Minecraft Chainmail has been a weirdo for years

Minecraft Chainmail has been a weirdo for years
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Minecraft Chainmail has been a weirdo for years

Armor has always been important in Minecraft, but the June 2020 Nether update in particular made the team more relevant. For one thing, it introduced piglins, which gave players a new reason to wear golden armor, as it would prevent unnecessary battles. The netherite armor also joined Minecraft in the Nether update as an upgraded version of diamond armor. These updates are a great example of how Mojang always builds on the foundation of the game, adding new features to established content. However, despite this, Mojang seems to have forgotten to upgrade the chainmail armor along with the rest of the game’s gear.


Chainmail, once known simply as chainmail, is one of the oldest types of gear in the game. As far back as 2009, Mojang has been trying to integrate Chainmail into the game, long before MinecraftThe iconic diamond armor came to be. However, despite being one of the oldest categories, Chainmail has always been a background player in Minecraft. Even now, it’s pretty hard to get, and yet not particularly useful. It may be the right time for Chainmail to come out of the shadow of MinecraftThe other armors from and finally find some unique utility that makes players consider using it.

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Minecraft chainmail and its future

Right now, Minecraft offers unique features for many of your armors. Diamond armor is usually invaluable for its top-tier protection, while iron armor is affordable yet durable armor. In addition to protecting players from piglins in the Nether, golden armor is also notoriously good at enchanting. Even leather armor has unique uses, as it can be dyed and leather boots help players get through the snow. Meanwhile, Chainmail lacks uses. It offers less protection than iron armor, but can only be obtained from mobs, loot chests, and villager trades. It just doesn’t compare to the other team in the game.

Chainmail armor is more of a collector’s item than a true utility right now, but even this way, it falls short. Minecraft has some much more attractive and useful collectibles to offer players, such as the Ender Dragon Egg or a Lighthouse created from a Nether Star. After all these years, it seems like it’s time for Mojang to make chainmail armor a real part of Minecraft, instead of peripheral equipment. Although MinecraftThe other types of armor play many special roles, there are still many good directions for chain mail to take.

To be relevant in Minecraft, Mojang should first of all update its basics. Chainmail was once crafted with fire, of all things, but now it lacks a recipe; if Mojang keeps it weaker than iron armor, chain mail could be made from iron nuggets, while a stronger version could use Minecraft chains as components, as chains cost quite a bit of iron to make. Chainmail could also use some unique defensive traits based on the actual armor type. For example, you could provide Minecraft players with good protection against melee attacks while leaving them slightly more vulnerable to ranged attacks and explosions.

Ideally, a revision of chain mail would give it other special traits. Mail armor has sometimes been worn with pieces of plate armor or combined with leather or heavy cloth throughout history; maybe Mojang could find a way to let Minecraft players don a different type of chest plate over their chainmail, adding extra protection at the cost of wearing down two chest plates at once. Of course, Mojang has shown his creativity with the special uses of the golden armor. He could certainly look for a more surprising way to make chain mail relevant. However, whatever the case may be, chain mail has played an important role in Minecraft for a long time. It’s time for armor to have a significant place in the game after all these years.

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