Is Call of Duty Cold War worth it in 2022?


Is Call of Duty Cold War worth it in 2022?

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War it was released in November 2020, but was not as well received. While reviews were generally quite favorable, the community behind Call of Duty was somewhat divided and a debate erupted over whether or not Cold War was. really good. For some it was a perfectly balanced title, but for others it was the worst Call of Duty game to be released in years. Today, we are here to answer that all-important question: Is COD Cold War worth it??

Even nearly two years after its release, Cold War still has a relatively strong player base. This is mostly due to the fact that Vanguard suffered from a terrible release window, with fans abandoning it remarkably quickly after it was released. Although no further updates are being rolled out for Cold War, many players still prefer it over Vanguard due to its more fun, colorful, and somewhat simpler multiplayer experience.

So, Is COD Cold War worth it in 2022?? Let’s find out.

Do people still play COD Cold War?

Is the cod cold war worth it?

It is incredibly difficult to block exact numbers of players to any Call of Duty title. As this is one of the key data points needed to determine whether or not Call of Duty is dying, Activision naturally likes to play the numbers close to its chest. In older Call of Duty titles, there was a tracker that showed how many people were online at any given time, but that was removed a long time ago.

However, if we look at social tracking platforms like shrinkage tracker, we can get a rough idea of ​​how popular a game is in terms of streaming audience. Generally, the more people who watch a game on a platform like Twitch, the more popular it is overall. As you can imagine, some of the best COD games dominate these platforms and consistently sit at the top of the charts, but how do the older titles fare?

For Cold War, there is an average audience (7 days) of around 1380 users. By comparison, Vanguard has a 7-day average of around 2300, so there’s not much to it. It’s a close fight, and the only thing keeping Vanguard in the lead is that it’s the Current Call of Duty title. But, having said that, people certainly still play the Cold War; there is likely to be tens of thousands of players online at any time.

But is COD Cold War worth it?

Throughout history, every Call of Duty game has “paid off” for someone at some point. While they have their life cycles and eventually die out of circulation, there is always a player base that will enjoy a Call of Duty title. Of course there is what’s more that portion of the community hatred all Call of Duty titles, but for some reason, they will still pick up the annual release. When Cold War was released, these two sides of the community were extremely visible, and the game presented the most tangible divide the community had seen in years.

There was Several positive points of the Cold War, the first of which was the relatively strong COD esports scene behind it. Then, there was the continuation of the ever-popular Black Ops story, featuring some of the best COD characters in franchise history. It had a considerably balanced, brilliant, and fun multiplayer platform that worked quite well and, for the most part, was very stable.

And then, to top it off, COD Cold War appeared one of the best zombies in COD experiences we have seen.

There are a lot of games like Call of Duty on the market right now, but honestly there is nothing wrong with COD Cold War. Since it’s an older title, you’ll likely be able to pick it up on a deal, and there’s still plenty of content to enjoy.

It is COD Cold War it’s worth it? Absolutely.