How to make a sugarcane farm in Minecraft (2022)

How to make a sugarcane farm in Minecraft (2022)
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How to make a sugarcane farm in Minecraft (2022)

At its core, Minecraft is a game of exploration and gathering of materials. The two usually go hand in hand as you try to collect items while exploring the world. Luckily, things don’t have to be this way. If you know how to make a sugarcane farm in Minecraft, you can easily collect one of the most useful items in the game without any effort. Unlike most crops in Minecraft, sugar cane can be grown and harvested automatically, and that’s only a surface-level benefit. With much more to come, let’s learn how to make an automatic sugarcane farm in Minecraft right away.

Make a Sugar Cane Farm in Minecraft 1.19 (2022)

We will cover the various stages of making a sugar cane farm in separate sections for your convenience. One of them also goes over the use of Allay in Minecraft to make the farm more efficient. Let’s start by taking a look at the uses of sugarcane in Minecraft.

Uses of sugar cane in Minecraft

Before we dive into the farm, let’s go over the various uses of sugar cane in Minecraft.

  • Paper: The paper, obtained from sugar cane, can be used to make books and maps.
  • Sugar: Sugar can be used to make a cake and certain potions in Minecraft.
  • Composting: You can also use sugar cane in a composter to increase the compost level by 1 (50% chance) and get bone meal easily.
  • Water displacement: In the Java edition, you can use sugar cane to create underwater pathways by displacing water.

Items needed to make a sugarcane farm

Items needed to make a sugarcane farm

You need the following items to make a sugarcane farm in Minecraft:

  • a bucket of Water
  • Fifteen Dirt blocks
  • Sixteen Solid blocks (none)
  • Fifteen pistons
  • seventeen red stone dust
  • A Observer block
  • A Hopper and a Chest
  • Fifteen Sugar cane
  • Glass blocks and a door (optional)

Instead of soil blocks, you can also use grass, coarse soil, root soil, podzol, mycelium, sand, red sand, moss, or mud blocks. But the dirt blocks are usually the easiest to collect. The rest of the items have no alternatives, so you will have to explore your Minecraft world to collect them.

Make automatic sugarcane farm in Minecraft

Our automatic sugar cane farm is inspired by the design made by YouTuber beards. But we’ve also added some subtle changes and an additional feature from Minecraft 1.19 to improve its functionality.

Collection of items and cultivation area

Follow these steps to make the base of an automatic sugarcane farm in Minecraft:

1. To get started, place 7 blocks of land or its alternatives in a straight line. This is where the sugar cane will grow.

7 blocks of land

2. Then, leaving the space of a block, create another row of dirt blocks. After that, place a block of dirt on the edge of the gap in the middle.

Area for Sugar Cane Farm

3. On the edge where there is no block, create a hole two blocks long and one block deep. Then place a hopper in the hole with a chest attached to it.

Chest and hopper in sugar farm

4. Finally, to finish this basic area, pour a bucket of water on the inside of the solid block located on one edge of the center row. Will create a flowing stream of water leading directly to the hopper.

Flowing Water at Sugar Farm

Automatic Observer Area for Sugar Cane Farm

Follow the steps below to automate your sugarcane farm in Minecraft:

1 First, place a series of pistons parallel to the earth blocks. These pistons must be at the back of the ground blocks and at least two blocks higher than the ground blocks.

Pistons in Sugar Cane Farm

2. Then, place an observer just above the piston behind the isolated ground block. She must look towards the water.

Farm Observer

3. Next, start building from behind the observer block and place a solid block above each piston. Make sure that these solid blocks are connected to the block placed behind the observer.

Boundary blocks in sugar cane farm

4. Finally, to connect the whole system, place redstone dust on top of each newly placed solid block and the observer.

Redstone in boundary blocks on sugar cane farm

5. Now that all your sugarcane farm setup is done, you need to close it before placing glass or any solid block. We suggest that you also cover the top to prevent lightning strikes.

Glass Cover for Sugarcane Farm

How does the sugar cane farm work in Minecraft?

Sugar canes only grow on blocks of dirt if they are next to water. Using that logic, our farm slowly grows the sugar cane to a height until they are right in front of the viewer. As soon as observer notices sugar cane ahead, sends Redstone signal. This signal activates all the pistons on the farm to split the sugar cane in half.

How to make a sugarcane farm in minecraft

When the middle part of the sugarcane breaks, it also takes the top part with it. the the broken parts of the sugarcane fall like an element into the flowing water, which takes them to the hopper. The hopper collects the sugar cane inside the adjoining chest. Meanwhile, the bottom of the sugarcane remains safe and the cycle begins again.

Use Allay to improve the sugar cane farm

An unfortunate problem facing a sugarcane farm and several other food farms in Minecraft is that the item that is dropped does not always make it into the gathering system. For example, when the piston harvests the sugar cane, it could end up falling onto the block of land instead of into the water. To avoid such a scenario, many players rely on various complex Redstone mechanics.

But the easiest solution is to get an Allay in Minecraft. the Allay can pick up fallen sugar canes and easily dump them on top of a hopper.. In order for the Allay to do such a complex task, he must place a jukebox next to the hopper. This specific jukebox must play music continuously to keep the Allay connected and not drift away. Now whenever Allay throws the sugar cane into the jukebox, the hopper next to it will automatically pick it up.

If you want to use an Allay on your Minecraft farm, you need these additional items:

  • eight pieces of red stone dust
  • A solid block (any)
  • A Noteblock
  • A Relieve
  • A Lever
  • Two redstone repeaters

Follow the steps below to add an Allay to your sugarcane farm:

1. First, move the chest from the front of the hopper and set it aside. You may need to put the hopper back on to connect it to the chest.

Hopper and hood replaced

2. Then, place a jukebox at the starting location of the chest and creates a Redstone machine around it. Here, you will need to add a solid block next to the Jukebox and build a line of Redstone on top of that block. This line should go through the redstone repeaters in the same way as the screenshot below.

Redstone Mechanic for Allay at Sugar Cane Farm

3. To start this Redstone system, put a lever next to one of the Redstone pieces. Then he turn on the lever and break it immediately. Doing so will force the entire machine to get stuck in a loop.

How to make a sugarcane farm in minecraft

4. Finally, you need get a alai to your farm and give him a piece of sugar cane. The Allay will connect itself to the jukebox and start working. Also, it is better to create a bigger structure around your farm to prevent the Allay from flying away.

Relief in Sugar Cane Farm

Frequent questions

How to make a Creeper test in a minecraft farm?

The easiest way to keep your farm safe from Creepers is to place some cats around them. Creepers are usually afraid of cats and will move away from the area at the sight of cats.

Does a sugarcane farm need sunlight in Minecraft?

Sugarcane does not require sunlight to grow. You can also keep it completely covered in the dark.

Does bone meal work on sugarcane?

Bone meal aids in the growth of sugarcane only in the Bedrock edition.

make an automatic sugarcane farm in minecraft

With that, you are now ready to make your own sugarcane farm in Minecraft. It is one of the easiest auto farms you can do in the game. But if automation is not a problem, you can also try making a cow farm in Minecraft. With proper planning and a bit of luck, you can be up and running within 10 minutes of appearing in-game. However, we suggest that you gather enough knowledge of Minecraft biomes before starting any mob farm. Having said that, how will you use the sugarcane farm in Minecraft? Tell us in the comments below!

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