Best Minecraft Bedrock Mods – European Gaming Industry News


Best Minecraft Bedrock Mods – European Gaming Industry News
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Today we also sit with Athanasios-Thanos Marinos – DM Greece at Betsson Groupand talked about the Greek gaming industry.

Betsson has been active on the Greek market for 12 months. Has the market behaved according to expectations?

we launch Betsson in Greece on June 11, 2021, and since then we have gained incredible traction in the market. This is because we have taken the wealth of experience we have gained in other jurisdictions and used it to deliver a superior player experience in Greece. This includes providing players with access to a wide range of casino games and an attractive sports betting product, backed by award-winning customer support. This has allowed us to gain a significant share of the market in a short space of time and this is something we will now build on as we continue to improve the product and experience we offer to players in Greece, and as the market continues maturing. and grow

What attracted Betsson to Greece in the first place?

Greece is one of the largest markets in Europe, so it was a natural step for Betsson to apply for a license from the Hellenic Gaming Commission when it moved to a regulated model in 2021. Not only to obtain this license, but also to be the first operator. doing so was an incredibly proud moment for us and is testament to our position as a leading operator of regulated markets. Today, we have licenses in 19 jurisdictions around the world with an ambitious strategy to enter even more regulated markets in the coming months and years.

What are the key challenges faced when entering a newly regulated market? How are these challenges overcome?

There are always many challenges when entering new markets and this is why it is incredibly important to carry out thorough research before applying for a license. Operators need to understand what players are looking for in an online casino and/or sports book and then determine whether or not they can offer this while remaining compliant with current regulations. This research also helps when it comes to localization and understanding what it takes to not only compete with other brands in the market, but stand out from them.

Understanding the regulations is also a must. This is the only way to ensure that the licensing process is smooth and transparent, and that time is not wasted going back and forth with the regulator about problems that can be avoided simply by following the rules in place. It must be said that the Hellenic Gaming Commission was incredibly professional in this regard and went to great lengths to support the operators throughout the process, while also ensuring their standards were met and players were protected.

Of course, we had to make sure we had the necessary resources and infrastructure to overcome the challenges we faced, from regulation to tax and compliance, to secure our Greek license and successfully enter the market.

The market is growing rapidly. What is driving this growth and what role is Betsson playing in this?

The market is growing incredibly fast and we expect this to continue for several years. This will be driven by more players realizing that sports betting and online casinos are legal and regulated, and available to them. This will drive many consumers away from physical venues to gaming on their laptops, tablets, and smartphones. We plan to lead this growth by continuing to provide a superior experience to our players.

What player trends are emerging? How do these preferences compare to other regulated markets in Europe?

Due to the pandemic and the lack of sporting events, we saw an increase in online casino gambling and also in the popularity of virtual ones. While the return of sports has brought many players back, live and virtual gaming is still incredibly popular in both sportsbooks and casinos. Furthermore, mobile devices are by far the dominant gaming channel, and we are capturing a large part of the mobile market in Greece and throughout Europe thanks to Betsson’s native mobile app, which has won several industry awards.

Is the live casino popular with players? If so, what makes it so popular?

Live casino is actually one of the best performing verticals in Greece, both for Betsson and for the market in general. That’s why we’ve partnered with innovative live dealer providers who continue to release new games and features that ensure our players can enjoy the most engaging and entertaining live experience with Betsson. In terms of what makes it so popular, it’s the combination of exciting gameplay, authentic casino atmosphere, and interaction with the dealer and other players.

How have you localized your brands for the Greek market?

Location is absolutely key in Greece. We are competing with retail brands that have been active in the market for over a decade and know exactly what gamers are looking for. At Betsson, we firmly believe that a one-size-fits-all approach is a thing of the past and that is why we view localization as an ongoing endeavor and are always looking for new ways to deliver a more personalized player experience. .

Of course, it is just as important to gain brand awareness and engage with players, and to do so we have implemented a number of marketing initiatives. This includes sponsorship of SuperLeague2, which was renamed Betsson SuperLeague2. The goal here was to be present on all 32 football pitches in Greece rather than just supporting one or two of the big teams.

Other sponsorship agreements signed include the Acropolis WRC Rally and the Greece International Cycling Tour. These deals around high-profile sporting events allow us to build brand awareness both locally and internationally, thus providing great value.

What will the Greek market look like in another 12 months?

It will look much more competitive, that’s for sure. We expect to see more carriers enter the market over the next 12 months and that will no doubt lead to some level of consolidation. The market itself will grow and evolve and we expect the Hellenic Gaming Commission to implement several important initiatives that will help the traditional sector to develop and participate more in the online market.

Is Betsson committed to Greece for the long term? What plans do you have for the market?

Betsson is here to stay and we have high expectations for the Greek market. We are a challenging brand right now, but very soon, with hard work and commitment, we plan to become one of the biggest brands in the country. We have even opened a technology center in Athens and have several Betssonites working in Greece to make sure we really understand the market and what players are looking for. There is no better way to do it than with your boots on the ground.