Dead Space 3 Deserves the Resident Evil 4 Remake Treatment


Dead Space 3 Deserves the Resident Evil 4 Remake Treatment

Dead Space 3 Y Resident Evil 4and their impacts on their respective series are very different. Resident Evil 4 is a beloved game that is widely considered to be one of the most impactful horror titles of all time as it was a unique blend between the horror style of the previous entries and the action focus of resident bad 5 Y 6. While often considered the best entry in the demonic resident Serie, Dead Space 3 it is the opposite.

Go too far in the direction of action, Dead Space 3 drop the intense jump scares of the first two games for over-the-top cooperative game pieces and predictable waves of Necromorphs. The creeping horror present in the early entries is nowhere to be seen, and while the game has some strengths like its environment and gunplay, it ultimately fell short of expectations. Fortunately, Capcom plans to Resident Evil 4 provide the ideal template for a Dead Space 3 remake, and they should show Motive that an altered version of the third game could be a hit.


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Dead Space 3 could change like Resident Evil 4

Though Resident Evil 4 is loved by many, Capcom is still making changes to the title with the upcoming remake. Aiming to deliver a more serious story with intimidating enemies and less cheesy dialogue, the remake seems poised to have a very different tone than the original. While it remains to be seen how fans respond to the new version of Leon and some potential story changes from him, this approach is one that would greatly benefit a fan. Dead Space 3 Redo.

So far, there has been a lot of discussion about the creation of Capcom. Resident Evil 4‘s Gains more intimidating, reworking sections where zombified villagers are featured to be much scarier. This is exactly what Dead Space 3 would benefit, as EA Motive could add more terrifying encounters with Necromorphs while de-emphasizing combat against human enemies. Some of the sections that exist could be updated to be scarier, with some more unexpected Necromorph attacks and a buildup of tension before larger encounters sure to be welcome additions.

based on Resident Evil 4 remake reveal trailer, gamers could be seeing a much more serious version of the story that coincides with the remakes of resident evil 2 Y 3 as for his tone. This would be a big change for Dead Space 3, with Motive potentially scrapping things that didn’t work out, like the love triangle between Ellie, Isaac and Norton. Some scarier moments with Carver could be introduced instead, as the scenarios where she saw things that Isaac didn’t were the highlights of Dead Space 3.

Finally, it can be assumed that there will be no microtransactions in Resident Evil 4 new version, and the same approach should be taken if Dead Space 3 never gets a modern makeover. Although the third entry’s weapon crafting should have been a highlight, as combining weapons was an awesome idea, it turned out to be highly controversial due to the presence of Dead Space 3The microtransactions of . By removing this controversial item from the game, a Dead Space 3 The new version would be instantly more popular than the version that was released in 2013.

Although it is not clear if the Dead space new version will be a big enough success to lead to new versions of dead space 2 Y Dead Space 3, EA Motive’s passion suggests that the remake of the first game will deliver in a big way. If it does, and remakes of the other two games are greenlit, Motive should pay special attention to Dead Space 3. Although it would take some effort, there is a way to make it a great game, building on its strengths and eliminating its weaknesses. As with the Resident Evil 4 new version, a tone change would go a long way in improving the Dead Space 3 experience.

Dead Space 3 It is available now for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

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