Warzone is a stark reminder that Ghosts 2 never happened


Warzone is a stark reminder that Ghosts 2 never happened

The original call of duty: war zone is coming to an end like Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Y Warzone 2.0 they are just around the corner. Activision and Raven Software are clearly hoping to come out on top, and for better or worse, the final season is one of the most memorable yet. It’s not just an energy rifle Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare coming to the game, but various villains from other universes and timelines are joining the Operator roster.


While Raúl Menéndez may be turning heads due to his popularity, Rorke is a memorable and surprising addition. After the divisive reception to call of duty: ghostn 2013, Infinity Ward and Activision have rarely referenced the game or its universe, with the only acknowledgments coming from a infinity war zombie map and something Vanguard Cosmetic products. Though ghosts fans may be happy to finally see the series get some love through the surprise appearance of Rorke, his call of duty: war zone debut works as a reminder that ghostsThe cliffhanger remains unresolved.

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Call of Duty: The Strange Legacy of Ghosts

To be fair, Call of Duty: Ghosts it was a flawed game, which provided a pretty reasonable explanation for why it never received a sequel. Multiplayer field orders were lopsided, maps were confusingly large, and weird decisions with killstreaks like SAT COM left fans upset. A bland color palette and distinct lack of personality didn’t help, with many fans quick to share that they missed the glory days of the game. Modern war franchise.

Despite these problems, Call of Duty: Ghosts he had his fans. Along with a love for the underrated Extinction mode and an appreciation for weapons like the Honey Badger, the campaign plays a key role in this cult classic status. Some rocky performances aside, the characters and concept of the Ghosts interested fans, and unsurprisingly, companion dog Riley was a hit. Rorke was also a strong villain, and his story alone elevated the campaign.

Abandoned by his comrades, the former leader of the Ghosts was tortured and brainwashed. Using this abandonment as a motivator, Rorke begins hunting down and killing members of the Ghosts. At the end of the campaign, he apparently committed suicide himself, with Rorke shot at point-blank range in the chest by the game’s protagonist, Logan. However, he somehow survives the gunshot, dragging Logan away from his brother Hesh so that he can be tortured in the same manner as Rorke, leading to the creation of another Ghost Killer.

What makes this ending so strange, aside from Rorke surviving the gunshot and leaving Hesh alive, is that it’s one of the few entries in the series to end on a cliffhanger. Perhaps Activision, as well as Infinity Ward and the others Obligations developers, learned from Call of Duty: Ghosts, as this cliffhanger pretty much guaranteed a follow-up story that never came. With another one-and-done Obligations games like advanced warfare, infinity war, Second World WarY Vanguard, the stories were well finished when the credits rolled. As such, the frustration around ghosts and his ending is not present among the fanbases of those games.

Bringing Rorke back to call of duty: war zone‘s final season is not only strange from a narrative perspective, but it’s strange to see Call of Duty: Ghosts honored after being ignored for so long. Make Rorke appear randomly in war zone when your own story remains unfinished is certainly unexpected, and once again could spark discussions about Call of Duty: Ghosts 2. However, a sequel is highly unlikely to happen, so all Rorke’s cameo will do is remind ghosts fans of what could have been.

call of duty: war zone It is available now for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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