Top 5 fun to use enchantments in minecraft

Top 5 fun to use enchantments in minecraft
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Top 5 fun to use enchantments in minecraft

Minecraft is a gigantic game, and the reason behind this is due to the fact that it’s an open world sandbox game with virtually no world generation limit (there is one, but it’s so far away that it can be neglected). One of the best things he does to keep up with his size is to introduce various mechanics into the game for players to experience. One of those mechanics is lovely.

Enchantments play an important role in the quality and performance of a player’s gear. Imbues tools, weapons, armor sets, books, and other items with unique qualities, most of which change them for the better. However, while many enchantments are quite efficient, they are not as much fun as others.

For example, the unbreakable enchantment increases the durability of some pieces of gear, but it doesn’t have a “fun” aspect. This article will list five enchantments that players can have a lot of fun with.

Minecraft: 5 Enchantments Players Can Have Fun With

5) infinity

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The infinite enchantment in Minecraft grants the user an unlimited number of arrows. Minecrafters can use this enchantment with bows and crossbows. However, players must have at least one arrow in their inventory to use it.

The very concept of the infinite enchantment makes it a lot of fun to use. The fact that players can keep shooting arrows without the chance of running out of arrows or missing a target is what makes this enchantment a great choice.

4) Aspect of fire

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The fire aspect is an enchantment that is applied to swords in Minecraft. Whenever a player hits another living entity with a sword enchanted with it, it catches fire. This enchantment is a great way to get cooked food, as mobs of animals like cows, chickens, goats, sheep, and pigs drop cooked food instead of raw food when hit by an enchanted sword.

3) Loyalty

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The Loyalty enchantment essentially turns a Minecraft player’s pitchfork into their own frisbee. When cast after applying this enchantment, the trident will return to its owner and can be cast again. The “fun” aspect can be seen here; frisbees are fun, therefore Loyalty on a Pitchfork is fun!

2) Countercurrent

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Riptide is another trident-based enchantment in Minecraft. When this enchantment is applied, players can use their trident to jump and move. This action can be compared to the way a pogo stick works and carries the player.

However, the problem is that players can only make use of the current enchantment’s jump ability when wet. This means that the best time to use it would be when the weather in the game world is rainy or when the player is standing in water.

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Minecraft players can even launch themselves when fully submerged in water. This means that it is possible to launch while holding a trident in the ocean. Also, a trident equipped with this enchantment can only propel the player in the direction they are facing.

1) Hit and kick

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These two enchantments essentially do the same thing. They knock back entities and deal damage along with them. The Punch enchantment is made for projectiles only, so using it with bows and crossbows is a great option as it turns the respective weapon into a mastered sniper weapon.

Knockback, on the other hand, is an enchantment that is made for melee weapons like swords. It works similarly to the Punch enchantment and has been known to knock down entities such as mobs and players when struck with a sword.

In Minecraft Java, even armor stands are affected by the recoil value of an enchanted sword. Additionally, players can deal more knockback if they attack while running.

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