Why has TubNet, Tubbo’s Minecraft server, been delayed?


Why has TubNet, Tubbo’s Minecraft server, been delayed?

The upcoming Minecraft streamer Tubbo server, TubNet, recently faced some unfortunate issues, due to the server launch being delayed. In a recent official video, Tubbo addressed and apologized for the delay and gave a profound reason to keep all of his fans up to date on the situation. Players need to wait a bit longer to access the new server.

Minecraft server will have many new minigames like Crystal Rush, Light Strike and more.

It will also be available in both Java and Bedrock Edition, catering to everyone who plays the sandbox game. Creating a server for both editions and keeping them the same can be very complicated; therefore, fans are very supportive of their favorite content creator.

Tubbo Addresses TubNet Launch Delay

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In a recent developer update video, Tubbo spoke to thousands of fans eagerly awaiting the server and apologized after announcing that the server would not be going public on August 26.

He further explained that everything was fine on his end, but the company that managed and configured the server had some problems. Typically, large servers in Minecraft are often run on very high bandwidth and the best computers. Therefore, they can handle thousands of players online at a time. This is where TubNet’s server provider Cloudflare ran into trouble.

We have some disappointing news to share with you about the TubNet release date. We apologize and promise to spend this extra time making the server the best it can be. See you soon.youtu.be/4cXE7hw78-c

During various beta tests organized by the team, the server was unable to handle the number of players joining at once. Since Tubbo is a world-famous Minecraft content creator, almost all of his fans flooded the servers in both Java and Bedrock Edition. The influx of players caused a bottleneck on Cloudflair’s server, which eventually resulted in a delayed release.

Luckily, all of these issues were discovered during beta testing of the server itself. Therefore, once the server is officially launched for everyone, there will be no such hiccups.

Tubbo explained what happened to the server and thanked everyone for their patience and support (Image via YouTube/TubNet)
Tubbo explained what happened to the server and thanked everyone for their patience and support (Image via YouTube/TubNet)

Tubbo also mentioned how his team will continue to work on the minigames and bring in new additions even earlier than planned. Lastly, he appreciated all the feedback provided by thousands of players and fans to further improve the server. In addition, he thanked other server owners who gave him helpful advice and helped him work on the massive project.

Fan Reaction to TubNet’s Delayed Release

@TubNet it’s ok toby! so much emotion that i felt, if you need help, extra time to improve it and confirm everything, take your time, king <3

@TubNet hello, everyone is fine! delays and changed release dates happen all the time, and I have no doubt that all of you are using this time to make the server as awesome as possible 🙂 We’ll all be waiting patiently! take your time kings!!


@TubNet DON’T WORRY!!! We’d rather you spend more time than take out a server you’re not happy with! You should also be happy with the server!

@TubNet take your time king, I know the whole team is working hard to do the best they can <3

@TubNet literally don’t worry!!!!! we are all very excited <3

Tubbo is one of the most loved Minecraft content creators on YouTube and Twitch; therefore, fans of his flooded social media platforms to comfort and cheer him on. They fully understood that it’s common for such massive projects to run into a lot of issues, and they were happy to wait a little longer for the server.

As of now, there is no news on when the server will be made public. Tubbo and other members of the server team will keep players and fans updated on their progress via YouTube, Twitter, and Discord.

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