

Frequent questions

How to test the Creeper in the chicken farm?

To protect your chicken farm from vines, you can put up a fence near the farm and tie a cat to it. Cats in Minecraft are natural Creeper repellants and will keep Creepers away from your farm.

How do you make a chicken egg farm in Minecraft?

If you only want to collect eggs, you can replace the dispenser, which launches eggs, with a chest. The chickens will still lay eggs, but instead of throwing them away, the jumper will safely put them in a chest.

How do you make a large chicken coop in Minecraft?

To create a chicken coop, first, remove the lava and collection area from the farm. Then expand the chicken spawn area. The rest of the farm will work the same way, but instead of killing the chickens, you’ll start collecting them.

Tutorial To Make an Automatic Chicken Farm in Minecraft

With that, you are now ready to create your own automatic chicken farm in Minecraft. It is one of the best farms for beginners as it allows you to understand the breeding and farming mechanics of the game at the same time. However, if you want to go a step further, you can try building an Enderman farm in Minecraft. It is one of the most rewarding and hardworking farms in the game. Conversely, for something easier to build, you can try making a cow farm in Minecraft. It’s as easy as raising chickens. Having said that, what are you planning to collect from your chicken farm? Tell us in the comments below.

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