The 5 Minecraft Hotkeys You Need To Know In 2022

The 5 Minecraft Hotkeys You Need To Know In 2022
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The 5 Minecraft Hotkeys You Need To Know In 2022

Minecraft’s open world sandbox can get pretty hectic when players get involved in intense survival situations. Collecting materials from all over the world and crafting them to survive in numerous biomes is something that an average player does in the game every time he plays it.

However, to ease the grind and speed things up, Minecraft has a collection of various hotkeys that can save the day. As gamers may know, hotkeys are a vital part of the gaming community as they bypass extensive commands/functions that a user requires to perform certain actions.

– Added Shader support – Added hotkey for “F3+O” shader options – Does not support forge, antialiasing, anisotropic filtering and regions not working yet.

Hotkeys in Minecraft are no different than in any other game. Using keys all over the keyboard and combining them with mouse clicks, these shortcuts perform extensive actions in just a few seconds with absolute ease.

Over the years, Minecraft hotkeys have changed and new ones have been added to keep up with updates to the game in its various expansions. Here is a list of the best hotkeys that gamers should know about while gaming in 2022.

5 Useful Hotkeys To Use In Minecraft In 2022

1) Ctrl + Q – Drop the entire stack of items

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Moving and dropping items one by one from the inventory in Minecraft can be a tedious job. While players are always looking to run fast in the game, the task of getting rid of and moving these items is time consuming for them.

Players can make this task easy by simply clicking on the stack of items once in their inventory and pressing Ctrl+Q on their keyboard, which will drop an entire stack of items at once. This hotkey has been a time saver for multiple streamers and professionals and is a must have for any Minecraft player.

2) Shift + Right Click – Create items in bulk

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Mass creation videos are perennial in the Minecraft community that only OG players and pros are capable of. For average players and beginners, crafting items using various methods takes a great deal of time.

However, the secret behind creating multiple items at once is to use the Shift + Right-click hotkeys on the item players want to create instead of left-clicking it once. This will create stacks of a particular item directly in the player’s inventory and save a lot of time from having to craft the same item repeatedly.

3) F3 + B – Reveal hitboxes

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When players hit an item with their pickaxe, sometimes a bad hit can increase the amount of time it takes to collect that item. To improve the accuracy of spikes or weapon hits in the game, players can activate Hitboxes by pressing F3+B on their keyboard.

It will then enable a rectangular mesh over any object that is clicked and used with the hotkey enabled. These hitboxes can show the limit of an element and the area in which its interactivity is valid in the world.

4) F3 + Q – List of all F3 key combinations

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Minecraft doesn’t just have basic hotkeys, but when combined with the F3 button, you have advanced actions assigned to each key combination. However, the list of available F3 combination commands is not easily accessible to players.

To see the in-game list of all commands that can be used in combination with an F3, players must use the F3+Q combination to bring up that list on their screen. These commands will allow the user to perform complicated functions in the game with ease.

5) F5 – Toggle cameras between FPP and TPP

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Several new players joining the game mistake Minecraft for a first-person perspective game. However, only OGs know that the game has a hidden hotkey feature that allows players to play the game in a third-person perspective. Even though this feature has been available for years, only a few know about it.

By pressing the F5 key, players can easily change the FPP camera to a TPP camera. This hotkey is an extremely useful shortcut to know while playing the game, as various situations call for players to use both modes in their own individual situations.

These hotkeys can be extremely useful the next time one wants to speed up the game, mass craft items, or just want easy travel through biomes on their world survival adventure.

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