Fortnite player comes up with a cool solution to move his AFK teammate around the map

Fortnite player comes up with a cool solution to move his AFK teammate around the map
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Fortnite player comes up with a cool solution to move his AFK teammate around the map

The Ripsaw Launcher is possibly the best weapon in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 for more than one reason. A recent viral Reddit post showed how the weapon is not only useful for shooting saw blades, but can also be used in some creative ways. This time, a player demonstrated that the launcher can also be used to move AFK teammates.

u/gurgy40motor recently posted a time-lapse clip on Reddit of them using the Ripsaw Launcher to move their AFK teammate to the middle of the island. Players often lose teammates due to poor internet connections or urgent real-life tasks. Naturally, they would have to leave a man behind, who would eventually succumb to the storm if they did not return in time.

Fortunately, this Reddit user came up with a creative way to literally move a teammate back from AFK. u/gurgy40motor used the Ripsaw Launcher’s melee function to push his teammate forward, making sure they stayed safe from the storm, and eventually managed to win the game.

The Ripsaw Multi-Purpose Launcher in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3

For the uninitiated, the Ripsaw Launcher was released in the v21.10 Fortnite update and was only initially available from the Chop Shop in the Logjam Lumberyard. However, Epic Games made it available in chests and special loot after implementing a hotfix soon after.

The weapon uses a special saw blade ammunition that can be thrown at enemies or structures, dealing piercing damage. Interestingly, the Ripsaw Launcher can also be used as a melee weapon in addition to being a ranged weapon.

Surprisingly, the launcher ends up pushing players back when used by teammates. Instead of dealing damage to teammates, the weapon can help them move forward if they are AFK. In the clip uploaded by u/gurgy40motor, users can see how effectively Ripsaw Launcher can push players around. It’s obviously a painful and time-consuming process to bring your teammates along, but they can prove extremely useful in late circles.

#Fortnite Ripsaw Launcher Week! Find Ripsaw launchers in greater numbers from June 28 at 9am ET to July 5 at 8:59am ET. In addition to your usual Chop Shop spawns, you can now get them from the ground, chests, and supply drops in abundance throughout the week.

Naturally, the next time a teammate is AFK for a short time, players can hold down the fire button with the Ripsaw Launcher equipped to get them to safety. Players should note that this will only work effectively on flat surfaces, which is why players should avoid hills or water while moving their AFK teammates.

Ripsaw Launcher is the fastest way to farm materials in Fortnite

Players recently discovered another interesting use of the Ripsaw Launcher. The melee version of the weapon can also be used to farm materials. In fact, sometimes it’s even faster than using a pickaxe to chop down trees or break rocks.

A comparison between the times taken by the Ripsaw Launcher in Fortnite and a pickaxe shows just how efficient the weapon is when it comes to farming materials. As well as being a useful weapon, it’s also the fastest way to farm materials in the game, and can even be used to move AFK players around the map.

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The versatility of the Ripsaw Launcher makes it one of the most interesting weapons in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3. For some, it is a must-have item when filling their inventory.

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