Fortnite Dragon Ball: how to get Kamehameha and new skins

Fortnite Dragon Ball: how to get Kamehameha and new skins
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Fortnite Dragon Ball: how to get Kamehameha and new skins

The Kamehameha special attack is slightly overpowered, melting opponents in seconds, exactly why players love it.

To celebrate the release of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero in theaters, characters (and more) from the hit Japanese manga franchise have come to the game, bringing all kinds of exciting additions with them.

Even if you’re not familiar with the base material, some of the latest updates to the game are so bombastic that you’ll want to get your hands on them, regardless of whether you were previously a fan of Goku and others or not.

Here is everything you need to know about it.

How to get the Kamehameha special attack

The Kamehameha special attack, a massive beam of energy that kills the opponent unleashed in mid-air, is possibly the newest player-favorite addition to come with the Dragon Ball crossover.

The move must be obtained before it can be used and it seems slightly overpowered, melting opponents in seconds, but that’s exactly why players love it.

This means that witnessing John Wick obtain LeBron James’s Kamehameha is no longer the stuff of dreams…

To gain access to the special attack, you will need to head to one of the areas on the map where you are sure to find a Kamehameha.

(Image: Epic Games)

There are three Dragon Ball vending machines that sell Kamehameha in exchange for gold bars, and they can be found at:

  • Inside the Rave cave towards the south entrance
  • In the north building of Ridgeline Racer Station, west of Coney Crossroads
  • At the base of the west screen building in Rocky Reels

The Kamehameha can also be obtained by using gold bars from one of the Fortnite characters, Bulma, who can be found by returning to the training area on the small island in the water to the east of the Shrine.

Finally, Capsule Corp’s capsules can be found by studying their trails in the sky and then zooming in on their luminous position; when interacting with them, they produce the Kamehameha.

Each Kamehameha can be fired three times, with a cooldown between each blast to prevent players from instantly repeating the immensely powerful attack.

Because you can only carry one Kamehameha at a time, attempting to pick up a second one will instantly swap it with the one you currently have in your inventory.

What else is new?

The biggest addition to Fortnite via the Dragon Ball crossover event are the four characters, all presented in a brilliantly “cel-shaded” (i.e. cartoonish) form, available as skins in the Item Shop.

These characters are Son Goku, Vegeta, Bulma and Beerus; Both Goku and Vegeta have three alternate styles and built-in charge gestures.

The game now also features a new “Power Unleashed!” tab, with tasks and rewards available to all players until August 30.

Completing quests increases a player’s power level and earns them Dragon Balls, as well as other goodies like back bling, emotes, sprays, and battle pass levels.

Completing all tasks awards the Shenron Glider, based on the wishing dragon from Dragon Ball.

For the duration of the Dragon Ball event, Bounty Boards on the island have been replaced by Versus Boards in Battle Royale mode.

If two players interact with these boards, their locations will be shown on each other’s maps and they will have five minutes to meet, defeat their opponent, and claim victory.

How can I compete in the Tournament of Power?

Tournament of Power, a duos tournament, takes place on August 18 over the course of three hours.

It is the only competitive playlist where players can use the powerful Kamehameha and Nimbus Cloud items.

To compete, simply navigate to the ‘Compete’ tab of the Tournament of Power with your duos partner; Please note that in order to compete, both of you must have two-factor authentication enabled on your Epic accounts, and each account must be at least level 50.

The tournament will take place on Thursday, August 18, and the particular time for its location can be found under the Compete tab.

Each player will have a period of three hours to play up to 10 games.

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