Fortnite: What is the zero point?

Fortnite: What is the zero point?
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Fortnite: What is the zero point?

Fortnite: Battle Royale is constantly collaborating with other worlds and brands to bring their characters to the island. Sometimes in the form of a crossover series of comics that dives into the mythos of both sides, or a set of cosmetics in the Item Shop. The in-universe explanation for each and every association comes down to the most important piece of Fortnite history: The Zero Point. But what is it exactly?

Located at the epicenter of the Fortnite island, Zero Point is a blue orb that is always pulsating with threads of energy. Its design is slightly updated for each look, but the shape always remains just as iconic.

Here’s a quick glossary for any confusing terminology to help you understand the world of Fortnite and some of the things related to Zero Point:

– A Reality it has a universe, with time and space added on top: the needle that threads the fabric.
– A Universe it’s still the ordinary, with galaxies, suns, stars and planets. The rope that makes up the fabric.
– A multiverse is the set of all possibilities that a universe can have. If you move a pencil to the right or left, each choice will branch into a completely different reality. It is the fabric itself.
– The omniverse is every Multiverse, planet and thing.

So where does Point Zero come from? The Foundation, a major figure responsible for protecting Zero Point, says that it was born from the Big Bang itself, along with all the realms. The unique properties allow it to connect to all of these different places at the same time, giving it infinite energy that fluctuates with every passing second. If someone touches it, their bodies shatter into all worlds at once.

Zero Point Foundation
Zero Point Foundation

As it originated as the center of all life, the Zero Point has stood in the midst of all realities ever since. The collection of connected realities allows for endless possibilities, making it inevitable that smart people discover and locate Point Zero. Although it is unknown if they were the first to arrive, the Imagined Order (IO) was certainly the first multiversal organization to cement its presence in Zero Point’s domain.

IO’s leader, Geno, is someone obsessed with genetic perfection and finding the ideal civilization. Using Ground Zero to lead people to an even battlefield, Island’s Loop, he catalogs the best performances in the omniverse and moves on to the next. This is the in-universe explanation for why characters become mere cosmetics, instead of coming to the world of Fortnite with their powers and knowledge; they only retrieve them after escaping from battle. Zero Point’s constant use of teleportation is also what led to the creation of the island around it, with each portal bringing in a bit of dirt from the connected worlds.

Ground Zero Reality Fortnite
Ground Zero Reality Fortnite

In the rare event that the IO doesn’t contain it and blows it up, the Zero Point can blossom into a beauty. Crystallized deserts and flora from all over existence surround the ominous orb once it is released from captivity, something that happened after Chapter 3: Season 2’s war against the IO. However, this freedom seems to have its side effects, as by bringing in strange artifacts from the likes of Darth Vader, the Foundation-led heroes, The Seven, think that Zero Point is crying out for help.

Previous crises have led to extremes, as the Foundation holds every strand of Zero Point power with their bare hands. The IO usually allows natural solutions to take place instead of feeling remorse for the consequences, such as the consequences of Point Zero killing everyone on the island around it. Sevens know this is not the proper way to go, making sure things are arranged in a way that doesn’t require any sacrifice.

Fortnite Ground Zero Crisis
Fortnite Ground Zero Crisis

Powerful beings like Marvel’s Doctor Doom and Galactus yearn for the endless possibilities that Zero Point offers, but with the thousands of years that the Seven have stood in their way, life will continue on the island, and Zero Point will remain at peace. Until the next big collaboration arrives, at least.

Fortnite is free to play on PC via the Epic Games Store, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Android.

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