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Diablo is becoming Call of Duty, and that sucks

Diablo is becoming Call of Duty, and that sucks
Written by ga_dahmani
Diablo is becoming Call of Duty, and that sucks

For anyone who is wishing devil 4 simply being a good video game, one that you can play for hours and feel happy (not forced) to return whenever you want, I have bad news for you.

In the recently published Diablo 4 Quarterly Development UpdateBlizzard came out and answered the billion dollar question: how is Diablo 4 going to be monetized?

Everyone’s nervous, clearly, but not only because of how unethical monetization of Diablo Immortal was received, but also because Diablo 4 will be released at a time when the game’s monetization schemes have evolved beyond the point of parody.

I wondered what multi-level nightmare model the game would have, because it can’t just be a video game you buy and call it a day. Well, the answer was delivered quite clearly in a blog post.

Diablo 4 is effectively becoming Call of Duty, from the Modern Warfare 2019 era onwards. It’s a full-priced game, with regular battle passes with free and premium tiers, and of course an in-game store that sells cosmetics for real money. The trifecta of modern gaming shit.

This is the exact same model that Call of Duty has been based on since it released the DLC map packs. Store updates are so important now that they take up a good chunk of every single blog post in the game. Even during breaks between content updates, you can count on the store continuing to update with packs over $20.

This is the future of Diablo.

Reading through the quarterly update, you get the feeling that Blizzard knew it was going to cause some controversy. It is worded in a way that makes it clear what the system offers, while using the same defensive language to justify its existence.

If you’re already thinking “it’s optional” and “it has no effect on the game”, you’re right. Blizzard relies on those tired, old, clearly nonsensical phrases to convince us that Diablo 4 will ask for money, it just won’t be a scumbag about it.

Blizzard says that the most attractive rewards can be obtained in the game (left). But what if I think the one on the right looks cooler?

Let’s start with the season pass, which according to the developer is basically a battle pass. It will have free and paid tiers, and will last for a set period of time, for maximum FOMO.

The old style of seasons from Diablo 3 will be back, but it’s evolving into the battle pass version of our nightmarish present. Blizzard says that “an army” of developers will be working on creating new game content, quests, quality of life improvements, and balance adjustments in the coming years.

By playing through each season, you unlock rewards in the season pass. The premium tiers will give you the best cosmetic rewards, while the free tiers include game improvements like leveling up faster. You can definitely buy individual levels, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see a pack of 20 or 50 levels.

The cosmetic rewards will correspond to the theme of the season, and can only be unlocked by purchasing the premium track and making your way to them. And just like Call of Duty, you can also expect to earn the currency paid for in the pass, which you can use in the store.

In fact, it’s kind of funny that the words “Call of Duty” don’t appear anywhere in the update. I can’t decide if this is a conscious decision on Blizzard’s part not to draw attention to the game it’s based on, or if the studio sees its own plans for Diablo 4 as normal and expected for triple-A games. in 2022/3.

Oh yeah, my favorite part of Diablo: buying skins!

Completing everything is the store. Where else would you pick up cool armor and cosmetics in a Diablo game?

From the start, Blizzard wants to stick to the old “it’s only cosmetic” argument fairly consistently. The store will use its own premium currency, some of which is earned with the season pass, but you’ll be expected to spend real money on most of it.

That includes transmogs for weapons and armor, similar to what you can earn in-game, but probably more interesting. Sets are divided into different components and can be used on any character within the same class. You can also mix and match purchased parts with those purchased in-game, which is something, at least.

Don’t expect anything weird though; the cosmetics have to be “holistic fantasies based on the world of Diablo”. So there is probably no John McClane or John Cena in your Sanctuary.

But while Blizzard claims that “nothing offered in the Store gives a direct or indirect gameplay advantage,” the developer neglects to mention that customizing your character’s visual appearance it is a fundamental part of the Diablo gaming experience. Diablo 4 is a loot game. We can enjoy its action combat, environments, music and atmosphere, but it’s all in the service of pursuing the rewards the game offers, and many of them are rooted in aesthetics rather than power.

To segment that part of the game and put it up for sale is to compromise an inseparable component of Diablo. You would need to have full faith in Blizzard not to make store items. also desirable, which is a difficult question, especially when money is at stake.

Blizzard clearly wants players to trust it not to overdo it, the blog post emphasizing that “the hottest cosmetics aren’t exclusive to the store.” What you’ll get in the store is, according to Blizzard, “more diversity of choice.” You know, what every other Diablo game had in their loot pool by default.

My favorite quote from the whole thing is this: “We want to buy things to feel good, before, during and after the purchase,” Blizzard wrote. “So if players choose to buy something, it must be because they want to, not because they feel they need to. to have a.”

In a loot game, the only thing standing between you and acquiring the armor piece you want (yes, even if it’s just for looks) should be your ability to play the activity that drops it. We can argue all day about RNG and rarer set drop rates, but the fact is that the set of items that can be earned in the game is reduced due to the existence of a paid cosmetic shop.

We only need to look at Call of Duty to see which part of the game gets updated more than any other. Welcome to the future of Diablo.

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