How to complete Dragon Ball agility training missions in Fortnite


How to complete Dragon Ball agility training missions in Fortnite

the agility training Missions are the fourth group of Dragon Ballthemed event quests introduced in Fortnite during massive game Fortnite x Dragon Ball cross event. During Fortnite x Dragon Ball, players have tested their strength, endurance, and combat skills on the battlefield, with dozens of event quests for players to progress through, increase their power levels, and earn exclusive cross-event cosmetics. As the name suggests, Agility Training is designed to test players’ ability to move around the battlefield by challenging them to use Fortnite Robust movement mechanics such as slide and cloak to gain an advantage over your opponents. There is no shortage of challenging daily and weekly challenges in Fortnitebut even players who are not fans of Dragon Ball you’ll want to take part in the limited-time event rewards on offer.


The Agility Training mission set features a total of seven mission objectives for players to tackle, some of which challenge players to complete special traversal time trial courses in the Fortnite island. Others challenge players to deal damage to their opponents while on the move, such as dealing damage while dashing and after consuming a rare Zero Point fish. Unlike Fortnite regular quests, Fortnite x Dragon Ball The missions do not reward players with Battle Pass XP, but instead award Power Level Points, allowing players to increase their Power Level and win exclusive events. Unleashed Power! Cosmetic products.

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Fortnite x Dragon Ball has provided some impetus for Fortnite while the player base awaits the arrival of Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 in a month. While players can also search for premium content in the Item Shop, completing Fortnite x Dragon Ball’s Quests are likely to provide most of the rewards fans are looking for. The agility training missions aren’t very difficult, but they do tend to require players to become familiar with all of them. Fortnite motion controls

Complete the mushroom obstacle course.

This quest features the first time trial course that players can complete for the Agility Training set. The Mushroom Course is located in the western part of the island, near reality falls, at the location marked on the map above. It centers around a large group of giant glowing mushrooms and players can find an interactive object that allows them to start the time trial.

completing Fortnite x Dragon Ball’s Mushroom Course is not very difficult; essentially, players have to move through various glowing timer icons that appear at various points on nearby giant mushroom caps and between gaps. There aren’t a lot of them and players don’t necessarily have to plot a path ahead of time as the icons don’t have to run in any particular order, although choosing a path is recommended. The timer is pretty forgiving, but if players are having trouble, a good approach is to use the bouncy mushrooms and cloak while jumping between the mushrooms to keep up the momentum.

Complete the desert time trial

This mission features the second time trial course for players to complete. The starting point for this course is directly southwest of shuffled shrines at the place marked on the map. Players may already be familiar with Shuffled Shrines by completing quests in Fortnite Vibin quest line in progress. Like the Mushroom Course, players can find an interactable icon that allows them to start the course.

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The course features a similar number of icons dotted around the area, requiring players to quickly run between the various rock formations that make up much of the terrain in this area. The path of this course is easy to follow and much more direct than the Mushroom Course thanks to the presence of a couple of zip lines that players can use. The timer is still very forgiving, so players shouldn’t have too much trouble.

Deal 200 damage to opponents while dashing

Fortnite movement mechanics got a pretty substantial upgrade when Epic introduced a new swipe mechanic for Fortnite at the start of Chapter Three towards the end of 2021. This mission is the first stage of a two-stage mission, which asks players to deal damage to their opponents while dashing towards them. Regardless of platform, the slide is done by running and then holding down the crouch button. This causes players to hit the ground, sliding forward in the direction they were running.

Crucially, players can still shoot while dashing, making it a great way to surprise an opponent and throw their aim off for a few precious seconds. Players can use it to close the distance with their opponents. It’s best to equip shotguns that are more effective at close range and can take out a surprised enemy with a couple of well-placed shots. The two-shot shotgun is one of the best new weapons in Fortnite and will make short work of unprotected or damaged opponents. Rapid-fire weapons such as SMGs also work well, though players may want to avoid using charging SMGs as they must be charged with shots before they can fire.

Deal 200 damage to opponents while airborne

This is the second stage of the previous mission, challenging players to damage opponents while airborne. Luckily, there are many ways to fly Fortnite and the definition of “airborne” for the purposes of this quest is relatively vague. In fact, there are so many ways to fly that it’s hard to describe them all here. Simply jumping up and shooting an enemy will suffice, though players may want to make use of Fortnite Crash Pads drop down or bounce off the many springy objects that have been introduced in Fortnite. This includes jumping mushrooms, certain beach umbrellas, and more. 200 damage isn’t much, and just like the previous stage of this quest, close-range or rapid-fire weapons are best.

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Alternatively, players can destroy their opponents with the Kamehameha event item. This attack makes players jump into the air, so the damage dealt will count towards the quest, and it also looks suitably epic to start with.

Deal 200 damage to opponents within 5 seconds of running

This is the first stage of a three-stage quest. However, the vast majority of Fortnite Players will already know how to run and will likely complete this particular mission without even intending to. Five seconds is a generous window, and all players have to do is run up to their opponents and shoot them. getting Fortnite Mythic weapons can help, but chances are most players can do this with even basic loot.

Deal 200 damage to opponents within 5 seconds of taking cover

This is the second stage of the quest, challenging players to deal 200 damage after taking cover. Mantling refers to the ability of players to jump and grab onto an edge and get up, even if that edge appears to be out of reach. This is usually done by holding down the jump button while near an edge. The weapons players use really depend on where their opponents are, but the five-second window is enough for players to take cover and hit a distant enemy with a quick sniper rifle shot, for example.

Hit 2 opponents within 3 seconds of running with a zero point fish

Fortnite Zero Point Fish is a rare fish that players can catch in the Fortnite Many of the island’s fishing holes using a fishing rod or harpoon. A good place for this quest is the lagoon to the west of rabbit crossroads and north of leaning towers. There are usually several fishing spots here with barrels containing fishing rods, as well as many weapons that players can use to take out their opponents. It also happens to be a popular landing spot, ensuring that players will have someone to shoot.

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When consumed, Zero Point Fish allows players to quickly perform a teleport dash by pressing the jump button twice. This is a huge advantage in gunfights, as players can disorient their opponents by suddenly dashing in and attacking from a completely different angle. Players should use it sparingly; Very similar Fortnite Kamehameha event item, the zero point fish has a limited number of uses. However, this quest can be done in a single match if players are careful.

Complete 3 agility training missions

Dragon Balls are rewarded for completing a certain number of quests in a particular quest set, and Agility Training is no different. Completing three Agility Training missions rewards the player with a Dragon Ball, which is used to unlock the Shenron Glider. Players who want to prioritize getting Dragon Ball can focus on the two time trial missions and dealing damage after running as they are the easiest to complete.

of all the Fortnite x Dragon Ball mission sets so far, the Agility Training missions might be the easiest. Players are meant to interact with movement mechanics that were already part of Fortnite before the crossover started, and the new time trial circuits aren’t particularly challenging. Most players will find these quests to be very straightforward and can quickly move on to other quest sets having gained power level points with relatively little effort.

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