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How Resident Evil 4 influenced The Evil Within

How Resident Evil 4 influenced The Evil Within
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How Resident Evil 4 influenced The Evil Within

For fans of survival horror games, the name Shinji Mikami is synonymous with the genre. After all, during his long tenure at Capcom, Mikami served as director of not only the first game in the series, but also Resident Evil 4, which redefined the genre of not only horror games, but also third-person shooter games. However, Mikami eventually left the company, choosing to start his own studio, Tango Gameworks, and finally launching the return to survival horror fans of his have been waiting for, 2014. the evil inside.

the evil inside was highly anticipated, and while on the surface it seemed like the game was a survival horror purist’s dream, in reality, it turned out to be quite a different experience. Instead, it was a title that leaned heavily towards action and kept its horror styles as a secondary feature. In many ways, the first evil within is a spiritual successor of Resident Evil 4 masquerading as a more traditional survival horror title. Given Mikami’s involvement in both, this makes sense. That is how the evil inside compares to Resident Evil 4The single action brand of .

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One of the main ways that the evil inside feels like a successor to RE4 it is through its balance of action and horror. When it was originally released, Resident Evil 4 changed the way gamers thought not only demonic resident as a series, but action games as a genre. It defies expectations, providing not only far more enemies for protagonist Leon Kennedy to deal with than in previous games in the series, but also a variety of upgradable weapons with which to fight them. Resident Evil 4 It’s still a creepy horror game, but its gameplay is clearly focused on action.

At first sight, the evil inside it seems like a return to focusing on the horror aspects of its survival horror roots. However, it quickly becomes apparent to the player that while the trappings of a traditional survival horror game are present, the emphasis is almost always on action scenarios rather than the slow and methodical gameplay for which the genre is known. . At first, protagonist Sebastián Castellanos is overwhelmed by enemies and the game introduces his stealth mechanics to players. In the early chapters, players are encouraged to sneak around environments, stealthily kill enemies, and set corpses on fire with matches to avoid outright combat.

However, this conceit quickly becomes an afterthought as players collect upgrades and levels continually drop ammo like candy. the evil inside it may start out as a horror-focused experience, but within those first few chapters, a shift in tone towards a more action-oriented affair, focused on combat encounters, is needed.

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the evil inside he enjoys these combat encounters and throws them at the player more than any quiet and suspenseful moments. The game uses your Matrix-Similar settings to constantly change locale and settings, often in the service of the action game, which while fun to play, often draws attention away from its more hair-raising scenarios. I like it Resident Evil 4, the evil inside it also features a variety of boss encounters that make it feel more like an action horror game rather than a traditional survival horror experience.

another way that the evil inside feels like tracking RE4 it is in its incredible atmosphere. The opening chapters of the game, where Sebastian comes across a village full of haunted farming villages, feel very similar to the opening of the village of RE4. Sebastian must dodge murderous villagers attacking from all angles with farming tools, and climb from a dilapidated building onto a farm, collecting ammo along the way just like players had to do with RE4is Leon. It is true that, the evil inside it changes its setting frequently, but each new area manages to feel just as gritty and unsettling as the last, just like RE4 it does.

the evil inside is a game that manages to deliver a unique experience full of mystery and suspense, at the same time that it invokes the memory of Resident Evil 4 in your very DNA. Resident Evil 4 it was a game that inspired so many others, so it makes sense that the minds behind it would produce another title that took inspiration from this monumental release. Despite the evil insideThe sequel would go on to establish its own identity, the original game still holds a unique place as a love letter to one of the biggest action-horror games ever made.

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