‘Fortnite’ and ‘Destiny 2’ may cross paths soon, but with which skins?

‘Fortnite’ and ‘Destiny 2’ may cross paths soon, but with which skins?
Written by ga_dahmani
‘Fortnite’ and ‘Destiny 2’ may cross paths soon, but with which skins?

The world of Fortnite collabs and leaks about those collabs never ends, and today I find two of my favorite themes crashing right into each other. German Fortnite Leaker MidaRado posted a tweet yesterday asking readers to guess which of the four planned collaborations would be coming to Fortnite next week.

The options were Family Guy, DOOM, Lord of the Rings, and he went back and added Destiny in a follow-up tweet, saying he forgot about it in the first list.

Naturally, as a Destiny die-hard and someone who’s also into collecting as many absurdly diverse IP skins in Fortnite as possible, I’m certainly looking forward to seeing how a potential Destiny 2 X Fortnite crossover would play out.

My guess is that while I love Destiny, and it’s certainly a great game, we probably wouldn’t see a large-scale crossover event. Most of the other video game collaborations we’ve seen are just one or two skins. Kratos, Master Chief, Lara Croft, and some additional cosmetics. Larger collaborations can get you in-game bonuses like Dragon Ball Z’s Kamehameha or Nimbus Cloud items, but I’m guessing Destiny 2 will probably end up with a couple of skins max and a few cosmetics.

But what skins? destiny 2 is complete of NPCs and of course customizable player Guardians, but here are my picks.

Zavala – I don’t think there is any more iconic character outside of Destiny right now than Commander Zavala, who has been a mainstay of the series for almost eight years thanks to the tireless performance of Lance Reddick. If there is only one skin, it is him. If there are two, I think he is one of the spaces.

Cayde-6 – In the Destiny 1 release era, Destiny 2, Cayde-6 was a big part of Destiny, but has been dead since the September 2018 Forsaken expansion. If Bungie is doing this collaboration to promote current developments with the game , a character that has literally been removed from the content would be an odd choice. Although… Destiny fans would do still buy it.

Ikora Rey, Eris Morn, Mara Sov – If we are doing maybe one male and one female skin, as we often see in many Fortnite collaborations, these are my three potential picks for the other slot. Ikora has passed as a name in previous Fortnite skin interest polls, and has had a resurgent role in the story of late. Eris Morn too, and she will personally be my pick. Mara Sov is another iconic character from Destiny and (sigh) “the hot one” for which she would certainly be considered.

Raven/Uldren – A raven skin with an Uldren variant? No character has been more relevant to Destiny’s story this past year, and their story continues with each new season. It would be a good choice.

Shaxx – He’s not exactly relevant to the story these days, but he’s an iconic character and he was in the character interest polls too.

non-human characters – I think Caiatl just wouldn’t work with the hitbox, even if you jam her to be Thanos’s shape. Mithrax as a Fallen Captain could work, but I think there are too many other IPs before they start doing Destiny alien species for this. Well, maybe with one exception:

The witness – Now here’s a fun idea I had. If this collaboration it is next week, it’s all about Bungie releasing Lightfall, which introduces The Witness, a new villain we’ve only glimpsed. They could debut him as a skin and the plume of smoke coming out of his head earns more faces the more kills you get in a game.

Other Cosmetics – Choose any number of jump ships that you can use as a glider. Backbling could be any of Destiny’s iconic weapons, and would likely depend on the featured character (although someone should get Gjallarhorn). Mining tools can be swords or glaives or, if we’re doing light weapons, Hunter Arc Staff or Void Blades, Titan Burning Maul, and Warlock Dawnblade Sword. If this collaboration went all the way to game elements, I mean, there’s almost also a lot of potential given the large number of weapons and supers they could use.

Regardless, this would be a great collaboration, even if it ends up on the smaller scale side. As soon as something leaks I’ll post it and we’ll see if this does it it has something to do with the Lightfall reveal next week, or whether we’ll have to wait a bit longer.

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