10 characters fans want to see in Fortnite, according to Reddit


10 characters fans want to see in Fortnite, according to Reddit

After bugging players for about a week by referencing Shenron, Fortnite revealed his new collaboration with Dragon Ball on August 16. The latest update to the game offers the opportunity to collect all seven Dragon Balls during battle, including Nimbus Cloud and Kamehameha. The item shop is also offering new Son Goku, Beerus, Vegeta, and Bulma skins, as well as accessories like Master Roshi’s staff and shell. Of course, this isn’t the first time Fortnite has brought iconic characters to the game.

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Before Akira Toriyama’s creation, Epic worked with other franchises. For example, Doctor Strange was the crown jewel of last season’s battle pass. Additionally, DC released Batman/Fortnite: Foundation, which included a free skin code for The Batman Who Laughs. These are just a few examples of collaborations that have already happened, but what about what fans want to see now? Reddit users have a lot to say about it.

10 Jack Sparrow could help with the lack of pirates in the game

One of the most successful franchises of the 2000s, pirates of the Caribbean, amassed a huge fan base, but fell off a bit after the Johnny Depp controversies. However, Jack Sparrow’s bizarre humor and aesthetic remain a fan favorite, which explains why fans would like to see him in Fortnite.

Paired with a jar of dirt as back bling, Sparrow would hype fans. But also, according to Redditor u/Traitor_to_heaven, “there are very few pirate-themed skins in the game.” For an island-themed game, this is really a shame. Jack Sparrow in the item shop would solve this problem.

9 Fans really want to see Doofus Rick with an SMG in his hands

Rick Doofus is one of the many Ricks in rick and morty. The nicest Rick in existence is also the least respected due to his unintelligent appearance and affable demeanor. While other Ricks bully him on the show, fans find him adorable, so they think it would be funny to see him with a gun in his hand in the game.

redditor u/TheFlexOffender He jokingly chose violence by stating that they “would fistfight everyone at Epic over Doofus Rick.” However, when asked by another user about Doofus Rick’s alleged poop-eating habits, they added that hopefully the game will include “an emote for it.”

8 Peter Parker is already here, but where is Miles Morales?

As of Chapter 3 Season 3, there are about half a dozen Spider-Man or Venom skins available at Fortnite. Unfortunately, none of these are Miles Morales’ Spider-Man. The item shop offered an unmasked Peter Parker version of this hero, but Fortnite has failed to show some love for Ultimate Spidey.

u/Barry_Duckhat thinks it’s time for fans to get a Miles Morales skin, but they have a few requests for it. They commented, “If we get a Miles Morales morales look, I hope he has that comedic tone of the movie,” referring to Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verseunique animation style.

7 Spongebob crew would be hilarious and easy

Sometimes Fortnite it’s all about having the coolest skins, but more often than not, fans also love going in weird directions and popularizing weird characters as mascots, like The Brat or Cuddle Team Leader. This goes very well with the aesthetic of Fortnite, which explains why so many gamers want to see SpongeBob in the game.

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u/PlushtrapChaser24319 thinks it would be fun to see “Squidward cracking 90s” on other players, while u/tokyorreddead he thinks “it would be so easy to do a set with gliders and everything”. So hopefully soon, fans will be able to hit the island with a jellyfish for a glider and a spoonbill Krusty Krab for a beak.

6 Hazel and Cha-Cha already remind fans of the Fortnite style

Comic book readers and Netflix fans know umbrella academy is full of interesting characters with amazing abilities that would make great Fortnite skins. However, no one can deny that Hazel and Cha-Cha take the cake. The two time-traveling psycho killers have an impeccable sense of style and look great holding all sorts of weapons.

redditor u/Edward_Lupin he thinks they “would fit nicely into the established aesthetic of Fortnite.” They are not wrong. Hazel and Cha-Cha already remind players of other Fortnite skins, like Bassassin, which is basically a fish in a suit, often available in the item shop.

5 Potterheads don’t lose hope

the Harry Potter franchise achieved things that no other franchise has. Given this, it has a special place in the hearts of the fandom no matter how much time passes. No matter what other sagas come along, fans always come back to the Wizarding World. But of course they would love to do it in Fortnite also.

Since most of the collaborations serve as marketing for the current sagas and the Harry Potter the franchise will launch Hogwarts Legacy in 2023, players believe there is still a chance to play as their favorite member of the Golden Trio. u/mother ships they say they are “crossing their fingers for a collaboration when the new Harry Potter game comes out.”

4 Invincible Features Lots of Awesome Characters Fortnite Could Use

When asked who they would want in Fortnite, u/Gabedawg31 said, “any of Invincible.” This Redditor thinks “there’s a lot of potential for skins.” For example, there could be “a Teen Team pack, Omni-Man and Invincible, Guardians of the Globe, even a standalone viltrumite pack would work.”

Up to this point, Fortnite has featured dozens of superheroes from other franchises, but Invincibleremains ignored despite its success after the Amazon series. Hopefully, Mark Grayson will become a part of this world by the season two premiere.

u/KnightMan1508 dares to share his dream with his fellow Redditors: “Link skin based on breath of the wildbut with styles based on other games (ocarina of time, twilight princess, sword to the sky, etc.). Hylian Shield back bling, or if you’re crazy, Wolf Link Pet Back Bling. Master Sword as a harvesting tool. paragliding glider”.

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This user’s idea is particularly ambitious. The legend of Zeldais one of those franchises with enough tradition to create an incredible Fortnite package to make it a dream come true. But unfortunately, Nintendo doesn’t seem interested in sharing their characters with Fortnite.

two Some nostalgic fans want the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Since it was first released in 1993, Forest ranger has established itself as one of the most successful media franchises in history. Now, after around 30 generations, the fans are still as loyal as they were in the beginning, especially when it comes to the OG generation, the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Given this, fans would love to have these heroes in their Fortnite lockers.

redditor u/voltr0n57 has an excellent proposal: “Emote? “It’s Morphin time! Pickaxe? Your weapons. Back bling? Your power coins OR your weapons. Skin variations? Teenagers with attitude or their ranger uniforms.” It’s time to Fortnite bring back the 90’s nostalgia with these characters.

1 Fans are willing to pay good money for a Breaking Bad collaboration

Given his constant collaboration with the PG-13 franchises, many gamers believe Fortnite it’s just for kids. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s time for Epic Games to realize that many gamers would be willing to spend money on skins from more mature series and movies.

For example, Reddit u/forbyte_82_help says they would be willing to spend “$3k” on Walter White from Breaking Bad. This is the standard price for expensive skin. another redditor, you/jombic, comments that they “couldn’t resist. Hopefully 3k includes Jessie.” The two users even commented on possible gestures that refer to iconic moments from the TV show.

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