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TV Review: RESIDENT EVIL: Season 1, Episode 1: Welcome to New Raccoon City [Netflix]

TV Review: RESIDENT EVIL: Season 1, Episode 1: Welcome to New Raccoon City [Netflix]
Written by ga_dahmani
TV Review: RESIDENT EVIL: Season 1, Episode 1: Welcome to New Raccoon City [Netflix]

Ella Balinska Resident Evil Welcome to New Raccoon City

Resident Evil Review Welcome to New Raccoon City

Netflix‘s Resident Evil: Season 1, Episode 1: Welcome to the review of the new Raccoon City TV show. Welcome to New Raccoon it’s the opening salvo of a TV series that is potentially complete detritus. I say “potentially” because demonic residentThe first episode of is at the lower end of the quality scale and since show writers usually set up the plots and main plot in the pilot episode, I can only assume that the remaining episodes are poorly written, pointless, and so funny like Welcome to New Raccoon Town.

The first episode of Paramount+ aura was terrible, then the series got marginally better with ever-increasing plot holes, not to mention huge missed narrative opportunities (a review of aura: Season 1 is coming soon). The first episode of Apple TV+ Watch it was excellent, creating a familiar yet new world where entire societies lived their entire lives, fell in love and fought wars without the ability to see.


These two examples of pilot episodes are offered to show that I have seen the full gamut when it comes to pilot episodes for science fiction television series.

the great accomplishment

I realized, as many I suppose did, what I was really seeing as I watched demonic residentpilot episode of . Welcome to New Raccoon Town It’s not the start of a new chapter in great sci-fi horror television. It is not the realization or the essence of demonic resident video game series ported to the small screen (I had the first two games). Welcome to New Raccoon Town is not an interesting twist and a new direction with demonic resident distinctive character. Welcome to New Raccoon Town it’s not even a big drama set in a divergent demonic resident world.


from netflix demonic resident is a live action cartoon.

When you realize this obvious fact, the characters and events of the first episode make perfect sense.

The episode’s comedy sketches

These are the laugh-out-loud moments (and resulting questions) in Welcome to New Raccoon Town:

1. Teenage Jade Wesker (smart tamara) humiliates, dominates and ‘walks’ his father everywhere and in front of third parties, without any consequence. Example: She knocks the tablet out of her father’s hand while he is having a business meeting and her father does nothing.

2. Adult Jade Wesker (she balinska) is slammed into a car by a mutated caterpillar and breaks the tempered glass of the windshield with the back of her head. One character mentions a possible head injury, concussion, and spinal cord damage to Jade. agreed! Did you see and hear that door slam? Next scene with Jade Wesker, no damage. None. No concussion. No spinal cord damage. without bandage Not even a limp. Any. Like a cartoon character, Jade Wesker has no injuries.

3. Why would a gigantic mutated caterpillar be asleep/hibernating under concrete and a building? Why is it violent? Why does a caterpillar attack humans? Mutation equals violence?

4. Teenager Billie wants to get into her father’s secret lab. She walks in with an iPhone recording of her father’s voice. It is not an electronic card. It is not a password. It’s not a fingerprint or retinal scan (demolition man even had the last one) or a combination of all three like on Showtime’s Homeland. No. Billie plays a phone recording and gains access, at night, to a high-end IT medical research facility with expensive, state-of-the-art equipment whose research could land everyone connected to her in prison. There are no security guards. No checkpoints. No high-level access redundancy to like what you see in the first act of zero thirty dark. Any.

The door to my apartment has a deadbolt. My apartment has a higher level of security than Umbrella.


episode writer andres dabb he turned Umbrella’s security into a joke because he didn’t know how to get his teenage characters into a richly funded lab owned by a multinational conglomerate.

Dabb resorted to creating a gigantic plot hole, on purpose, so he could get his characters into that lab because he couldn’t write a clever infiltration and exfiltration for teenagers in that building.

How about this: AI White Queen “reads” the DNA of one of the teens via their expelled breath as they approach the building, scans it quickly, sees something interesting, and lets them in, through all points of control, doors, closed doors, cameras and security guards that a normal installation of that magnitude, sophistication and illegality would have in mind.

