10 characters Resident Evil forgot existed


10 characters Resident Evil forgot existed

Through its many, many inputs, the demonic resident The series has an absolutely huge cast. Each game introduces new heroes, villains, and allies in the expanding world of the franchise. Apart from its main recurring characters like Jill Valentine and Leon Kennedy, demonic resident It has an almost endless cast.

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However, part of the reason games have so many characters is that they tend to be quickly forgotten about. Many characters that appear in one game will never be seen again, with another character taking over their role in the next installment. Apart from a few basic protagonists, the demonic resident games tend to forget about a lot of characters, even if they bring them back for new versions.

10 HUNK has never met another cast member

One of the most popular secondary characters in demonic resident It’s HNK. A special agent for the Umbrella Corporation, HUNK is a no-nonsense soldier who appears in story scenes and side missions in Resident Evil 2. He is one of the few people who canonically survived and escaped from Raccoon City in that game.

Despite his popularity, HUNK’s canon appearances in the games are limited to the fourth survivor in resident evil 2 and its remake. Perhaps due to Umbrella’s changing morality in canon, HUNK never appeared again, and mentions of him are sporadic at best. He hasn’t even met another protagonist in the franchise, as his story is completely self-contained.

9 Ashley Graham has no more time with Leon

The momentum behind Resident Evil 4The plot of is the kidnapping of Ashley Graham. She is the president’s daughter, so Leon Kennedy, now an inveterate spy after the events of resident Evil 2, he is sent to rescue her from Los Illuminados. Ashley is a major character in that game as the subject of an infamous escort mission who has a growing relationship with Leon.

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Despite Ashley’s prominence and her connection to Leon, Ashley never appears again once Leon retrieves her safely. The last time she is seen on screen, Leon rejects a suggestive idea of ​​’extra time’ with her, and then disappears from the narrative altogether.

8 Billy Coen does a good job of disappearing

Following the tradition of the series, Resident Evil 0 It has two protagonists: one male and one female. While the main character of the game is Rebecca Chambers, a character from the first demonic resident, the male lead is the new character Billy Coen. A soldier falsely accused of carrying out a massacre, Billy convinces Rebecca to work with him when bio-weapon leeches attack.

Billy undergoes a lot of exploration and development in Resident Evil 0, losing some of his cynicism and proving to Rebecca that he was framed for his crimes. She helps him escape and disappear at the end of resident Evil 0, but he disappears so completely that he hasn’t been seen in the franchise since.

7 Carlos Oliveira only appears in one game and one remake

While Jill Valentine occupies most of the game in Resident Evil 3 and its remake, certain sections have the player control Carlos Oliveira, an Umbrella Corporation Biological Weapons Countermeasures soldier attempting to assist in the evacuation of Raccoon City. Carlos is present for much of the game’s action and escapes with Jill.

That is the last appearance of Carlos in the games. Despite being a likeable, handsome, and capable character who develops a huge grudge against Umbrella, Carlos seems content to be left out of the rest of the franchise’s action. He runs away from Raccoon City and later seems to enjoy a simpler and easier life.

6 Zoe Baker goes from stardom to nothing

Most of the Baker family in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard They are prominent figures in the narrative. Marguerite only appears as the boss of one section, but Lucas Baker is the villain for several pieces of DLC. Jack Baker is a recurring threat throughout the story. However, none are more prominent than Zoe, the dispossessed daughter of the family.

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Zoe is one of Ethan’s few allies at all. Biological risk, giving you support and advice. She gets the tragic fate undone of her in the end of zoe DLC. However, she does not appear in Ethan’s next game. Resident Evil Village. However, because the narrative has her as a journalist exploring bioweapons, she may be set to reappear in later games.

5 The mystery of Ada Wong loses relevance

Ada Wong is one of the few major cast members to appear in multiple games: resident evil 2, 4Y 6. Each time, she fills a similar role of being a morally ambiguous spy of uncertain loyalty. She has a tangled romantic connection with Leon Kennedy, as well as teasing Chris Redfield at 6.

The games attempt to create a sense of mystery around Ada throughout her appearances, leaving her motives and true employers unclear. However, many gamers grew weary of the circular nature of the mystery, and she is one of the many characters to lose prominence during the series’ shift in focus between 6 Y 7.

4 Sheva Alomar fades from prominence with the BSAA

Sheva Alomar is one of Chris Redfield’s main allies in resident bad 5, an accomplished and capable agent for the West African branch of the Biological Weapons Security Assessment Alliance. Sheva is a great figure in the game. She is the second playable character in the franchise’s first cooperative entry, but does not appear again afterward.

In part, this is due to the BSAA’s diminishing role in the franchise, with Chris beginning to work with other groups like Umbrella and the Hound Wolf Squad in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard Y Resident Evil Village. However, clues in the latest game suggest that the next installment will focus on a BSAA villain, so Sheva may make a reappearance.

3 Rebecca Chambers is a prominent but forgotten character

Rebecca Chambers has more appearances than many supporting characters in demonic resident. She is Chris’s ally and helper in demonic residentmakes a cameo in resident evil 2and drive the plot Resident Evil 0 as a playable character. He is one of the best known characters from the original games.

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However, Rebecca has been absent from the franchise for a long time. The last canonical appearance of her is in 2002 Resident Evil 0, and there have been no indications to suggest that she might return at a later date. Despite being a featured character for several years, Rebecca seems to have left the game world entirely.

two Barry Burton gets a complete game, and then nothing

Barry Burton is one of the first characters introduced in the demonic resident franchise and is Jill Valentine’s former ally in demonic residentThe Spencer mansion. He impresses players in that game, saving Jill multiple times and delivering some of the most memetically funny dialogue in the series. While Jill becomes a main character, Barry doesn’t.

Apart from a cameo in 3, Barry actually gets more than a lot of characters. He became one of the stars of Resident Evil: Revelations 2. However, that game came out in 2015, and with no subsequent appearances, it seems like Barry has slipped back into oblivion.

1 Jake Muller’s Significant Relationship Doesn’t Keep Him Relevant

Jake Muller is one of the protagonists of resident Evil 6, and the only one to be a new character. However, Jake is not completely unknown. It is revealed that he is the son of series antagonist Albert Wesker. Much is made of his heritage, and Sherry Birkin, in particular, is interested in his genetics.

Although this seems to make Jake an important character in the future, he is completely absent from the narrative after 6. The franchise has moved away from Wesker’s legacy, in part due to that game’s poor reception, leaving Jake with little to do.

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