5 great builds for beginners

5 great builds for beginners
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5 great builds for beginners

Minecraft is an amazing outlet for creativity. Players can use creative mode to access unlimited resources to experiment with different building styles and block palettes or to see if they are up to the task of a full-scale or mega-base build.

Or users can try to do all of this in survival mode, using only what they can legitimately collect for bragging rights.

However, for those just starting out, Minecraft’s third build style can be intimidating and difficult to learn. Below are some great builds to practice and develop fundamental building skills.

Five easy builds for new Minecraft players in 1.19

5) Flag

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Minecraft banners have added a lot of potential for players to create custom banners to cover their base or future castle builds. However, these banners can be limited, even if they get the creative juices flowing.

For users who want to take their flag making game to the next level, creating a truly custom flag with wool is the way to go. However, flowing fabric can be difficult to capture in a cube shape.

However, they are also a low-risk build due to their small size, which means players can afford to experiment with different flag creation styles and methods. They can also use anything they learn for larger constructions, like sails on ships.

4) Simple bridge

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One of the best known parts of Minecraft is the unique and interesting shapes that terrain can generate within Minecraft worlds. There are huge ravines and gigantic mountains, totally full of resources and minerals that players will want to mine.

And while they can create one-block thought lines below them to cross the gaps, they are unarguably ugly. So for areas where users may need to go back and forth a lot, they should consider creating a custom bridge to make the ride a little more pleasant to look at.

Even a basic bridge can help elevate a world, which is a perfect starting point for players who want to experiment with arches and curves, and the lessons learned can be put into builds like grand castles.

3) Bottom Center

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One of the most important areas in Minecraft for players who enjoy exploring is the Nether. They can use it to travel incredible distances in a very short time because the mechanics of the game say that a single block traveled in the Nether is eight blocks from the outside world.

And while the Nether might not allow water to exist, users can place ice in the dimension. Due to the way ships interact with ice, specifically the speed at which players can glide across ice in a ship, they can drastically reduce the time it takes to travel through the Nether.

This means that creating a hub of ice paths to connect the most visited areas in a world is incredibly useful for readers who want to make the journey a bit more visually interesting.

The best part about a Nether hub is that they can look like anything. They may be based in the overworld or a more modernized Nether. The potential is limitless.

2) Villager Trading Room

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One of the most critical features of the game that players have access to is the villager trading system. Clever use of villager trading can give you unlimited access to emeralds, diamonds, food, and the most powerful enchanted books in the game, including repair, channel, and fortune.

And while walling off a village is an effective way to establish a trading area, it’s as boring as it is utilitarian. Users should spend time designing a custom area that contains all of their villagers so spending time trading is as visually appealing as it is powerful.

1) Aquarius

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An odd feature within Minecraft that has little practical use is the ability for players to collect fish in buckets and travel with them. While they may take axolotls to use as allies in fights, none of the other fish are beneficial to moving this way out of puffer-based traps.

However, players can use these fish in their base in a variety of ways, the most obvious being a large-scale fish tank or aquarium. These can help elevate a base to the next level, add some life and style to a base’s walls, or create an amazing centerpiece.

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