Fortnite Phantasm Level Up Quest Pack and Level Up Token Locations

Fortnite Phantasm Level Up Quest Pack and Level Up Token Locations
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Fortnite Phantasm Level Up Quest Pack and Level Up Token Locations

The key to unlock the content of the Fortnite Phantasm Level Up Quest Pack is to know all the Level Up Token locations. It is that moment of Fortnite season again, and the Phantasm Level Up Quest Pack is here to give players an easy way to quickly increase their Season Level and get up to speed with their Battle Pass. So instead of searching the island far and wide in hopes of stumbling upon higher tier tokens, below is a simplified guide on where to find all 28 Fortnite Phantasm Quest Pack Level Up Tokens.

Fortnite Phantasm Level Up Quest Pack Explained


When you purchase the Phantasm Level Up Quest Pack, you will immediately unlock the Phantasm outfit. However, to get the rest of the cosmetics in the pack, you need to collect higher level tokens.

Every week for four weeks, a new set of seven level-up tokens will appear on the island. Collect all level up tokens for a selected week to unlock an additional accessory for Phantasm. Below is a list of all the extra Fortnite Phantasm Level Up Quest Pack cosmetics that you can acquire by collecting Level Up Tokens:

  • Week 1 Level Up Tokens (Available Now)
    • The Beyond Portal Back Bling and Spectral Sight Wrap
  • Week 2 Level Up Tokens (Starting August 25 at 2pm BST)
    • The all-seeing scythe beak
  • Week 3 Level Up Tokens (Starting 1st Sep 2pm BST)
    • Ruby Revenant Style of The Beyond Portal Back Bling and The All-Seeing Scythe Pickaxe
  • Week 4 Level Up Tokens (Starting September 8 at 2pm BST)
    • Alternate style with ghost costume helmet

Although cosmetics are the main attraction of the Fortnite Phantom Level Up Quest Pack, don’t rule out that each Level Up Token will grant you a full level. This makes the Fortnite Phantasm Level Up Quest Pack a must for those who still need to max out the Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 Battle Pass.

Fortnite Phantasm Level Up Quest Pack: Price

you can grab the Fortnite Ghost Level Up Quest Pack Fortnite Item Shop for 1,200 V-Bucks.

Phantasm Level Up Quest Pack: Week 1 Level Up Token Locations


Week 1 Phantasm Level Up Tokens are relatively easy to come by. Four of the seven tiles are scattered throughout the Chonker’s Speedway track. Drive, or walk, along the track and after one lap, you’ll be halfway there with your Week 1 Level Up Tokens.


You can find another token north of Chonker’s Speedway, next to Impossible Rock.


Look for a Week 1 Ghost Level Up Token near the center of Shuffled Shrines.


Finally, search the northeast corner of Condo Canyon to collect the last Phantasm Level Up Token from Week 1.

Phantasm Level Up Quest Pack: Week 2 Level Up Token Locations


Separated from the group, collect a single Week 2 Top Tier Token on the path through the Butter Barn.


Get a Week 2 Ghost Level Up Token in the fields southeast of Greasy Grove and another one directly in the center of Greasy Grove.

The last four Week 2 Level Up Tokens are scattered throughout Reality Falls.


One is southwest of the Reality Tree next to some giant mushrooms.


Another one is directly west of the Reality Tree, next to a Fortnite Ascender.


And as for the last two, one is on a branch at the top of the Reality Tree and the other is at the base of the Reality Tree.

Phantasm Level Up Quest Pack: Week 3 Level Up Token Locations


A Solo Week 3 Ghost Level Up Token is found on a mountain peak south of Rave Cave.


After grabbing the higher level token mentioned above, immediately jump into the wind tunnel to the south and you will notice another token. Take this wind tunnel west to find two more Week 3 Ghost Level Up Tokens in the Slipstream.


Now, jump out of the tunnel while approaching the Logjam Lotus to find another two level up tokens on the mountainside south of Seven Outpost II.


Finish the week 3 Phantasm level up quest by grabbing the level up token in the middle of the Logjam Lotus.

Phantasm Level Up Quest Pack: Week 4 Level Up Token Locations


Three of the Ghost level tokens from week 4 are situated along the boat race course in the gulf east of Sanctuary. Complete a lap around the boat racing circuit to collect three speed tokens.


On the shore next to the Tiny Temple Landmark is another Week 4 Ghost level up token.


On top of the deck of the abandoned pirate ship in Lazy Lagoon is a fifth token.


South of the Paradox Ruins, where the river forks, is a floating Week 4 Ghost Level Up Token.


The 28th and last Fortnite Phantasm Level Up Token is on a ramp near the center of Loot Lake.

Fortnite Phantasm Level Up Quest Pack: Expiration Date


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Level Up Quest Packs are seasonal, meaning the Phantasm Level Up Quest Pack will expire at the end of Chapter 3 Season 3, or more specifically, on September 17, 2022. Make sure to collect all 28 Phantasm Level Up Tokens by then, or you’ll permanently miss out on additional Phantasm cosmetics!

With that, you have everything you need to complete the Fortnite Phantasm Level Up Quest Pack and unlock all associated cosmetics.

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