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The most iconic video game corporations

The most iconic video game corporations
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The most iconic video game corporations

In the world of games, the role of The corporation he is usually played by a cowardly, mysterious, and often oppressive company. For decades, corporations have been the boogeymen of countless franchises, serving as virus creators, manufacturers of destruction, or, quite literally, world-ending entities.

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There are hundreds of fictional corporations out there, but unfortunately, not all of them are particularly memorable. However, when the central plot of a video game, or the origin story for a video game, it’s built around a despicable, money-hungry corporation, there is a high probability that it will be remembered for years to come. In some cases, these organizations are the games in which they operate, because, without them, the universes simply would not exist.


8 Vault-Tec

Without Vault-Tec, the Fall universe would have a hard time existing. This is a corporation that has been around since the late 1990s, serving as a shadowy and deceitful organization that built dozens of high-tech “vaults” that, on the surface, were used to protect citizens in the event of an apocalypse. nuclear.

However, the reality was much darker, as many of Vault-Tec’s vaults were used for dark or destructive experiments. As a corporation, Vault-Tec focused on technological wonders, creating fantastic machines and wonderful devices that changed the lives of ordinary people. But beneath the surface, malicious intent lurked, and there are some theories that suggest Vault-Tec was responsible for the nuclear war that wiped out the world’s population.

7 abstergo

Abstergo first appeared in 2007, with the introduction of the assassin’s Creed franchise. As corporations go, few are plagued with as much evil intent as Abstergo, which serves as the modern representation of the Templar Order, an ancient organization that seeks to rule the world with an iron fist. His primary goal is to rid the world of the Assassin Order, a faction that has opposed his mission for thousands of years.

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As the story goes, Abstergo was founded in 1937, working behind the scenes to manipulate the world order. There are story-altering references suggesting that Abstergo quietly fueled the fascist fire that led to WWII, for example. It was Abstergo who developed the Animus devices, which could explore the lives of the users’ ancestors, which is very much the basis of everything. assassin’s Creed franchise. It is certainly an iconic franchise and stands strong as one of the most evil corporations in gaming.

6 Parasol

There are few corporations as iconic as Umbrella, which first appeared in demonic resident in 1996. This fictitious organization was founded in the 1960s and quickly grew into a multinational company. It was a business with many irons in the fire, from industrial machinery and cosmetics to food and consumer products.

From day one, Umbrella’s primary interest was in pharmaceuticals, and by the 1970s, Umbrella was experimenting with bio-organic weapons, viruses, and dark and mysterious projects. In the demonic resident franchise, Umbrella caused what was essentially a zombie apocalypse through the creation and subsequent release of the T-Virus. As Umbrella effectively brought about the end of the world and kicked off a multi-generational franchise that spanned various media, it is without a doubt an iconic corporation.

5 black table

Black Mesa is a government-owned research corporation that operates in the Half life universe, and at its peak, it brought about the end of the world. In Half life, Black Mesa began in the 1950s, working as an organization that was involved in all areas of modern science. He dabbled in physics, propulsion, robots, genetics, and radiation, among other things. He also studied extradimensional realms, which is an important thing to note.

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at the opening of Half life, released in 1998, the player experiences the Black Mesa Incident. During this event, Black Mesa scientists accidentally caused the ‘Resonance Cascade’, rupturing the very fabrics of space and causing alien life forms to arrive on Earth from the ‘Frontier World’. As the Half life the universe falls apart, alien races oppress the human race, take over Earth, and generally wreak havoc, all because one corporation couldn’t leave it alone.

4 cerberus

Although Cerberus began as a simple paramilitary organization in mass effecttimeline, it would grow into a powerful corporation. This company of “human survivors” was founded after the War of First Contact, which took place shortly after the human race unlocked the ability to jump through space using Mass Relay systems.

After a long period of growth, Cerberus became a shadowy corporation seeking to impact the entire universe through sabotage, espionage, and “media manipulation”. While Cerberus’ activities were primarily focused on the human race, the company’s activities had implications throughout the galaxy. At the beginning of mass effect 2Cerberus uses incredible technology to revive Commander Shepard, the protagonist of the series, and from that point on, Cerberus is essentially the corporation responsible for the continuation of the entire franchise.

3 ryan industries

bioshock launched in 2007, bringing with it an innovative underwater setting known as Rapture. This was a city built at the bottom of the ocean, away from the tyranny of modern society and the oppression of dictatorial governments. However, Rapture was not the haven it purported to be, and in a matter of years, it would collapse into a hive of crime, addiction, fear, and villainy.

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At the head of the Rapture project was Andrew Ryan, founder of Ryan Industries. This corporation built Rapture from the bottom of the ocean, but it didn’t end there. In bioshock, Ryan Industries also continues to create plasmids and gene tonics, testing them on the population of Rapture. Following the collapse of Rapture, Ryan Industries builds ‘Big Daddies’: hulking, monstrous creatures that roam the streets of Rapture.

two hyperion

Once upon a time, Hyperion was mass-producing relatively cheap weaponry, but that was just the beginning for this space corporation. In borderlands, Hyperion would become a manufacturer of epic proportions, responsible for creating a line of incredibly destructive weapons. At the helm of Hyperion is Handsome Jack, an overconfident and narcissistic antagonist with an interest in world domination.

Hyperion wasn’t always a malicious corporation, but when Handsome Jack murdered his way to the top, it became the beating heart of oppression on Pandora, the scene of the borderlands franchise. From the moment he was instilled as the leader of Hyperion, he declared himself the rightful ruler of Pandora. With the power of the Hyperion corporation at his fingertips, Handsome Jack began plundering Pandora for resources, and that’s where the franchise essentially begins.

1 Landgraab Industries

Landgraab Industries is believed to be the largest and most powerful corporation in all of SimNation. This is the fictional world The Sims has been around for over two decades, and the Landgraab corporation has existed within that world since day one. However, while the name ‘Landgraab’ is of somewhat dubious origin, Landgraab Industries is not an inherently evil corporation.

There is a misconception that the Landgraab corporation cares only about property; That is not the case. In fact, Landgraab Industries is a world leader in home technology, science, education, and consumer products. Since 2000, the Landgraab family has been an instantly recognizable group on The Sims franchise, and is probably the only corporation in the entire universe worth mentioning.

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