Over 70 unreleased Fortnite skins leaked in Epic Games survey

Over 70 unreleased Fortnite skins leaked in Epic Games survey
Written by ga_dahmani
Over 70 unreleased Fortnite skins leaked in Epic Games survey

A new leak revealed over 70 unreleased skins and cosmetics from the Epic Games Survey for Fortnite, with players picking their favorites.

Over 70 unreleased Fortnite skins leaked in Epic Games survey

Posted on August 25, 2022

Fortnite publisher Epic Games publishes a survey twice a year, generating community feedback on numerous topics and features. Since they pride themselves on listening to player feedback, these surveys allow them to receive valid information, which is added in-game.

One of their recently leaked surveys showcased dozens of unreleased cosmetics to gauge player perception of upcoming additions. These skins were then shared online, which received a lot of feedback from the community, with some already picking their favorites.

New Fortnite Survey Leak Reveals Unreleased Skins

A prominent Fortnite data miner, ShiinaBR, posted on Twitter on August 25, 2022 a clean rendering of all unreleased skins from a Fortnite survey. While the full number has yet to be verified, it is reported that around 73 skins accumulated in recent months have not made it to the Item Shop.

These skins were just concept sketches and artwork, probably in their development phase, detailing some unique features and designs. Some skins are variations on existing skins, the return of larger skins, and completely new cosmetics.

Players wanting to know when these skins are expected to be released will be a bit disappointed as they won’t be available for the next few months. It’s also possible that many of these leaked skins may not receive final approval and thus may not be available in the Item Shop, regardless of whether they do well or not.

fortnite epic games survey skins leaks item shop
Players will likely not be able to see all of the leaked skins that appear in the Item Shop. (Image: Epic Games)

Also, many have expressed their opinions online about the leaked poll skins and have made their favorite picks. An interesting comment players have made is how various skins bear futuristic/dystopian/cyberpunk aestheticwhich may be a possible sneak peek of a future game update.

Some skins stand out for their cybernetic features and designs or possess body enhancements or body parts. While nothing has been confirmed yet at the time of writing, it’s worth noting that the publisher is planning a massive themed update coming in the coming months for Fortnite.

fortnite epic games survey skins leaks cyberpunk futuristic design
Many players have noted that several leaked skins denote a futuristic aesthetic or design. (Image: Twitter / ShinnaBR)

Fortnite’s next content update, Chapter 3 Season 4, is just around the corner; We don’t expect any of these leaked skins to show up any time soon. It should be intriguing to see what direction Epic Games will take regarding the overall theme, indicating which skins we are likely to expect.

Additionally, many skins will be tweaked during development, which will look very different from those leaked at launch. As there is still a lot of information not available to the general public, including pricing, we will endeavor to provide further updates once more reliable information becomes available.

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Featured image courtesy of Epic Games.

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