5 Great Skyblock Survival Tips

5 Great Skyblock Survival Tips
Written by ga_dahmani
5 Great Skyblock Survival Tips

Minecraft skyblock is a challenge mode that requires almost no introduction. First conceived by Noobcrew back in 2011 for the 1.7.3 beta, the map has seen constant play and updating throughout the game’s history, with the island remaining largely unchanged over time. However, some new items and smaller tertiary islands have been added.

Skyblock’s challenge is to start from scratch and build a huge island base on top of the void. The gameplay will push players, both new and old, to their limits: challenging both the player’s knowledge of the game and their problem-solving skills. Below are five tips for the early game of Skyblock.

Tips for a new world of minecraft skyblock survival

5) Don’t expect leaves

An example of decaying leaves after the tree trunk has been removed (Image via Minecraft)
An example of decaying leaves after the tree trunk has been removed (Image via Minecraft)

A common rumor in the Minecraft community is that allowing a tree’s leaves to die off naturally will have a higher chance of dropping saplings. There is no difference between breaking the leaves with a fist or waiting for the leaves to die off naturally, at least in terms of the chances of saplings and apples.

This means that players do not have to wait for the leaves to disappear. The process can take several actual minutes, and the length of a day of Minecraft can make up a large part of the first day. Waiting also means that players won’t be able to plant a new sapling until the leaves break, as if the tree grows, it will spawn fewer new leaves, leaving the player with less potential for saplings.

While this isn’t much of an issue for players in a normal world, Skyblock, especially near the start, is all about minimizing available resources to help fuel the expansion of the starting ground block.

4) Make a cobblestone generator

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One of the first things players will notice when entering a Skyblock world for the first time is how little space they have to work with. One of the first things skyblock players tend to do, and should do, is expand the island.

While this can be done with trees and wood, it is not cost-effective or time-saving. Instead, players should make a cobblestone generator. This is a lightweight build that takes advantage of the different flow speeds of water and lava and how they create cobblestones when they flow into each other to create a fountain of infinite cobblestones.

3) Slabs, slabs, slabs

The crafting recipe for the most profitable slab (Image via Minecraft)
The crafting recipe for the most profitable slab (Image via Minecraft)

Continuing with the theme of expanding the starting island, it would be natural to use the full blocks from the trees or the cobblestone generator to expand the base. However, players should not use these completed blocks as expansion material.

Instead, players must always turn their blocks into tiles. For example, placing three cobblestone blocks does exactly that: it adds three blocks to the island. However, players could take those three cobblestone blocks and use them to craft six slabs, allowing for six half-block expansions to the island.

This means that expansion to the island when using tiles is twice as cheap or half as expensive, depending on the player’s perspective.

2) Build a general mob farm

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One of the most important rules of resource gathering in the game is that mobs are a vital and necessary way to get some resources. This is doubly true of Skyblock. For example, while in a normal survival world, players can find many bones in many of Minecraft’s structures, such as desert temples or dungeons, in Skyblock, the only way to get bones is by killing skeletons.

An area is almost required to spawn hostile mobs and a general mobs farm in Skyblock. Having an area that spawns hostile mobs, but doesn’t kill them, allows players to get zombie villagers, who could turn back into villagers to trade or build an iron farm.

A general mob farm is useful, especially early on, as it will function as an XP farm and give players a chance to get carrots, potatoes, and iron from zombies, bones, arrows, and bows from skeletons, and even gunpowder. of the vines. These crops are vital for food, as there is no grass to break for wheat seeds, and even an iron farm, zombies are one of the only ways to obtain iron.

1) Collect everything

An example of a player's junk chest in a normal survival world (Image via Minecraft)
An example of a player’s junk chest in a normal survival world (Image via Minecraft)

In regular Minecraft, players can drop a lot of the random items they find while exploring to make room for more useful things, as those random filler items tend to be common and easy to find, in case the player needs them more. ahead.

However, in a skyblock world, every item is potentially useful and hard to find. For example, a player in a normal world might drop a single iron ingot to make room for raw iron. But in a skyblock world, almost all items are hard to come by, so players must have enough storage to save everything they find, in case it comes in handy later.

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