10 Horror Sequels That Were Never Made


10 Horror Sequels That Were Never Made

If there’s one thing the horror genre is known for, it’s sequels. If a horror movie is successful, fans can be sure there will be a follow-up. With a genre so reliant on sequels, there are sure to be a few that never see the light of day. Horror sequels that fall apart often fascinate fans more than ones that are released. Today, we take a look at some of the undone horror movies that fans wish they had the chance to hit theaters.

10. Halloween 3D

Rob Zombie's Halloween Has An Unmade Horror Sequel

the zombie robbery Hallowe’en The remake and its sequel have determined fans. Some enjoy them, while others think they tarnish the John Carpenter classic. regardless of fan reception, both films made a lot of money. So much so that a third entry was greenlit. The film was going to pick up after the theatrical cut of Halloween II, with Laurie and Michael surviving. Michael in the film was meant to look more like the original version of John Carpenter, with blue overalls and a new all-white mask. The film would, of course, be released in 3D to cash in on the resurrected madness. Thanks to multiple throwbacks and Dimension movies losing the rights, halloween 3d never saw the light of day. Thanks to this unmade horror movie, the franchise finally got a reboot in 2018.

9. Halloween returns

Halloween had several undone horror sequels

halloween 3d I was away since the first canceled Hallowe’en movie, and it certainly wasn’t the last. In 2016, a new movie titled come back halloween It was announced. What makes this particular reimagining unique is that it wasn’t a remake or a true horror sequel. The events of the original film happened, but several things were changed. For example, Laurie did not survive the attack and Dr. Loomis was not Michael’s doctor. The main story follows the son of one of the survivors of Michael’s rampage as Michael escapes once again. different to halloween 3d, the script of returns is actually available online.

8. Friday the 13th Reboot

Jason in the F13 remake

If there’s one horror icon who refused to die in his heyday, it was Jason Voorhees. However, it looks like Jason is having trouble getting back on the big screen. After the success of the 2009 remake, a new movie was launched. Originally slated for a 2016 release date, this movie was slated to be another reboot. The script made its way online and features Jason’s father Elias in a major role during the first half of the story. Jason himself wouldn’t even put on his hockey mask until near the climax.

Seeing a new take on the Voorhees myth would have been a treat for fans, but Paramount’s flop rings, coupled with the disorderly lawsuit, it led to the film’s cancellation. Friday fans have been waiting for a new movie for quite some time, and it hurts to know how close they came to getting this horror movie unmade.

7. Original versions of Freddy Vs Jason

Freddy vs Jason had several unmade horror scripts

Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees were two of the biggest icons in pop culture at the height of their popularity. Fans were practically begging to see the two collide on the big screen. After a surprise sting with Krueger at the end of Jason goes to hellIt seemed like that dream would come true. While the movie finally hit theaters in 2003, it was a long road. full of rejected scripts. Many of these unused treatments can be found online, ranging from unique to downright weird. While this is one example of what movie fans finally got to see, many wish some of the other scripts had a chance to shine as well.

6. Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash

Comic version of undone horror movie Freddy vs Jason vs Ash

When freddy vs jason eventually came to fruition, it was a huge success for New Line. It seemed like this movie was ushering in a new era for horror legends, and the studio was hoping to bring another one into the action. The plan was to bring Ash Williams from Evil Dead series and put it against Freddy and Jason. Fans were more than on board with the idea, and several treatments were done. Ultimately, the studio decided not to go ahead with the film and instead redo both the Nightmare Y Friday franchises. While it may never make it to the big screen, the horror sequel exists as a comic book series, letting fans in on what could have been.

5. Nightmare on Elm Street by Peter Jackson

Freddy's Dead is one of the most underrated horror sequels

When New Line decided it was time to kill Freddy in the early ’90s, they went through a lot of different filmmakers and scripts. One script that came close to being produced was by Peter Jackson, who would later do the Lord of the Rings trilogy for the same studio. In Jackson’s script, Freddy was powerless and a laughing stock. Elm Street teenagers were getting high and intentionally entering the dream world just to beat up the killer. The story was a bit meta, as in the real world, Freddy became more of a comedic character than a horror legend. Freddy would eventually get his powers back from him and become a force to be reckoned with once again. The script was rejected in favor of freddy is deadbut most fans feel that the unmade horror film would have been better than the final project.

4. Resident Evil by George A. Romero

George Romero was going to make a version of Resident Evil

The man credited with creating the zombie movie as we know it is none other than George A. Romero. The father of the modern zombie movie was actually slated to headline an iconic zombie franchise in the late ’90s. demonic resident made the leap to the big screen in 2002, Romero was hired by Sony to write the script.. While the project was ultimately approved by the studio, the script can be read online. The story was heavily inspired by the original game, with most of the story taking place in the Spencer mansion. The characters even had to collect colored cards to get through the mansion. This would have been a much more faithful adaptation of the Capcom game, but unfortunately the script didn’t get made.

3. The return of Leslie Vernon

Leslie Vernon is unlikely to get a horror sequel

Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon it’s a meta slasher movie which acts primarily as a mockumentary. The film has a massive cult following, with fans clamoring for a following almost immediately. The film’s creators also wanted a horror sequel, but the studio did not finance it. They decided to take the reins and did a crowdfunding campaign in an attempt to self-produce. The project did not achieve its goal, so its script, entitled The return of Leslie Vernon, it was not done. The script was eventually made into a comic, but fans are still hoping to see Leslie return in a movie.

2. James Wan’s Leatherface

James Wan and Tobe Hooper with Leatherface's concept for the unmade horror sequel Texas Chain Saw

before carelessness Texas Chain Saw 3D in 2013, Leatherface would return in a new trilogy, the first of which would be directed by saw co-creator James Wan. The story was to reveal the origins of the cannibalistic Sawyer family and why Leatherface does what he does. The trilogy was to bring original Leatherface Gunnar Hansen and series creator Tobe Hooper back to the franchise. This unmade horror movie was a huge hit for horror fans and instead they got a less than stellar legacy sequel that most chose to forget.

1. Sequel to Candyman

Candyman has an unmade horror sequel

What is considered one of the best horror films of the 1990s was candy man, Directed by Bernard Rose. The film was based on the Clive Barker story and is known as horror royalty. Rose had originally planned to direct a sequel, although his treatment was not used. The treatment of him would not have been a direct sequel, but instead expanded on the character of Candyman and the idea of ​​Boogyman. In fact, Rose would have been inspired by another Barker story, The midnight meat train, and made the movie a loose adaptation of that with Candyman as the killer. Candyman would have taken the form of Jack the Ripper and terrorized London. While the following horror sequels have fans, most wish this script had made it to the screen.