10 memes that perfectly sum up gaming


10 memes that perfectly sum up gaming

Silent Hill is one of the scariest video game series of all time. It first came to the Playstation 1 in 1999 and quickly established itself as one of the all-time greats with its two sequels. After silent hill 3, however, the series would become more unpredictable. This would result in the series being sadly inactive after Silent Hill: Downpour in 2012.

Despite the ten-year absence, the series remains popular to this day. This is a result of indie games influencing him and his characters appearing in games like dead by daylight. This modern relevance means that the games are still referenced in modern memes. Some of these memes sum up the series especially well for fans of the classics.


10 simpsons hill

The Simpsons is well known for having an episode relevant to just about anything. in the case of the Silent Hill franchise, he didn’t even need to dive into his the tree house of terror episodes for the most part to do so. Each of the games has been paired with a the Simpson episode and hilariously, most of them are pretty accurate.

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Some of these are more superficial, such as the reference to Downpour, which simply refers to the configuration. Something like silent hill 2However, it spoils the most important moments of the game. Some also clarify the inspiration of the games, such as silent hill 4 be paired with Bart in a clearing rear window parody.

9 Resident Evil vs. Silent Hill

The common consensus is that, in terms of horror games, demonic resident Y Silent Hill they are the scariest. Both games have their own strengths and weaknesses, and as this meme points out, however, due to Silent Hill having his hiatus, the discussion has changed.

demonic resident fans still have new games to talk about, and some still have arguments about what the franchise should look like. Silent Hill Instead, fans are resigned to the fate of the series as the hiatus grows longer and longer. This meme shows the harsh reality for fans at the time of writing.

8 Tank controls are the way to go

This meme applies to both classics demonic resident Y Silent Hill. In the early days of the Playstation, 3D movement wasn’t completely figured out. This resulted in a kind of control where the player must turn before moving. This was called “Tank Checks” and is generally considered a bad check today.

However, fans of classic horror (including Silent Hill fans) disagree. They find the tank controls to be the perfect way to play these tense horror classics. In some ways, it is similar to the dogma presented in the mandalorianso this meme makes a lot of sense.

7 you can not go away

This meme uses the classic format of the Lord of the Rings quote. The “One doesn’t just” meme has been used many times on the internet to humorously share objective facts, such as “One doesn’t just leave Silent Hill”.

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Any gamer can attest to this fact as it is a central part of the narrative. In fact, it is debatable whether or not anyone has ever left the city covered in mist. Also, getting out of Silent Hill is very difficult due to the invisible walls, as players know.

6 fog alert

Everyone who has ever played the series knows that fog is bad news. What was originally intended to hide the short draw distance has become an icon of the franchise and even a staple for horror games in general.

Silent HillThe scariest monsters live in the mist, and players know to be careful whenever the mist rolls into town. The “foggy world” is where the most intense moments of the series come from, so it makes sense that a fan wouldn’t want to go out on a foggy day in real life.

5 pachinko head


Fans are frustrated with Silent HillKonami’s publisher. While there are a fair number of games out there, many of the recent ones were either not well reviewed or are actually pachinko machines. This has led many fans to turn against the publisher, and yet nothing could have made them more unpopular than their treatment of Hideo Kojima.

Hideo Kojima is one of the most popular video game developers, responsible for Konami. metal gear Serie. He was ready to start work on the Silent Hill series, but was expelled from the company. his game, silent hills, then it was cancelled. This was an incredulous moment for fans, and the meme illustrates it well.

4 horror game horrors

This is another twitter meme which references many classic horror games. fans of Silent Hill It will definitely attach it to the series’ boss fights though. The series wasn’t known for its intuitive combat, which made the moments where the game locked the player in a room some of its most tense.

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Silent HillBosses are some of the scariest in gaming, and can often be pretty tough. These moments force players to meet them head-on, and usually not in a chase like in other games. As the meme suggests, this forces players to toughen up like CJ does in the meme.

3 pyramidal head and lady d

meme about Resident Evil 8‘s Lady Dimitrescu are already quite common. She was designed to be intimidating as a chaser and has a lot of abstractions about her that make her unsettling. Fans ended up finding her attractive instead of her, just like another famous monster from the game.

pyramid head in silent hill 2 she is a pursuer with a dominant physical form just like Lady Dimitrescu. However, as the years passed and he continued to appear, fans began to be more attracted to her muscularity and physique. So it is quite true that what happened to Dimitrescu happened to him first.

two dog serotonin

silent hill 2 it is one of the scariest games of all time and has truly mature content. It’s fair to say that overall the tone of the game is pretty sad. That is the only exception to one of the game’s multiple endings.

The “dog ending” is a funny joke ending where it is revealed that a little shiba inu was behind the events of the game all along. The shiba, named Mira, then barks happily as a silly ending song plays. The end of the joke ended up appearing in many other Silent Hill games after appearing here. It’s easy to tell why, as it injects a much-needed lightness into the game.

1 Memes Vs Reality

There are a lot of hilarious memes about him Silent Hill games, especially the second. These memes bring joy and a sense of community to fans of the series. However, this meme illustrates the truth. That even though gaming memes are as crazy as any fandom can get, gaming certainly isn’t.

Silent Hill is a series full of dark imagery and themes, and the series deals with incredibly uncomfortable themes, especially when characters like Heather from 3 They are involved. This meme points out that other memes do a great job of getting gamers excited about gaming and helping to create a better discussion community on boring topics.

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