How to make an Enderman farm in Minecraft (2022)


How to make an Enderman farm in Minecraft (2022)

Over the years, players have come up with a variety of auto farms to collect XP and collect items in Minecraft. However, hardly any of the farms are as fruitful and powerful as an Enderman farm. This farm uses a full dimension to help you collect tons of experience and a lot of ender pearls in a very short time. Sometimes you can even compete with the Sculk XP farm in Minecraft. And the best part is that it does all the work for you while you’re AFK. With that, it’s time to learn how to make an Enderman farm in Minecraft the easy way.

Make an Enderman farm in Minecraft (2022)

Making an Enderman farm, in and of itself, means creating multiple more mechanisms and structures. So, to avoid confusion, we have covered the various segments of the farm in individual parts. First, let’s see where you need to travel to do this farm.

Where to make a minecraft enderman farm

The Endermen are the only mob in Minecraft that spawns naturally in all three dimensions of the game. But they are most commonly found in the End dimension, which is also the home of the Ender Dragon. You can use one of the best Minecraft 1.19 Speedrun seeds to find the fortress and activate the portal to the final dimension. Once you kill the End dragon, no mob apart from the Endermen appear in this dimension.

minecraft the ultimate biome

Due to its uninterrupted spawn and higher spawn rate, we will make the Enderman farm within the end dimension of Minecraft. You can enter it by finding fortress portals that are scattered throughout the world of Minecraft. Using some Minecraft commands might speed up the process.

Items you need to make Enderman Farm in Minecraft

You need the following items to make an Enderman farm in Minecraft:

  • two stacks of leaf blocks or glass blocks
  • two stacks of Rug
  • A trolley
  • A Lane
  • A name tag
  • Twelve o’clock hoppers
  • Three chests
  • sixteen enderpearls (at least)
  • A Steel bar
  • Eight Trap doors
  • thirty two hurdles
  • twenty one piles of Building blocks (any 1344 solid blocks)
  • Optional: Additional blocks for temporary structures
  • Optional: Pumpkin Helmet (to avoid activating Endermen)

In the aforementioned list, the term refers to a collection of 64 copies of that article. So while they are common, it might take you a while to collect all of these items. Also, we suggest you take them to the final dimension only after defeating the dragon to avoid serious losses.

How to make an Enderman farm in Minecraft

In this article, the design we are covering for the Enderman farm is based on the YouTuber iJevindesign of But we are going to make some own modifications to update it for your comfort.

Make the item collection area for the farm

Follow these steps to make the base area for the Enderman farm:

1. To get started, start laying leaf blocks from an edge of the main End island. You have to place them in a straight line, creating a bridge of 128 blocks. Alternatively, you can also use glass blocks, as Endermen can’t spawn on any of them.

128 leaf blocks

2. Then right next to the last block, create a platform of 9 x 9 blocks which has a 3 x 3 block wide hole in the middle.

Base for the Enderman farm in Minecraft

3. After that, fill the gap by placing hoppers inside that. Make sure each row of the hopper is connected and pointing towards the sheet block bridge. Then you need to expand the hole by breaking another row of three blockslooking towards the bridge.

hoppers in the hole

4. To end the collection system, connect hoppers to chests placing them in the hole. Then cover the hoppers with mats to prevent XP orbs from getting stuck in them.

carpeted hopper for enderman farm

5. Finally, for added protection, put up a fence around your picking platform.

Enderman Farm fenced harvest platform

Create tower for Enderman farm

1. Once the gathering area is ready, place two temporary blocks on its surface and use them to build a new platform. should also be 9×9 blocks in an area with a 5×5 hole in the middle. Both platforms must have a vertical space of two blocks between them.

Second Platform

2. Then place two layers of carpet on the two outer rows of blocks on the newly created platform. This will prevent the Enderman from spawning on top. Once all the rugs have been laid, there will be an unrugged border around the center hole.

Carpeted Second Deck

3. Use the bare area to lay down two temporary blocks vertically. Then create a single block limit just above the uncarpeted area. It must go around the hole and have a space of two blocks from the platform below it.

