How to complete Dragon Ball Focus training missions in Fortnite

How to complete Dragon Ball Focus training missions in Fortnite
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How to complete Dragon Ball Focus training missions in Fortnite

Fortnite players can now board the focus training mission established during the Fortnite x Dragon Ball cross event. These missions seem designed to test the skill and patience of even the most dedicated. Dragon Ball fans, many of whom are making the last effort to complete their event missions and get all the free cosmetic rewards presented during Fortnite x Dragon Ball. Where players could complete previous quest sets, such as the Fortnite x Dragon Ball Heat up missions by putting in just a little bit of effort, the eight mission objectives in the Focus Training set require players to prove their skills and put in a lot of time and effort to earn rewards.


Unlike previous Fortnite x Dragon Ball quest sets that tend to have a narrower focus on certain aspects of the game Fortnite experience such as combat or environmental destruction, Focus Training’s eight quest targets are a truly eclectic bunch. Players are challenged to prove their aiming skills by engaging in long-range combat, dealing damage to distant opponents and scoring headshots, as well as proving their familiarity with the game. Fortnite island map grabbing rare loot. To top it off, players must also display their powers by knocking down their opponents using Dragon Balls Kamehameha from the top of a Nimbus cloud.

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Fortnite Dragon Ball Character skins are available only as premium content in the Fortnite Item shop, but by completing missions, all players can earn power level points and increase their power levels. This in turn gives players a ton of good Dragon Ball– themed cosmetic rewards Unleashed Power!, essentially a mini Battle Pass introduced exclusively for this crossover event. However, given their difficulty, players are likely to find the Focus Training missions to be a huge obstacle in their path to increasing their power.

Get 20 headshots while aiming down sights

For this mission, players must score 20 headshots against their opponents while aiming down sights. On paper, this may seem like it’s asking players to shoot their opponents from a distance, taking out other players with accurate headshots, but there are no real restrictions on what weapons players can use. All weapons including Fortnite The best new weapons have ADS, so it largely depends on personal preference.

A good approach is to use combat rifles like the Hammer Assault Rifle and the Ranger Assault Rifle, which are very accurate in medium range firefights. Players may find that the improved accuracy at mid-range helps them land headshots more consistently. Players can tell they’ve scored a headshot if gold damage numbers appear, indicating a critical hit. In total, 20 headshots will take a bit of effort, as it’s easy for players to throw someone else’s aim off-target by ducking, sliding, or hiding.

Deal 200 damage to players from 75 meters or more with scoped weapons

This mission synergizes with the first mission on this list if players choose to use scoped weapons to get their 20 headshots, so players would like to do these two missions together to save some time. Ranged weapons like Fortnite Exotic Boom Sniper Rifle or the recently introduced DMR do a lot of damage, so players shouldn’t worry too much about this mission’s 200 damage requirement.

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The distance requirement is actually what makes this quest challenging. Players must remember to account for bullet drop. On top of that, shots at this range have a small lead time, so players should try to shoot where they think their target is headed, rather than directly at the target. Setting up a sniper nest and placing a marker on the map 75 meters away is also recommended, as this allows the player to see if their intended targets are too close for their shots to count for this mission.

Pick up 3 rare or better items from the ground within 3 seconds of the battle bus landing

rare items like Fortnite All woodcutter saw launchers have a blue aura surrounding them that indicates their rarity. Players can complete this quest by picking up epic and legendary items as well, but it’s arguably best to focus on the blue rare items as they appear more frequently. Unfortunately, the loot players can find when they land varies between matches, even if they land in the same spot.

The best landing spots for this mission are landmarks and named locations with lots of open space, like lazy lagoon. The open space benefits players as this means they can easily spot rare items while swiping and can adjust their moves accordingly. While rare items are not guaranteed to spawn in the open at Lazy Lagoon, this location is open to the air and has a large amount of loot, improving players’ chances.

Damage a player with the Kamehameha before landing from the Nimbus cloud.

Fortnite The Kamehameha special event item is incredibly powerful and most players will no doubt have already encountered it or even used it themselves. There are several ways to obtain Kamehameha and Nimbus Cloud, including looting capsules from Capsule Corp or buying them from a Dragon Ball vending machine or from Bulma, who is currently visiting the Fortnite island as NPC.

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For this mission, players first have to use the Nimbus Cloud to propel themselves into the air, before continuing to switch to the Kamehameha and blow up anyone unlucky enough to be nearby. This can be difficult as both Nimbus Cloud and Kamehameha produce loud anime-style sound effects that will definitely put other players on their toes. However, players who have completed Fortnite x Dragon Ball Combat practice missions will also be aware that the Kamehameha can be aimed even when the player has unleashed its power. It’s worth noting that players don’t actually have to eliminate another player for this mission; doing any amount of damage is enough.

Swing from 5 different trees without landing with the claw glove

Even if Fortnite The Spider-Man skin is not currently for sale, players can still recreate some of the Spider-Man experience by finding a Grapple Glove. The Grapple Glove allows players to grab onto nearby objects and rise into the air. with all the Dragon Ball-themed content in the game right now, this item is unfortunately being overlooked, but players can reliably find it Fortnite Grappling gloves at grappling stops. These are special sheds painted neon pink, making them easy to spot. Grappling gloves can be found by looting grappling glove toolboxes at grappling stops.

The best place to complete this mission is to land on raving cave, where a Grapple Stop can be found inside the cave by the large dance floor near the water. Players can then run out of Rave Cave and cling to the tall pine trees that grow in that part of the Fortnite island. To swing without landing, players must try to grab onto nearby trees when they reach the end of their swings.

Mark A DMR, SMG and Pistol

All players need to do for this mission is mark the DMR, any SMGs, and any pistols when they see one during their travels. Surprisingly, there’s no real trick here: players don’t have to mark particularly rare items as Fortnite powerful exotic weapons, for example. Players can also mark weapons of any rarity.

Travel 750 meters in a vehicle on asphalt

This mission asks players to find a vehicle and drive 750 meters on asphalt. Vehicles can be found in most urban places in the Fortnite island like leaning towers Y rabbit crossroads, as well as at the many gas stations scattered throughout the map. Driving on asphalt essentially refers to driving on paved roads, which is not particularly challenging. However, vehicles tend to make a lot of noise, so players are likely to get shot while driving.

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Players have other means of getting around, including riding Fortnite animal mounts. However, this mission is very specific about asking players to drive vehicles on asphalt, so players should find a fast car if possible.

Complete 3 focus training missions

Players are likely already familiar with the drill if they are interacting with Fortnite x Dragon Ball’s Focus training missions. Completing three missions in this set awards players with a Dragon Ball, which is used to unlock the Shenron glider.

The Focus Training set of missions will likely prove challenging even for experts Fortnite players. Their objectives vary greatly, assigning players the use of several different weapons and items, some of which have only seen niche use in Fortnite matches so far. However, completing these quests arguably trains players and familiarizes them with rarely used items, serving as excellent preparation for Fortnite more challenging weekly missions and ultimately help them get better at the game.

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