Minecraft Guide: All RARE Capes and How to Get Them


Minecraft Guide: All RARE Capes and How to Get Them

UNLIKE Old School Runescape, there aren’t many portable items in Minecraft to show off how skilled you are at the game.

However, there is one thing that will help you stand out from the crowd, and that is layers.

The Vanilla cape is the latest addition to capes in Minecraft.


The Vanilla cape is the latest addition to capes in Minecraft.Credit: mojang

While modders added capes and sold them on the Marketplace, legitimate capes are hard to come by, and Mojang ships fewer each year.

Here’s a history of Minecraft capes, and the few you still have a chance to collect yourself.

wet coat

These are one of the biggest status symbols in the game and identify you as a Mojang employee to players.

It changes with the company logo, keeping the brand fresh.

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You can choose one of these, but it may not be worth the years spent on a computer science degree.

minecon layers

Between 2011 and 2016, a cape was given out to everyone who attended Minecraft’s signature convention, Minecon.

Each year a different one was given out, which means there are currently six Minecon layers.

When Minecon went digital only in 2017, Mojang stopped giving capes, although one was released in 2019 for those who owned the Bedrock edition.

Technically, this cape is still available to buy on the Marketplace, but it doesn’t come cheap.

It will cost you around 10 million Minecoins, which works out to around £48k/$63k in real money.

Millionth client layer

Minecraft is the best-selling game of all time, having sold over 240 million copies worldwide and across numerous platforms.

However, in 2011, Mojang was happy to hit the million mark.

Minecraft reached this goal on January 13, 2011, and user akronman1 received a special cape as the millionth customer.

People aren’t sure if akronman1 is still playing as it hasn’t been seen online in a long time.

However, it is estimated to be one of the most valuable accounts in Minecraft if it is ever put up for sale.

custom layers

Mojang has often rewarded members of the community who have stood out or helped with the game in some way.

Notch, the game’s original creator, was known for gifting custom capes to anyone whose work he admired.

Some of these cloaks were removed from wearers when players began demanding their own cloaks.

However, there are still some left. Here is a list of who got one and why they got it.

  • bacon layer – Given to Miclee when he came up with the idea of Minecraft Pigmen.
  • danybstyle – A video game composer who Notch liked.
  • julianclark – Given in exchange for “bringing you Ray Cokes”, one of the title screen jokes of Minecraft beta.
  • cheapsh0t – Awarded for helping the Mojang team while they were in Tokyo.
  • Lord Messiah – Obtained by creating the BetterLight mod that Mojang used to improve Minecraft lighting engine.
  • Cape Prismarina – Awarded to Drullkus for recreating the Prismarine texture in his Chisel mod, instead of using the original Minecraft a.
  • birthday cape – Given to Gr8Bizzo, a Mojang employee who worked on the Minecraft website.
  • turtle cape – Given to billyK for his suggestion to add turtles to the game.

translator’s cloak

Part of the reason Minecraft became so big is because it’s played all over the world.

The task of translating Minecraft into 119 languages ​​is no easy task, and most of those who helped received the Translator cape.

Scroll Champion Cloak

Caller’s Bane is another Mojang game, although it was obviously not as popular.

Originally called Scrolls, this collectible card game came out in 2014 and was promoted through Minecraft with the Scrolls champion cape.

This cloak was given to anyone who ranked first on the weekly Scrolls charts five times. It was also a prize for the Scrolls tournament at Minecon 2015.

cobalt cloak

Despite receiving positive reviews, Cobalt is another Mojang game that was overshadowed by the success of Minecraft.

This cloak was given out as part of a Cobalt level building competition and for the winners of the 2016 Cobalt tournament.

The most interesting thing about this cloak is that it is one of the few cloaks that was significantly modified in its Elytra form.

Mojira Moderator Cloak

While we’re not sure where Mojira came from, this cape was given to the Minecraft Bug Tracker moderators.

With the size of the game, it’s no surprise that there are a lot of bugs, particularly the Bedrock Edition.

This team had a lot of work on their hands and they deserved the reward.

Realms Mapmaker Cloak

These capes were given as an incentive to encourage more people to create maps for Minecraft Realms.

Posting a world template earned two points, inspiration maps three, and minigames, experiences, or adventures earned four points.

Those who received a total of at least eight points would get this cape in return.

migrant cloak

This is one of the layers that is still in play if you play Minecraft on PC.

If you purchased the game before December 1, 2020, you can receive your cape by migrating your legacy account to a Microsoft account.

When you do that check your options in game and your cape should be there.

vanilla layer

Another of the available layers, the Vanilla layer, was revealed by Mojang in a blog post, but was removed less than an hour later.

Despite an earlier than planned announcement, the Vanilla layer is real and available to anyone who has purchased the Java Edition and Bedrock Edition on PC before June 6, 2022.

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Written by Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.

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