Forgotten PS2 Survival Games


Forgotten PS2 Survival Games

Survival games are a genre where players have to fight in a harsh environment with little to nothing to stay alive. Most of the survival games follow a basic premise, the player is stranded in a place unknown to him and must rely on his surroundings to complete his objective, whether it is to obtain a certain item or simply survive.

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A very popular subgenre of survival games is survival horror. series of games like demonic resident Y Silent Hill they have become ubiquitous in what defines these games since they were released on PlayStation. Many of the games that came after have used his formula to make survival games that appeal to fans of the genre. There are plenty of memorable survival games on both PlayStation and PlayStation 2, but there are a few forgotten gems that deserve more recognition.


10 disaster report

disaster report had its North American release in 2003. Players take on the role of a reporter on their way to the man-made Striver Island. It’s there that he’s supposed to get his dream job, but things quickly turn into a nightmare when an earthquake hits the island. He meets different survivors along the way as he tries to escape and investigate the cause of the disaster.

Players must find a way out of the city, avoiding dangers such as falling buildings. There are seven different endings and each one is based on the decisions the player makes, whether it is to save another character or who they choose as a partner.

9 raw danger

raw danger is a sequel to disaster report and features a cast of six main characters. Players can play from the point of view of multiple people during a torrential flood. The six characters have to fight for their survival while trying to escape from the flooded city of Del Ray.

Players must keep their characters warm and fed, and help them escape from the city’s destruction. The game is divided into different chapters, with each chapter dedicated to a different character. The choices the player makes can affect what happens to the other characters during their chapter and ultimately at the end of the game.

8 haunted terrain

the horror game haunted terrain centers on a college student named Fiona Bell, who ends up trapped in a castle after a car accident. Throughout the game, Fiona finds herself harassed by the castle’s inhabitants who want to harm her in some way. The only friend of hers that she has of hers is a white German Shepherd, Hewie, who is vital to her survival as he can command her to attack enemies and explore parts of the environment that she cannot.

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In addition to commanding Hewie, Fiona can crouch and hide in certain areas to avoid her pursuers. Running causes her to slow down and she can get scared, which will trigger a panic mode.

7 Siren

Siren is a Japanese survival horror game that was released in North America in 2004. A rural town in Japan suffers from a natural disaster. At first, it appears that an earthquake has hit the town, but it quickly becomes clear to the survivors that what happened was far from natural. Players can play the game from the perspective of ten different characters as they try to survive and escape.

The perspective alternates between the ten characters over three days. Certain stages in the game can only be played by certain characters, and certain actions will have a butterfly effect on different characters. Siren is also a stealth game where players are encouraged to avoid enemies while uncovering the dark history embedded in their city’s history.

6 Onimusha: Warlords

the Onimusha The series is well known for being one of the best action-adventure and hack-and-slash game series. Onimusha: Warlords is the first game in the series and includes similar elements of demonic resident, another series of iconic games. The game features puzzles, traps, and key elements interactive with the environment needed to progress further in the game.

Onimusha: Warlords takes place in the Sengoku period of Japan, where the player takes control of Samanosuke, who is trying to rescue Princess Yuki from monsters. It combines Japanese historical figures and events with action-adventure and Japanese folklore.

5 Garlerians: Ash

Galerians: Ash is the sequel to the PlayStation game, Galerians. It takes place six years after the end of the first game and is a survival horror game with a sci-fi theme. The main character from the first game, Rion, returns to fight the last of a group of genetically modified superhumans.

As in the first game, combat does not involve weapons, but rather psychic energy called PPEC, or Psychic Power Enhancement Chemicals. There are different PPEC that players can make Rion use to defeat enemies. Rion is humanity’s only hope of survival against the leader of the Last Galerians.

4 king kong

the king kong The game released for PlayStation 2 in 2005 was based on Peter Jackson. king kong movie. An official game of the film, includes the image and the voices of the actors of the film. Players take on the roles of Jack Driscoll and King Kong himself as they try to survive the perils of Skull Island. When you play as Jack, the game takes place in a first person perspective and Jack has to use weapons and different techniques to advance.

Playing as King Kong makes the game switch to third person, and he can punch, bite, grab and throw objects, and fight the island’s giant creatures through hand-to-hand combat. There are two different endings to the game, one follows the ending seen in the movie, while the other is an alternate ending where King Kong is able to save himself and return home to him.

solid metal gear is an iconic series that pioneered the stealth genre of video games. Metal Gear Solid 3: Serpent Eater continues with the same gameplay, but adds elements of a survival game. Taking place before the events of the first metal gear, Snake is sent on a mission that takes him into a jungle. With the new setting comes new gameplay mechanics such as the use of camouflage to go unnoticed by enemies.

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Snake has to switch between the appropriate camouflage uniforms and face paint to blend in with his surroundings. Players should also be more aware of the injuries Snake receives as solid metal gear 3 has an injury and treatment system. Snake will not recover from injuries unless they receive proper treatment. Snake also has to rely on the natural wildlife around him for food to maintain his stamina bar.

two Cabela’s Dangerous Hunts

Cabela’s Dangerous Hunts are one of many hunting/outdoor games that were created from the collaboration between retailer Cabela and Activision. Players go on hunting trips in twelve different locations. But this hunting game is more intense than your average hunting game as the targets include various dangerous predators like bears and wolves. These predatory animals can attack and kill the player.

Wildlife is not the only problem to be aware of. It was quite a realistic hunting game for its time as players also had to fight against the terrain. Players could drown in deep streams and be injured or killed when flying off high ledges. Players also get fatigued after a while and have to conserve energy. The weight of the hunting equipment also affected the player’s energy, and they could subdivide it by purchasing lighter equipment.

1 The Sims 2: Castaway

The Sims 2: Castaway is one of the games derived from The Sims 2. In it, players create a crew of Sims that end up shipwrecked after a storm. The goal of the game is to survive and eventually find a way to be rescued.

The gameplay is different from the gameplay of the main game. The Sims games, players have to have their Sims physically build their shelter by hand, as well as make their own clothes. Items such as beds cannot be purchased, but must be made from resources that the player’s Sim can find.

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