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How Ethan From RE Village Is Different From Any Other Human Character

How Ethan From RE Village Is Different From Any Other Human Character
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How Ethan From RE Village Is Different From Any Other Human Character

Ethan Winters is the protagonist of Resident Evil Village and its predecessor, Resident Evil 7, but, despite appearing human, he is very different from other characters. Trapped in a strange town in search of his missing daughter, Rosemary, Ethan faces very dangerous scenarios and fights against all kinds of monsters. But unlike his wife, Mia Winters, or even Chris Redfield, what keeps him alive is not mere strength or the will to live.

This article contains spoilers for Resident Evil 7 and Resident Evil Village.Both Resident Evil Village Y Resident Evil 7 introduced the franchise with a highly unusual protagonist. Unlike Chris Redfield or Leon Kennedy, Ethan Winters barely has enough training to be able to defend himself in a domestic situation, let alone deal with highly dangerous creations of bioterrorism. In both games, RE‘s Ethan is just a regular guy who is endlessly trying to keep his loved ones safe and ends up embroiled in a terrible situation that has almost nothing to do with him. But not only does Ethan win fights against these monsters, he continually survives serious injuries and makes it back to safety mostly unscathed.


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Although this might have seemed like a consequence of the protagonist’s sheer luck, Resident Evil Village confirms that there is no way for an untrained human being to survive in these conditions. Ethan Winters may seem like a concerned husband and father who runs into these situations, but he’s completely different from other human characters, like Mia and Zoe, mainly because he’s not human at all. Ethan has supernatural healing abilities that defy belief and also prevent him from being able to reverse this situation using the mold infection cure.

Ethan Winters was dead the whole time

at the end of Resident Evil Village, it is revealed that Ethan Winters had not actually survived the Baker mansion from the previous game. Instead, he was killed by Jack Baker early in the story and resurrected as a sentient mold creature. Due to this, he managed to survive the events of the titles. Like the infected version of Mia Winters shown at the beginning of resident Evil 7, Ethan’s enhanced healing abilities allow him to fight off the heaviest of injuries. This even allowed her to easily reattach his missing limbs, something not even Chris Redfield’s advanced technology could do. Although many have attributed this to demonic residentThe absurd healing mechanic of this foreshadowed the true nature of the protagonist.

Ethan also couldn’t have been saved by the mold cure he used on Mia in the canon ending of RE7, because he had not been infected by it. Instead, when he died, he became part of the collective mind of the Megamycete depicted in Resident Evil Village, having more in common with the Four Lords and Mother Miranda than with the infected Bakers. If she had taken the cure, she would have turned to glass, like Eveline and Jack. This makes the last installment’s epilogue all the more harrowing, given that by destroying the Megamycete, Ethan destroyed the only thing that had kept him alive for the last few games.

Ethan Winters is certainly not the regular lead on demonic resident games, being the epitome of the conscious and unconscious monster. Although questions about the main differences between Ethan and the other human characters were answered by resident Evil Village, there are many news about what role her daughter will play in the next DLC, shades of pink.

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