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The Mortuary Assistant Shows Everything That’s Wrong With Modern Horror Games

The Mortuary Assistant Shows Everything That’s Wrong With Modern Horror Games
Written by ga_dahmani
The Mortuary Assistant Shows Everything That’s Wrong With Modern Horror Games

The morgue attendant was released in early August and, in a matter of weeks, managed to prove that the foundation of modern horror games has become ineffective. It has a distinct lack of certain characteristics that many consider to be intrinsic to the genre, which, rather than making it worse, actually contributes to the disturbing experience it provides. Because of this, the game adds a new twist to single-player horror and points out certain aspects of horror media that urgently need to be changed.


This article contains spoilers for The morgue attendant.The morgue attendant has a premise similar to Five Nights At Freddy’s, Phasmophobia and others like them. As she begins her career at River Fields Mortuary, Rebecca Owens, the protagonist, is warned that she has become the target of a demon that will possess her. To stop this process and maintain her identity, she must discover the demon’s name, find the body she is associated with, and banish it. With the local undertaker, Raymond Delver, tutoring her through a series of tapes, she spends her first shift embalming bodies and being mercilessly tormented by a demon she’s trying to get rid of.

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While many indie developers with similar premises would benefit from adapting their game to a style similar to five nights in Freddy’yes, the mortuary attendant it flourished exactly for not doing it. like how poppy playtime improved fnaf monster designs and highlighted gameplay issues, this newly released horror title challenged the previous formula for making games in this genre. By successfully creating an experience where horror relies on spooky atmosphere, random events, and players’ own imaginations, common factors like heavy jump scares and roaming enemies were proven to be getting boring. and overused.

The morgue attendant is very creepy and uptight

One of the most common tropes in horror games is surprising the player with unexpected and loud jump scares. titles like Survive Y demonic resident even have peaks of change in the soundtrack, complementing and enhancing this effect. While this is effective in keeping fans highly aware and wary of the surrounding environment, it alone doesn’t create a horrible experience. In fact, they can become predictable or boring, which can greatly detract from the experience and gaming sessions of the players.

Unlike the popular horror franchise. Five nights at Freddy’s and others of the same genus, in The morgue attendant, jump scares are not supposed to be the main sources of terror. Instead, the game is based on building a unique tense atmosphere. The game often drowns players in oppressive silence as they try to accomplish their tasks, each noise grabbing their attention. The demonic activity itself often contributes to this as well, with doors banging, footsteps running, creepy phone calls, and shadowy figures watching the player from a corner making the player even more nervous.

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Then, as they become even more suspicious of their surroundings, mortuary attendant introduces a very complex type of demonic activity that frequently ends in a jump scare, breaking this tension. Throughout history, this will happen many times and gives new meaning to this common trope, defying the need for what was considered one of the pillars of horror game creation.

Random events make The Mortuary Assistant unique

Resident Evil 3 Remake changed several aspects from the original, causing many to be disappointed in it. One of the biggest complaints leveled at him was the fact that most of the encounters with the game’s main villain, Nemesis, occurred in scripted form. This meant that players always knew what the triggers were for a given spawn or cutscene, making for a boring experience for many. However, this is an issue that plagues most horror games and severely affects their replayability.

In a rare but not unheard of move, The morgue attendant has randomized the events that signal demonic presence and activity. While doing this is very risky, because it requires a large and varied selection of scares, the game managed to do it successfully. This is mainly due to other aspects of the game being extremely repetitive, such as the tasks to banish the demon and the embalming process itself. To try to solve this problem, games like phasmophobia added new ghosts, locations, and items, while The morgue attendant he chose to randomize many of the demons’ preferred ways of tormenting Rebecca.

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Random scares mean that in some way each game session can be completely different from the last, even if players are doing the same tasks. Not only that, but the game has five endings that usually require multiple playthroughs, as if Rebecca had continued to go to work after surviving her first demonic possession attempt. And having random events that happen across the turns, combined with a new backstory being discovered for the protagonist, makes The morgue attendant even more unique and balanced.

The Mortuary Assistant explores players’ deepest fears

Many modern horror games also try to create fear in players by creating a monstrous entity that poses a threat to their lives and is constantly wandering around. resident evil 2Mr. X’s is a great example of this trope. He stomps around the police station, stalking the protagonists and creates a large part of the game’s horror due to the uncertainty of where he is and when he will find them.

The morgue attendant It doesn’t have a roaming villain, but it still manages to recreate this overwhelming sense of uncertainty. The game often puts scares on your more mundane tasks, like answering the phone and going to another room to retrieve something. And with a carefully crafted balance of demonic activity and tension, it subjects players to fear the creations of their own imaginations, while carefully trying to predict and avoid many of the scares.

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Unlike resident evil 2 Y Resident Evil 3 Remakevillains of , the demon in The mortuary attendant he does not wander and hardly appears in person. Instead, the scariest moments in the game come from anticipation combined with tension. Nothing may be happening on screen, but players fear what might come out of the shadows. Combined with the random factor of the scares, most of them are unlikely to know how many types of demonic activity there are, adding to the scares even more.

The morgue attendant it has a ton of features that make it different from other horror titles while still managing to remain interesting and scary. It challenges certain concepts that were considered essential when developing games in this genre, such as the need for heavy jump scares and roaming enemies, while introducing new ways to build intrigue and fear without them. Despite being an independent game with a single developer, Brian Clarke, The morgue attendant it defies the pillars of modern horror, and fans can only look forward to Clarke’s next project.

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