Resident Evil Game Characters We Want To See In Season 2


Resident Evil Game Characters We Want To See In Season 2

With a number of shows canceled on Netflix, the streamer’s live action demonic resident has left fans begging the site to make sure season 2 takes place. But as much as die-hard fans of the demonic resident The game was expected to dislike the Netflix show many drew attention to because it ended up being what they expected it to be. As many people took to Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit to express their overall satisfaction with the show, some fans were left on the edge of their seats to find out what and who would be coming in season two.

Even though the show deviated from the game, many viewers drastically enjoyed it and even went ahead and gave it a 9.8/10 rating recommending it to others. But even with the drama, blood, and uncertainty of the tension, the suspenseful video game didn’t quite live up to the show, as it left out several key characters. Fans have known, loved, and even feared these characters over the years.


In an interview with collidershowrunner Andrew Dabb stated how he turned things around to make the series different from the franchise, saying:

“It was like, okay, if you’re going to do it, how can you make it feel different than what’s out there? Fortunately, Resident Evil itself has a lot of elements that you can do that with, with the monsters and some of the the backstory and the corporate maneuvering and the crazy conspiracies. Then they allowed us, being Netflix and Capcom, to build on that as well. So the games are the backstory, but now we’re branching out into our own little world.”

Keeping our fingers crossed, here are some characters from the game we hope (and hope) will show up in Season 2.

Ada Wong has been confirmed

In an interview with ScreenRant, Dabb mentioned how season 2 would introduce a major video game character. Since fan-favorite Ada Wong was eliminated at the end of Season 1, when asked if the character would appear in Season 2, the showrunner said, “Yes. 100%.” Now fans are wondering what her role will be in the story.

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Could Sherry Birkin be the guardian of the Wesker twins?

Fans have speculated on how Resident Evil 2 Sherry Birkin could appear in Season 2. Many have concluded that since Season 1 ended with the Wesker brothers somewhat traumatized, this would be the perfect entry for Birkin. Having experience dealing with a Wesker being hunted by the Umbrella Corporation and having experience being alone, Sherry, being something of a guardian to the young Wesker brothers, is worthy of a chef’s kiss.

Will Dr. Wesker’s son, Jake Muller, join the fight?

Making it a family affair, what demonic resident really be without Jake Muller? Having the Wesker kids as part of the show would pay homage to the history of the game and resident Evil 6. As it turned out that Lance Reddick’s Dr. Wesker was cloned before and after his death and had a son, Jake, it would be the perfect introduction to the character of Jake Muller that ushers in Season 2.

Wesker’s lab-enhanced blood coursing through his veins would give him superhuman abilities, thus making him a fighting machine. After being seen in the Europe of 2036 in resident Evil 6the timeline of the series allows everything to coincide and fit together perfectly.

Fans want to see Lady Dimitrescu in real action

Saving the best for last, the large and responsible mutant human aristocrat caused waves since her debut in Resident Evil Village Advance. After taking a look at Lady herself in the 2021 horror game, Lady Dimitrescu’s appearance would be a treat that fans would love. All over the Internet, Lady Dimitrescu has been loved, but when she met her death in Villageraising her character would be perfect as reactions would skyrocket seeing Lady Dimitrescu in live action.

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Will Resident Evil be another canceled Netflix show?

After the show debuted and fans began streaming, Dabb was met with poor reviews at first by demonic resident fans. But slowly, as the show began to gain a large following, many changed their minds about the show’s new perspective. With viewers claiming it’s “not as bad” as 2021 Resident Evil: Return to Raccoon Citystill not worthy of seeing the light of television.

When he sat down with Screenrant, Dab stated that the series should get a season 2 on Netflix. When she confirmed that Ada Wong would definitely appear in the second season, the news filled fans with joy as new eyes would see and experience the beloved character in the world of television. demonic resident.

Leaving fans wanting more, only time will tell if Netflix will give the show a chance to show off and return in season 2 or cut all ties with what we currently have. demonic resident. But even if the show takes a turn for the worse and Netflix decides to cut the show short, it was a great run and a great experience to watch. demonic resident through Dabb’s eyes.