Fortnite: 5 Paradigm Facts You Need to Know

Fortnite: 5 Paradigm Facts You Need to Know
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Fortnite: 5 Paradigm Facts You Need to Know

Introduced in Chapter 1 — Season 9 of Fortnite, the paradigm he was revealed to be one of the most important characters in the game’s story, but was dropped soon after. Now, his story continues as part of Fortnite’s main hero faction, The Seven, finally showing the consequences of his past actions and conflicts with other members of the group.

As with most characters in Fortnite history, the actor who plays Paradigm has yet to be officially confirmed, as his first performance occurred relatively recently at the Chapter 3 — Season 2 live event.Collision”. Speculation ran wild in the weeks following Paradigm’s first words, with potential casting options even including Brie Larson. Long before he had written dialogue, Paradigm was a silent character fleshed out in the classic Fortnite way of leaving clues.

Here are five facts about Fortnite’s Paradigm, one of the most mysterious characters in the game.

1. She is not singularity


When she was first released as the secret Chapter 1 Season 9 skin on the Battle Pass, Singularity was a mysterious person who used the power of the center of Fortnite Island, The Zero Point, to help bring back what had been lost. lost from the volcano from the previous season. rash. Leading out of the vault where Zero Point rested were large cables made by her, which allowed places like Tilted Towers and Retail Row to be brought back to life with clean, modern energy.

In Chapter 1 Season X, a skin called “The Paradigm” was released in the Item Shop as a member of the Seven, and players were quick to note that it has identical features to the Singularity outfit. For years, the possibility of them being the same character was speculated on, as it was unconfirmed but heavily implied. Years later, in a video Promoting crossover comics, Epic Games’ Donald Mustard poked fun at Singularity’s many names when asked which character was more important to the story than the community believed, and the answer was her. However, even after all of these factors came together, Fortnite crossover comics writer Christos Gage finally provided a Final answer – They are not the same.

Now, after ups and downs, Paradigm has finally settled into its role as a returning member of the Seven, with Singularity as the character. There are many possibilities as to who Singularity is, but speculation is not needed to confirm that it will be important moving forward.

2. She comes from a utopia

Fortnite Paradigm
Fortnite Paradigm

After years of not exploring the past of the members of the Seven, the Fortnite + Marvel: Zero War comic series has given some insight into their background. A small but important bit of dialogue reveals that Paradigm’s homeworld is technologically advanced, something that allowed him to help design and pilot the Mecha Team Leader into battle.

Many of the characters in Fortnite can’t remember their past due to the mind-bending nature of the game’s loop. Everyone who participates in the battle loses their soul, only getting it back after winning a match by beating everyone else. The Seven have been inside the Loop at least once and have escaped, regaining whatever powers they might have had, such as The Foundation’s super strength.

The choice of whether they can return to their homeworld depends on whether they can access and calibrate Zero Point, and that’s something Paradigm could have done after winning their first fight, allowing him to reconnect with his planet’s advances and rekindle it. passion for technology. Her experience with Zero Point’s advanced energy and how the Seven have protected her for thousands of years shows just how smart and resourceful she is, making her a valuable addition to any faction she works with, even if her time with the IO was short.

Chapter 3: The Season 3 NPC Collection Book describes Paradigm as someone interested in modifying and building new technology, which compared to other members of the Seven, is similar to the Scientist.

Paradigm and Scientist are the only two of the group to share an edit style to their skins, a white coloration of their usual armor, which coupled with this similarity in their backgrounds could imply a larger friendship over the years.

3. She built the Mecha

fortnite wick
fortnite wick

During Chapter 1 – Season 9, the other members of the Seven left Paradigm alone on the island to guard Point Zero. Their rivals, the Imagined Order (IO), noticed a monster called The Devourer emerging from a nearby iceberg, hungry for Zero Point’s infinite energy. IO’s plan was to let him die by absorbing that infinite power while also letting the island and its inhabitants be destroyed in the process, something that Paradigm did not approve of. She suggested that they should support her, let her support Singularity in building and piloting a Mecha Team Leader, a giant robot filled with missiles from head to toe. They agreed, only because the Devourer could have posed a threat to Point Zero instead of just dying.

The Mecha team leader used small amounts of Zero Point energy to propel himself, making each hit a little more powerful. In the fight against the iceberg monster, Paradigm ends up opening Point Zero to get a little more of that power and make sure he wins the fight for good.

After defeating the Devourer, and losing an arm from the Mecha in the process, Paradigm headed straight for the Ice Moon orbiting the island suspecting that there might be more monsters, as the iceberg containing the one he had just defeated it was a piece of the moon itself. However, she was wrong and ended up crashing the Mecha on the moon due to harsh weather conditions. The AI ​​in her suit puts her into a deep sleep until she can recover, for a long time.

4. She slept until chapter 2

fortnite stasis
fortnite stasis

With Paradigm in hibernation, some members of the Seven became concerned about her whereabouts, while others thought that she had simply betrayed them for the IO instead of knowing all the details about what led her to that decision. The Scientist and The Imagined led the search for her during the beginning of Chapter 3, as her unconscious mind sent messages to the island in hopes of being rescued. The Imagined united the Seven in favor of the Paradigm, and the Scientist prepared for her arrival, only for her not to arrive until later.

Players constantly speculated about the Seven during Chapter 2, as not only were they not appearing, but the other members had yet to reveal themselves. Chapter 3 reveals that they were on the other side of the island the entire time, planning their future moves against the IO, who were about to come into play. IO’s plan for a doomsday machine to take down the Devourer and the island with it was stalled by Paradigm, but now he was ready for another shot. The Seven repaired Paradigm’s Mecha, destroyed the IO presence on the island, and saved its inhabitants once more.

fortnite collision
fortnite collision

The second issue of the Zero War comic series revealed that the Mecha protected Paradigm from the weather, and the suit’s AI kept her alive, much to the surprise of the Seven’s leader, The Foundation. She immediately threatens to execute her for leaving the group, when in fact they were the ones who had left the island. Paradigm stayed on and was the only reason things didn’t go the other way around, but it was revealed that he had delayed the inevitable.

5. She is a pilot

Not only is she talented with technology, being one of the only ones capable of helping the IO build the Mecha, but Paradigm was also the only one capable of piloting it. The second time the Mecha was used, players were able to pilot it alongside her as members of the Weapons Team, glimpsing the hard work required to save reality over and over again.

With the Zero War comics slowly revealing more about Paradigm’s experience and past, more of that talent is likely to be revealed, especially with his full reintegration into the Seven as a full-time member. Without the need for others to constantly convince people of its worth, Paradigm’s potential to be one of the central aspects of Fortnite history for years to come is a strong possibility as the building blocks are already there to create a truly memorable character.

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