Best Minecraft Toys – LifeSavvy

Best Minecraft Toys – LifeSavvy
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Best Minecraft Toys – LifeSavvy
Two boys play a game of Minecraft.

Minecraft Toy Buying Guide

A boy plays with a LEGO Minecraft toy at a table.


Why should you buy a Minecraft toy?

When you need to buy a gift for a child who can’t get enough of Minecraft, finding something special can be difficult. There is no shortage of Minecraft items, but you want to get something that stands out and something that they will love.

What should you keep in mind when buying a Minecraft toy?

  • Years: Obviously, the age of the recipient is important, especially for fans of Minecraft. Some toys are more complex and more suitable for older children with more developed skills. Other toys on the list are perfect for kids of any age to play with. Consider the age and skill level of the person you’re buying from when searching this list for Minecraft toys.
  • Characters and Interest: Since Minecraft is a game that has many different characters and storylines, look for your child’s favorite characters. On the other hand, while some gifts are based on characters, others are based more on the strategy of the game itself.

What age range is Minecraft geared towards?

The general consensus is that Minecraft is appropriate for children over the age of 8. It’s often a child’s first online gaming experience because there isn’t a lot of violence and it’s not too complicated. However, like any video game, especially one that involves other players on the web, it’s important for parents to be aware of what’s going on during gaming sessions.

Our picks for the best Minecraft toys

Advantage: When your child loves Minecraft, they won’t settle for a toy that’s even a bit similar to their favorite activity. Fortunately, this game was designed in collaboration with the creators of Minecraft to create a genuine experience. Even with all the components and possibilities, the board game is easy to understand, making it a fun family game.

Cons: Punctuation can be confusing at first.

Bottom line: This game is a more complex game than some of the more traditional board games, but it perfectly embodies Minecraft as it was co-designed by the creators. Minecraft fans, as well as those who are new to the original online game, can enjoy this board game.

best toy sword

Advantage: If your child loves to be imaginative during playtime but needs a fun accessory, this Minecraft sword is perfect. It can be an accessory for a costume, or you can just play with it on any given afternoon. It’s made of sturdy plastic but is still lightweight, so your child can have fun playing “real life” Minecraft.

Cons: Rough play (even sword fighting) can cause paint color to flake.

Bottom line: While Minecraft is an engaging game for kids, it’s still good to get them off the screen. Owning an awesome Minecraft sword could encourage more imaginative, screen-free play. This sword can be an accessory for a costume or can simply be enjoyed on any regular day.

best game

Advantage: Designed for the most skilled LEGO builders, this set comes with everything you need to recreate The End Battle. With included instructions for assembling the Ender Dragon, plus other accessories and parts, you can turn this LEGO brick set into a legendary game. If your child also plays the game online, this set includes a coupon code to redeem a dragon slayer skin in the Minecraft Bedrock Edition game. These LEGO pieces are also compatible with other pieces from different sets or with the original ones for even more imaginative building.

Cons: This set has more complicated pieces, intended for children with more developed LEGO building skills. Since they are LEGO pieces, it can be easy to lose some.

Bottom line: When your child plays with a LEGO set, they’re not just getting a legendary toy once it’s assembled, they’re also learning throughout the process. This End Battle set is a great way to thrill your kids, but take them off screen for a moment to create their own dragon, then use their imaginations to recreate the battle and slay the beast. When they’ve had their fun, the coupon code also allows them to have a slight advantage in online play.

best action figures

Advantage: Pick up this pack of 20 Minecraft characters for the ultimate fan. They have a sturdy design, thanks to their die-cast metal materials. Premium metallic paint covers each figure with accurate rendering to make them recognizable. Each figure is placed on an appropriate stand to support its weight so that it can stand without additional accessories.

Cons: At less than 2 inches tall, these figurines are small enough to play with and perhaps best suited for collecting and display.

Bottom line: If you’re looking to display these figures for a Minecraft collection or even on a birthday cake to celebrate a big fan’s special day, this is a fantastic option. Made of sturdy die-cast metal and premium metallic paint, the realistic details come through without the need for additional accessories. However, if you are buying figures to play with, these are more suitable for older children as they are quite small.

best stuffed toy

Advantage: This Minecraft plush is available in three different characters and is small and safe for a toddler to carry around or for an enthusiast to display in their office (without being too obvious). The plush character is soft with pixelated embroidery to stay true to the iconic Minecraft design. For all its quality and realistic characterization, this toy is also affordable, making it the perfect gift for any Minecraft fan.

Cons: Be sure to keep in mind that this is a small stuffed animal. It only measures 4 x 5 inches.

Bottom line: Choose from a favorite Minecraft baby when you purchase this authentic plush toy. The soft fabric and pixelated embroidery make it a cuddly cuddly companion for a child or a cute display item for a teen or adult.

final thoughts

Whether you’re shopping for a Minecraft fanatic or for yourself, finding the right toy can be a daunting task. Hopefully this list demonstrates just how much variety there is outside of online gaming to fuel Minecraft addiction.

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