Friday ‘Nite: Fortnite Dragon Ball event sets exciting precedent for future crossovers

Friday ‘Nite: Fortnite Dragon Ball event sets exciting precedent for future crossovers
Written by ga_dahmani
Friday ‘Nite: Fortnite Dragon Ball event sets exciting precedent for future crossovers

Friday ‘Nite is a weekly Fortnite column in which GameSpot Editor Mark Delaney takes a closer look at current events in the wide world of Fortnite, with a special focus on plot, characters and lore. of the game.

The Fortnite Dragon Ball event is underway. Running through the end of August, this crossover has lived up to the hype that was built when rumors began to surface earlier this summer that a Dragon Ball collaboration was coming to Epic’s battle royale.

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From the outside, people might think this crossover is just the latest in a five-year history filled with Marvel heroes, Star Wars villains, professional streamers, and stadium-filling musical artists. But the Dragon Ball event is actually more special than any of those, because it reinterprets what a Fortnite crossover can be, paving the way for better and more comprehensive crossovers in the years to come.

I’m not a fan of Dragon Ball, so whether it was during the rumor phase or after the official reveal, my personal level of enthusiasm for this particular collaboration was almost nil. That changed when I saw the full details of the event. In particular, I was struck by the event’s Power Unleashed reward tree, which lasts for weeks, and realized it wouldn’t be like other crossovers. Most Fortnite crossovers include a few skins for sale, maybe a few Creative maps, and maybe a few challenges, but the Dragon Ball Super event changes the nature of typical Fortnite events with what could be called a mini pass. additional battle for free.

There are 12 Power Unleashed rewards that can be unlocked sequentially over the course of the crossover event. In-game, they are displayed on a rewards track like a battle pass from past seasons, before Epic went back to the battle stars system. Players can unlock each of these 12 rewards, including five free Battle Pass tiers and two desirable emotes, simply by completing the game’s Dragon Ball missions, which arrive each day in numbers that mirror the weekly challenges Fortnite adds. every Thursday, that’s a lot. In another section of the event, winning all seven Dragon Balls during the two-week event will also award players a free Shenron glider.

It is not a novel approach for the game to offer some free cosmetics alongside the paid skins that the developer would surely love to buy. What is different with this event is the breadth of the content. Not only is the game updated every morning, giving players tons of new challenges to complete each day, but it also includes a larger number of free rewards than is usually offered. Additionally, it includes two new in-game items, including a Kamehameha Mythic weapon that is sure to become one of the most memorable additions in Fortnite. It also includes a creative hub where you can watch episodes of the anime directly within Fortnite, or head over to the show’s Adventure Island and visit some famous locations yourself.

That's over 9,000.
That’s over 9,000.

Suffice it to say that the Dragon Ball event not only adds plus everything, including more challenges and more free rewards, but perhaps most importantly, it offers things to do even if you’re not a fan of the series. You don’t have to know or even enjoy the show to use the cool new items you’ll find as loot. And especially you don’t need to know anything about anime to enjoy the five free battle pass tiers of the Power Unleashed tree. That’s a new wrinkle, and I hope it’s a sign of things to come. Epic is treating this crossover as one of the biggest in its history, and the next time something of this caliber hits the island, I’ll expect the same kind of bang for fans and non-fans alike to enjoy.

I resigned myself to ignoring all the Dragon Ball fanfare until I saw that the battle pass tiers were available. I am now completing my challenges and raising my energy level every night before bed. I have no idea about the anime, or why the characters are always screaming, or why their hair changes color when they do, but it’s still been the best part of this season because gamers like me have reason to participate. in all the excitement. Fortnite events, with the exception of the Marvel-themed chapter 2, season 4 have historically segmented the game’s battle pass XP from its major crossovers. But if this Dragon Ball event is any indication, future crossovers could (and should) be more directly integrated into seasonal content unlocks, like an additional free battle pass in a season’s backend.

Not every crossover deserves such a variety of things to see and do. I imagine if WWE’s The Undertaker comes to the game, as he probably will eventually, he won’t come with a free two-week battle pass and over a dozen other things to unlock. It’s probably just a skin for sale. But for the biggest guest appearances and crossover events – and there are sure to be many more to come – Epic seems ready to engage everyone in the community, whether you’re a fan of a particular crossover franchise or just there to level up your battle pass.

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