How is that?

5. Billie opens a large cage in Umbrella’s lab not knowing what is inside, animal or human. She doesn’t know the status of what’s inside: she’s in an illegal scientific research facility (where God knows what is being investigated) and the cage is locked. She doesn’t know if what’s inside is alive, dead, wild, infected with a disease, or dangerous. With all that in mind, she simply opens the cage door, gleefully hoping for a TikTok jack-in-the-box prize.

6. Everything related to roaming, mutated, happy melodies dog.

7. Teenager Billie gets into a videotaped fight with another student in the middle of the school cafeteria full of adults and teachers and nothing happens after the fight. There are no consequences. No detention. No director’s office. There is no school counselor’s office. Any. No adults acknowledge that the fight took place (when it happened right in front of them). When the video of the fight is posted online, again, nothing happens. There is no response from any adult, teacher or reporter.

How does that make sense? How does any of that make sense?

8. Billie is not violent, her current incarnation is anyway, but Jade goads her to become violent again and attack the girl who attacked her. Billie does the right thing, she takes the right path and her sister, unbelievably, tries to get her to seek physical revenge.

9. The scavenger leader informs Umbrella that he has captured the adult Jade Wesker and is lightly killed for it.

10. Richard Baxter (Transport Turlough) appears for Jade. Instead of first securing her with handcuffs (and shackles), he and her men start killing people, with Jade running free. Why didn’t Baxter wait until the leader of the scavengers handed over Jade and they strapped her down safely in the helicopter before he started killing people? There is no chase that way. There is no chance to kill or maim her target. Instead, misanthropic target practice, with the hero magically taking no hits because, like Storm Troopers, none of the Umbrella staff can shoot directly. Why did everything happen in this idiotic sequence? Because the episode’s writer, Andrew Dabb, wanted to shoot a pack of guns at the end of the episode.

If the capture had been done smartly and cleanly, Baxter would have: a.) taken possession of the tied package, b.) secured it with his men, c.) covertly assassinated the Scavenger leader with a silenced pistol, d. ) secretly loaded his corpse on board, and e.) flown in the Umbrella helicopter.

Only one bullet would have been fired and one gun would have been discharged.

Dabb obviously didn’t want that.

the sunbeam

Despite the aforementioned slapstick humor, not all are comical and not all situations are comical in Welcome to New Raccoon Town.

A character stands out as possibly being complex.

That character is Tammy Isaacs (haseena allie). His introduction to the cafeteria Welcome to New Raccoon Town it’s fantastic. The viewer is instantly transfixed by the story the carnivore tells the vegan. Tammy is a girl that other students don’t like (for obvious reasons), however here is a new girl that she could possibly be friends with, and Tammy spits in her face (figuratively speaking). That personality quirk and friendless mentality make Tammy instantly interesting. Why does she push away the new girl, a potential friend? What makes her act like this? Why is she happy about it?

demonic residentThe writers of don’t even see what they accidentally created (as in ABC’s remake Charlie’s Angels when one of the angels is the second choice for his position. The first choice was her sister, a potential slain angel whom she replaces. That’s the true story, the interesting and dynamic character that should have been the root of the series) and I suspect that Tammy, the most interesting character in demonic resident, will also go uncharted, relegated to a side story in the early episodes, soon to be scrapped. Too. I would love to know why she is so antisocial, aggressive and violent towards other students, but meek and subservient towards her father.

on netflix Strange things, during season 2, following Billy Hargrove’s introduction, the root of his serious personality issues is finally revealed and explored. His problems and his family life made him a better character and a more compelling season. That has absolutely no chance of happening in demonic resident because, as mentioned above, its writers don’t know what they have with Tammy or how to exploit it to improve the narrative of the series. Again, very bad.

lost hope

When Netflix published the story of two timelines for demonic resident, I was excited. I admit it. I really wanted to see the plot synopsis performed on screen in a creepy sci-fi fashion. I wanted to see a fresh, original and invigorating new branch in the demonic resident universe.

So I watched the pilot episode.

It is shameful.

But if it’s secretly a live-action cartoon, as I suspect, then it’s hilarious.

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