Top 5 Dangerous Effects in 2022

Top 5 Dangerous Effects in 2022
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Top 5 Dangerous Effects in 2022

Minecraft is full of mobs and potions that can affect a player with their unique status effects. Each of these status effects affects the status of each skill on the player’s character and game.

Several of these status effects are extremely useful in-game, while others take the joy out of you as you move around the world. For example, the “speed” status effect increases the player’s walking speed, and the “jump” boost increases the height of the jump.

Others are extremely damaging and can decrease the player’s overall performance as they have a negative effect on their status. There are currently over 30 unique status effects in the Java edition of the game, with more likely to be added in future updates.

While some of these effects can be easily removed by players, some are extremely deadly if they jump into a survival server with these effects enabled. Here are 5 dangerous status effects in Minecraft in 2022 that players should know about.

Beware of these Minecraft effects

5) Weakness

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The Weakness status effect can be inflicted on a player through various methods, such as splashing or leaving a Potion of Weakness on them, being hit by an Arrow of Weakness, or eating suspicious stew when brewed with a Tulip Flower.

This can be one of the most dangerous status effects when applied to the player, as it reduces attack power by four hearts. This means that the player character can weaken and not deal the same damage to his enemies as he normally would.

4) Slow

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While the speed status effect can be a boon to some Minecraft players who love to sprint in-game, the slow can be a curse as it can only cause them to slow down beyond their intended speed. average walking speed.

A player’s speed under the slow status effect can be decreased by as much as 15% per level up to four different levels, which can affect gameplay significantly.

Players can get this effect from the potion and arrow of slowness and from the turtle master. It’s one of the deadliest status effects in the game, as it also slows down the progress an average Minecraft player is used to.

3) Hunger

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Hunger is one of the things that Minecraft players tend to keep away from themselves and they are always searching the villages and jungles for food to have in their inventory at all times.

Fatigue can be caused if a character is not well fed in-game and can cause the health bar to drop. This is one of the biggest fears of players in this survival sandbox.

Having the hunger status effect on a player can be extremely dangerous as the hunger bar starts to deplete quickly and turns green. This effect is inflicted on the player if they are under the influence of a shell attack or if they eat puffer fish, rotten meat, or raw chicken.

2) blindness

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Blindness can appear as one of the scary status effects in Minecraft, as it completely blinds the player’s visibility on the screen and makes the screen darker even more, making it difficult for them to see the world around them. In this case, they become prone to their enemies or dangerous animals while roaming the biomes.

Eating a suspicious stew made from an Azure Bluet flower can inflict blindness on a player and can greatly disadvantage their gameplay experience. Being as pretty as the flower can result in a deadly status effect that players should avoid.

1) Poison

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Poison status effects are the end of any player if they are inflicted with this, depending on the source they got it from. There are several ways players can get this status effect:

  • poison potion
  • poison arrow
  • poisonous potato
  • Touch or eat a puffer fish
  • Suspicious Stew (when made with a lily of the valley flower)
  • eat a spider eye
  • cave spider bites
  • bee stings

The most dangerous status effect in Minecraft, poison reduces a player’s health hearts, from 0.8 hearts per second to 1.66 hearts per second, which can then completely deplete the character’s health bar in less than 10 seconds. While some poisons are not lethal in the game, others can cause sudden death after depleting the health bar.

Therefore, it is best to avoid strange potions around suspicious foods around the world. While exploration is understood to be one of the key elements of Minecraft, it’s always good to know how to stay cautious around dangers.

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