5 Gamescom Opening Night Live 2022 reveals that left fans wanting more

5 Gamescom Opening Night Live 2022 reveals that left fans wanting more
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5 Gamescom Opening Night Live 2022 reveals that left fans wanting more

Gamescom 2022 kicked off yesterday with its first event, Opening Night Live, which brought with it plenty of announcements that left the audience amazed, surprised, and sometimes even a little confused. These announcements consisted of previously confirmed games along with a decent number of new titles.

Among the reveals at Gamescom, a few left many fans wanting more. Some of the trailers were in full CGI with little to no gameplay on display. Others showed gameplay footage, but were unclear on the game’s premise. It was so good to see a couple of games that just left the audience hungry for more details.

While Gamescom continues for three more days, audiences may get a deeper look at some of these games in upcoming panels. However, as of now, these games are full of mystery and need some speculation to solve.

Here are the five reveals from Gamescom Opening Night 2022 that left fans wanting more.

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5 games shown at Gamescom 2022 that need more details

1) everywhere

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Everywhere is an open world video game that was announced in 2017 and was the source of a lot of speculation at the time. With a trailer debuting at Gamescom this year, the game does not clarify any questions and instead invites many new ones, which have only confused many people.

To be fair, the teaser itself was pretty vague, showing off some concept art and then showing off some clips with Fortnite-style graphics, which made it hard to tell if this was actual gameplay or not. After the title developed by Build A Rocket Boy was revealed, the video had a drastic change in tone and suddenly showcased real characters.

Needless to say, it’s still unclear what genre the game will be, what form it will take, and whether it will be a single-player experience or a multiplayer title. It will apparently be a very diverse game if the worlds that were showcased are anything to go by, although nothing can be confirmed at this time.

2) Fallen Atlas

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Atlas Fallen was another promising title revealed during Gamescom 2022’s Opening Night Live. From Focus Interactive, this ostensibly action-adventure game featured an entirely cinematic trailer that did little to underscore what kind of game it was or what the actual game would be like.

What can be gleaned from the trailers is that players will be fighting various monsters and demonic beings. The weapons wielded by the characters in the video are dynamic and combat seems to be the focal point of the game, somewhat akin to the Monster Hunter series.

The setting appears to be a wide expanse of desert, though that could change in the future with the reveal of other areas of the game world. A small snippet of gameplay at the end of the trailer shows off some world traversal and spectacular combat. It’s a shame the in-game footage was less than ten seconds long.

3) ironic song

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Former employees of Bethesda Games Studios and Obsidian Entertainment have founded a new development studio by the name of Something Wicked Games. The new studio unveiled its first title during the opening night of Gamescom, with an announcement trailer for Wrydsong, an occult historical fantasy RPG.

The trailer shown during Gamescom was cryptic and vague at best. However, it set a creepy tone for the game that should carry over to the actual game. The developer has revealed that the game will be set in a fictional version of Portugal during the Middle Ages.

While no further details are available on this upcoming RPG, it seems like a title players will want to keep an eye out for. The members of Something Wicked Games have worked on many famous RPGs like Skyrim, Fallout, Dragon Age: Inquisition, and The Outer Worlds, so it looks like Wrydsong will at least have an authentic RPG feel.

4) Blacktail – A Witch’s Destiny

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Another new Focus Entertainment IP unveiled during Gamescom 2022 was Blacktail – A Witch’s Fate. The trailer was a comprehensive look at the game’s gameplay, along with some vague story elements that offered a glimpse into the mystical world the game will take place in.

From the trailer, the game looks a lot like an AA title. It will feature a first person perspective and will consist of bow and arrow combat where the player can use various types of arrows to attack enemies and objects. Magic also has a large presence in the game, although its use in the game is currently unclear and was not apparent from the images shown.

The story revolves around the Slavic myth of Baba Yaga, as players take on the role of Yaga, a 16-year-old girl accused of witchcraft. The game will apparently be a story of self-discovery, as Yaga must confront her demons and come to terms with her magical side, possibly taking on the role of Baba Yaga at the end of the game.

5) Ghost Ghost Cat

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Phantom Hellcat is a hack and slash action-adventure game presented at Gamescom Opening Night Live 2022 by developer Ironbird Creations. The game is set to “return” the genre to its roots, and judging by the 30-second sneak peek, it just might. Whether it’s good or bad will depend on how the game implements it.

The footage that debuted at Gamescom shows off parts of the game, with some engaging combat and platforming sections reminiscent of previous God of War titles. The game switches the third-person camera perspectives to a fixed position, which is another element of old school hack and slash titles.

The main character is Jolene, who must recuse her mother from the darkness that has taken her hostage inside a cursed theater. She must use various theater props as weapons and collect character skins to learn new abilities, which sounds like an innovative yet simple premise for an indie or AA game.

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