5 teams to watch out for in Minecraft Championship 24

5 teams to watch out for in Minecraft Championship 24
Written by ga_dahmani
5 teams to watch out for in Minecraft Championship 24

The Minecraft Championship is a high-level tournament based on Minecraft content creators, both on YouTube and Twitch, run by Noxcrew. The event pits 10 teams (with four content creators each) in a series of eight mini-games, with the goal of scoring the most points.

With a total of 10 teams and a roster packed with high-profile names, there’s no doubt that some unexpected situations will arise, but based on the players on each team, there’s a decent indication of which teams viewers should watch out for during the event.

The five teams to watch in Minecraft Championship 24

5) aquatic axolotls

This team consists of Fruitberries, Smallishbeans, Cubfan, and GoodTimesWithScar.

Fruitberries is a young YouTube personality who has already participated in eight different Minecraft Championships. There were two events in which she did not place in the top five individually (14th in MCC7 and 6th in MCC14), but the other six appearances of hers placed her in the top five in individual scoring.

Smallishbeans has participated in several SMPs as well as many different MCC events over the years, making him an experienced and skilled member of any team. This will definitely prove to be a major asset for the Aqua Axolotls during MCC 24.

Cubfan and GoodTimesWithScar are primarily known for their involvement with the HermitCraft server, though they’ve both played MCC at least once before, so they’re familiar with some of the games and can communicate well under pressure.

4) Red rabbits

This team consists of Purpled, CaptainPuffy, WilburSoot, and Ranboo.

Obviously, Wilbur Soot and Ranboo are two names on this list that are sure to attract a lot of viewers. Both players are top members of DreamSMP, which has seen its fair share of PvP incidents, meaning they both have extensive experience in combat scenarios.

The other two players on the team are no joke either. Captain Puffy has played in a number of different MCC events over the years, which means she’s no stranger to the different games and situations that can come up, and she’s experienced in communicating under pressure.

Purpled has also played in a few different MCC events before, often in a high place. For example, he was the second highest ranked individual in MCC 22, which clearly makes him a capable member of this team.

3) Orange ocelots

This team consists of HBomb94, Tubbo, TommyInnit and Jack Manifold.

Unsurprisingly, two players on this team are going to draw more attention than their teammates and they are Tubbo and TommyInnit. Both are also major players in DreamSMP and have also participated in more than a dozen MCC events each.

Additionally, HBomb94 has a wealth of experience with MCC games and events, having participated in 13 of the first 14 MCC events, which is sure to give his team the benefit of knowing how to communicate well under the immense pressure of the event. Jack Manifold has also participated in a few different MCC events, so he will be a great benefit to the team as well.

2) Yellow Yaks

This team consists of Dream, BadBoyHalo, Skeppy and GeorgeNotFound.

Dream is one of the main reasons to keep an eye on this team during MCC 24. With the unfortunate passing of Minecraft legend Technoblade, Dream is indeed the best PvP player on the planet. And since a lot of the championship games are PvP oriented, it will certainly help take his team to the next level.

GeorgeNotFound is a popular name within the community as he has been a major player in DreamSMP. Also, BadBoyHalo has been making videos for about a decade now, making him a veteran gamer. Skeppy has almost a thousand videos on his channel, almost all of them based on Minecraft.

1) pink parrots

This team consists of Ph1LzA, InTheLittleWood, CaptainSparklez, and AntVenom.

As the entry list might imply, this list is made up of legends within the Minecraft community. AntVenom has been making gameplay-focused YouTube videos for many years, and CaptainSparklez’s Minecraft musical parodies were one of the main things that contributed to the first Minecraft renaissance.

InTheLittleWood is also a classic name within the Let’s Play community, which has been making videos for years, and Ph1LzA is a common name in the community, first rising to fame after the loss of his hardcore world of five years. Clearly, this team is a great mix of skill and charisma, capable of entertaining anyone watching their team broadcast.

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