Top 5 Things To Do After Defeating Ender Dragon In Minecraft In 2022

Top 5 Things To Do After Defeating Ender Dragon In Minecraft In 2022
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Top 5 Things To Do After Defeating Ender Dragon In Minecraft In 2022

Minecraft is known for its boss mobs and the epic fights that come with them. The Ender Dragon is among the oldest boss monsters added to the game, and defeating it is largely seen as the end of the player’s main questline.

Many players tend to stop playing after crossing this last hurdle, while others want to continue their journey. These people might be wondering what to do after defeating the winged boss mob. Fortunately, Mojang has planned for this and allows players to engage in many different activities after the battle with the Ender Dragon.

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What activities can Minecraft players participate in after defeating the Ender Dragon?

5) Make advanced farms

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Once players have finished the main questline, they have the option to return to the overworld and work on the secondary progression or continue exploring the End. Players who choose the former can immediately build or upgrade.

One of the most efficient activities to enjoy after the Ender Dragon is dead is to create a working farm. This can be a mob, resource, or XP farm. Each farm provides players with valuable resources like XP and mobs, which are things that they may need in large numbers during their Minecraft survival game.

4) Respawning Ender Dragon

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The uncertainty of what to do after the game is over comes from the death of the Ender Dragon. However, what if the Ender Dragon never died? Using a good trick, players can respawn the winged beast. This can be done by placing four final crystals on the edges of the exit portal.

A crystal must be placed on each side of the portal, after which the dragon will respawn, and the player can take it down using superior weapons, armor, and maybe even an elytra.

3) Block architecture

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In addition to creating farms, another activity for players is to work on other types of buildings such as mansions, castles, their bases, statues, cities, and more. The resources provided by the game in creative and survival modes can be important assets for players working on large and detailed builds.

From fire-breathing dragons to multiple anime characters, each build is unique and showcases the skill and passion of every Minecraft player.

2) Find an elytra

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If Minecraft players choose to stay in the abyss after beating the Ender Dragon, they’ll want to start looking for elytra, which, as players will know, is a pair of wings that they can equip. They are used to glide and fly at incredibly high speeds, especially when used in conjunction with firework rockets.

Elytras can only be found on End Ships, which are floating ships seen connected to the upper section of End City. It goes without saying that an elytra can only be unlocked in survival mode after the player defeats the Ender Dragon. However, in creative mode, players can obtain an elytra from the mode-exclusive inventory.

1) Crafting and upgrading netherite equipment.

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Netherite is one of the rarest resources in Minecraft and can be used to make gear that is fire retardant and incredibly durable. Its source block, Ancient Debris, has a 0.004% chance to spawn inside a chunk in the lower dimension. Players must spend hours of their time strip mining or similar techniques when trying to obtain ancient debris.

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Even after acquiring a decent amount of the block, you will need to turn it into Netherite Scraps and then into Netherite Ingots. This process requires gold bars, diamond tools, and a lot of patience. However, after defeating the Ender Dragon, players can use Netherite Ingots to upgrade their Netherite and Diamond gear.

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