How to complete Dragon Ball strength training missions in Fortnite

How to complete Dragon Ball strength training missions in Fortnite
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How to complete Dragon Ball strength training missions in Fortnite

What Fortnite‘s massive Dragon Ball The crossover continues, a third set of missions have been introduced for players to train and test their strengths. the strength training the set of missions is the third of seven Dragon Ball-Themed quest sets to be featured Fortnite during the event and features five missions designed to test players’ physical strength and skill on the battlefield. Fortnite The crossover with the hit anime series was highly anticipated by fans and has proven to be quite a punch in the arm as Fortnite The final season is slowly moving towards its conclusion. Unleashed Power! has several cosmetic rewards that will surely make Dragon Ball fans are very happy, and it also includes rare Battle Pass tiers for those interested in wrapping up the Fortnite Chapter Three Season 3 Battle Pass.


Fortnite x Dragon Ball has brought a lot of Dragon Ball-themed content for Fortnite. Over the next week, players will be able to enjoy the collaboration between Epic Games and the folks at Toei Animation with new Dragon Ball-Special themed items, including Kamehameha and Nimbus Cloud that appear in-game, character skins, and dozens of new cosmetics to earn. Players can even visit special custom levels in Fortniteallowing them to relax and watch episodes of Dragon Ball live in the game and explore iconic locations from the anime completely rebuilt in the game. Players who know where to look may even come across one of anime’s most beloved characters as they loot, shoot, and build in the Fortnite island.

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As the Fortnite x Dragon Ball Set of combat practice missions, strength training missions give players the opportunity to focus on specific targets to increase their power levels. However, unlike some of the other mission sets introduced to the game during this event, the Strength Training missions are refreshingly simple, with an almost sole focus on environmental destruction and damage to other players. However, players should not assume that this means they will have an easy time completing this set of quests. While some can be done with ease, others will prove challenging even for experienced players.

Push giant boulders or pine logs 500 meters

Some Fortnite Players may already be familiar with the giant boulders in the game, as they have served as targets for a few quests during Chapter Three Season Three. This includes one of the quests that players can complete by earning Indiana Jones-thematic content in Fortnite, which tasks players with hitting one of these rocks, so that it rolls over 100 meters. Giant rocks are usually located on top of some hills and mountains and are not particularly difficult to spot; the snowy northwest region of the island around raving cave Y jam lotus has some Players must hit the rocks to dislodge them, at which point they will roll and destroy everything in their path, including destructible parts of the environment and players unlucky enough to be in the way. However, 500 meters is a long distance in Fortnite, and players will likely have to follow behind a rock and hit it with their pickaxe to keep it moving. Patient players who land in quieter locations can complete this quest in a single match.

For players who prefer to spend time completing other Fortnite x dragon ball quests instead of searching for a suitable rock, Timber Pine logs might be a better choice. These do not appear naturally, but players can create them by felling large pine trees, which stand out from other trees on the island due to their height. When players knock down these trees with their pickaxes, they leave behind a tree trunk that moves when hit with a pickaxe. While they don’t roll like giant boulders, it’s much easier to find pine trees. As the name suggests, Jam Lotus, in the northwestern part of the island, it is an excellent place to find many pine trees.

Destroy 10 objects with a single Kamehameha attack.

Dragon Balls Kamehameha is iconic, so naturally, Fortnite x Dragon Ball I had to present it. In Fortnite, the Kamehameha appears as a special Mythic item that players can collect from various sources, including Capsule Corp capsules that drop randomly during each match, special Dragon Ball vending machines, and trading with Bulma. However, this quest might prove difficult for players familiar with the anime, who might assume that destroying ten objects with Goku’s signature move doesn’t take much effort. Instead, Fortnite Kamehameha does an impressive amount of damage, but only produces a short burst of energy that isn’t particularly easy to aim.

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As such, this quest is similar to one of Fortnite Week 10 missions, which tasked players with damaging ten objects with a single spray from a charging SMG. However, players should try a slightly different approach: use Kamehameha outdoors on buildings with a lot of objects inside, like the Fortnite many shops, restaurants and gas stations on the island, to complete this quest.

Use the Kamehameha to destroy a small car and a large semi truck.

As with the previous quest, players must first find and equip the Kamehameha special item; buying it from a Dragon Ball or Bulma vending machine are guaranteed ways to get one, assuming players have enough gold bars to spend. It is also possible to compete with other players to get to Capsule Corp Capsules, but players must remember that although this is free, their opponents can get there first, armed with Fortnite best weapons of Chapter 3 Season 3. Either way, once players have the Kamehameha item, all they need to do is blow up a small car for the first stage of this quest and a large truck for the second stage.

Most urban areas in FortniteThe island of will have at least some cars. One approach for players who don’t mind the frantic firefights early in the game is to land on the eastern shore of the large lake directly west of rabbit crossroads. A Dragon Ball vending machine can be found here, and players can exchange for the Kamehameha before traveling directly south, following the path to reach a large gas station. A small car and a large semi-trailer truck can usually be found here together. It is best to shoot them from a distance; different to Fortnite animal mounts, cars, and gas pumps will explode after taking enough damage.

Deal 300, 600 and 1000 damage to opponents in a single match

This is perhaps the most challenging mission in the strength training set. While doing 300 and 600 damage in a single match isn’t too difficult, doing 1000 damage is a tough hurdle to get over. Players start with 100 HP and can build a 100 HP shield using items such as shield potions for a total of 200 HP. Essentially, the final stage of this quest asks players to deal enough damage to take out five fully shielded players in a single match – no small feat, even for the most skilled players. Players must actively engage multiple opponents in a game to complete this mission, though they only have to deal damage rather than take eliminations.

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It is best to equip yourself with Fortnite top tier mythic weapons; Exotic weapons will work just as well, but tend to be quite expensive in terms of gold bullion. Bandages, medkits, and shield potions are also essential to allow players to recover from tough battles. Playing in Duos, Trios, or Squad modes can mean more kills, but players will need to balance that with the risk that their downed opponents may have teammates who can take revenge. Unfortunately, there are no real cheats or workarounds that players can take advantage of here.

Complete 3 strength training missions

Players do not have to do anything extra to complete this mission. As with other quest sets, completing three of the Strength Training quests will reward the player with a Dragon Ball. Unfortunately, collecting these Dragon Balls will not give the player any of the bonus. Dragon Ball character skins in Fortnite Item shop. Still, by collecting seven Dragon Balls, they can earn a glider based on Dragon BallThe divine dragon deity Shenron.

Given the task players are tasked with, the Strength Training quest more than lives up to its name. However, for players concerned with completing these quests, it’s worth remembering that there are still several days left before this event in Fortnite ends and more than enough time to gradually develop your strength and skill.

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