Alone in the Dark Remake: what fans want


Alone in the Dark Remake: what fans want

If there’s one thing survival horror game fans know, it’s that demonic resident is the series that made the genre what it is today. However, before Capcom’s flagship franchise, survival horror was synonymous with Alone in the dark. years before demonic resident, Alone in the dark it helped create the idea of ​​survival horror as a genre, but over the years, it was overshadowed by its much more successful cousin.

Now, after going dark for over five years, the series that helped create the survival horror genre returns with a new take on the first title. Recently announced at the THQ Nordic Gameplay Showcase, this game developed by Pieces Interactive takes the series back to the beginning, with a return to the 1920s southern gothic horror adventure that started it all. Here’s how this remake can bring about the return of survival horror’s progenitor and escape another horror story in the series’ troubled past.

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Learn from the mistakes of Resident Evil

With any long-running series, it can be easy for developers to deviate from what originally made things work over time, and this is a problem that both demonic resident Y Alone in the dark shared. However, after disappointing his fan base with the action resident Evil 6, Capcom took a long, hard look at what made the series iconic. This review ended up not only bringing the core games back to glory with the excellent Resident Evil 7but also delivered a new version of resident evil 2 that for many was the best game of its year.

Alone in the dark you need to follow Capcom’s example and learn from their mistakes with this new version. The new game is already being billed not just as a remake, but as a reimagining of the original, which is a good start. This is an opportunity to offer a modern feeling game that still captures the spirit of the original adventure, just like the RE2 remake did, and if Pieces Interactive can follow this roadmap, their game will most likely succeed.

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Make each playable character unique

One of the biggest advantages the upcoming game has over other survival horror games is the inclusion of two playable characters. The remake allows players not only to play as the main character of the series, private detective Edward Carnby, and Emily Hartwood, the niece of the man who sets the events of the story in motion with her suicide. The inclusion of these two playable characters is a real opportunity to differentiate the gameplay between the two.

While many survival horror games feature multiple playable characters, they are often featured as part of a campaign, not as separate main protagonists. in the original Alone in the dark, each playable character was basically the same, but the remake’s reinvention gave the developers the opportunity to take license with each character. Perhaps Edward is better with weapons, or Emily knows the secrets of the mansion because of her connection to her. Survival horror games are made for replayability, and this could be furthered by making each playable character feel completely different.

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Alone in the Dark remake should focus on close combat

The original Alone in the dark it featured not only firearms that players could find to take out the monsters lurking in the mansion, but also melee mechanics that could be used as a last ditch effort to survive. Melee combat in most survival horror games is often relegated to a secondary option, like the knife in demonic resident. However, if Alone in the darkThe remake of could change that focus to melee and could help provide a fresh experience for players.

The remake’s announcement trailer shows that close combat is present with a quick shot of Edward taking on monsters with a sledgehammer, but it’s unclear how much of a focus it will have. A game that focuses more on melee could help further differentiate it from other survival horror titles and add to the tension. The new version could even severely limit the number of bullets available for firearms, just like the Condemned The series did this effectively, forcing players to get up close and personal with melee weapons.

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Take advantage of the environment

Perhaps the most promising part of the Alone in the dark The remake is set in its setting: a 1920s mansion located in the deep South of America. The Derceto mansion, with its southern gothic style and secret occult rituals, is one of the most intriguing settings for a survival horror game, and one that greatly inspired the original. demonic residentThe iconic Spencer mansion.

Most survival horror games continue to be set today, despite the fact that the genre has the potential to do much more with its setting. A remake that tapped into this southern gothic horror could not only deliver a survival horror experience that felt fresh and new to those familiar with demonic residentbut it could create a unique game focused on the weapons of the time.

Ultimately, the Alone in the dark The series is important to gaming history and deserves another shot at success. demonic resident may have made survival horror famous, but Alone in the dark came first. Hopefully, a remake that stays true to its roots but modernizes the gameplay will be enough to ensure that the oldest survival horror series makes a triumphant return to the modern gaming world.