First border structure

4. Then re-create the same single block border-like pattern over and over again until you have a total of thirteen from them. All of them must have a vertical space of two blocks wide between each other. Your final structure should look like this:

13 borders of Enderman Farm

Create Enderman spawn area for Minecraft Farm

Before starting this part of the Enderman farm, it is best to wear a pumpkin helmet on your head. If you don’t have it, avoid looking the Endermen in the eye or hitting them, as they will attack you. The situation can get out of control very quickly.

1. Use edge 13 to create a 31 x 31 platform. You can do this by placing 13 blocks on each side of the border and then connecting them all.

Enderman spawn area in minecraft farm

2. Next, go to the center hole and create an inner boundary by placing trap doors. They should leave a hole in the middle. Should open these hatches when you have finished placing them.

hole with hatches

Make an Endermite trap on your Minecraft farm

1. Once the hatches are in place, place a temporary block in the middle empty hole and place three more temporary blocks on top of it.

temporary blocks

2. Then put a iron bar on top of the highest block and put a mat on top of the iron bar with the help of temporary blocks on the side.

Carpet on top of the iron bar

3. After laying the rug, use some blocks to build a structure with an area surrounded by two blocks right on top of the rug. We are using glass for better visibility but you can use any block as it is a temporary structure.

temporary structure

4. Then, place a rail with a minecart above it within the empty area of ​​the temporary structure.

minecart in temporary structure for enderman farm

5. After that, start throwing ender pearls in the empty minecart until you spawn an Endermite. You must have enough food to heal yourself in this step, as using ender pearls deals damage. Also, when the Endermite finally appears, use a name tag on it to make sure it doesn’t disappear.


6. Lastly, break all temporary locks and make the Minecart fall on the carpet. You may have to repeat the last step if the Minecart falls over, so be careful.

endermite cage in Minecraft Enderman farm

How does the Minecraft Enderman farm work?

The functionality of this farm is simple. Minecraft’s final dimension makes the Endermen spawn on top of the empty platform, as there is no other reliable spot nearby. These Endermen notice the Endermite in the middle of the platform and run straight towards it. Trapdoors, to Endermans, seem like reliable blocks to stand on. But, if left open, they lead the Endermen right to the bottom of the farm structure.

Enderman farm in operation

At the bottom, Endermen take a lot of fall damage. Then you, the player, just have to hit them once to kill all the Endermen. You I don’t even need a gun for this task. As the Endermen die, you will gain experience orbs while the grasshoppers under the rugs will collect ender pearls.

How to make an automatic enderman farm

There are several ways to turn the Enderman farm in Minecraft into an AFK XP and Enderpearl auto farm:

  • Using magma: You can put magma blocks next to the hatches on the upper level of the platform. Enraged Endermen will take bonus damage along with fall damage due to these blocks.
  • with lava: To kill Endermen with lava, you can place signs inside any of the 13 border-like structures. Then you just have to put lava on top of them. When the Endermen fall, they will go through the lava and take additional damage.
  • More fall damage: Lastly, you can also increase the height of your farm by creating more structures before the final platform. This extra fall damage will kill Endermen as soon as they fall.
Enderman's Auto Kill

In all the methods mentioned above, you just have to sit at the bottom of the farm and collect XP just by being there. You can leave your rig running for a few minutes to get several levels worth XP and loads of Ender Pearls.

Frequent questions

How far away should an Enderman farm in Minecraft be from End Island?

In order to work properly, an Enderman farm must be at least 128 blocks from the main End Island.

What attracts Enderman Minecraft?

Endermen are naturally attracted to and hostile towards endermites.

How far away should a farm be from Enderman?

The Enderman farm spawn platform must be at least 43 blocks above the base platform.

Make an automatic Enderman farm in Minecraft right now

With the Enderman farm ready, you can now teleport anywhere in the Minecraft world. At least anywhere on the site. But if you want to teleport more, you need to learn how to teleport in minecraft. In the meantime, if collecting Ender Pearls isn’t your goal, farming is still a fun and reliable way to earn XP. However, you have to travel quite a long distance and in another dimension to use it. So if you want an alternative, follow our guide to making a Minecraft XP mob farm in the overworld as well. Having said that, how are you going to kill your Endermen? Tell us in the comments below!