Where to find Bulma (and Kame House)

Where to find Bulma (and Kame House)
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Where to find Bulma (and Kame House)

During Fortnite x Dragon Ball, players can visit Dragon Ball’s genius scientist, Bulma, at the iconic Kame House to the east of the Fortnite island.

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the long awaited Fortnite x dragon ball crossover event has finally arrived in Fortnite, bringing with it a chance for fans to finally meet one of their favorite characters, Bulma. She is making a limited time guest appearance as Fortnite NPC Bulma can be found near the Kame House, an iconic location from the anime that also appears in the Fortnite island, but it can also be a bit difficult to find for players who aren’t keeping an eye on it. However, much like her anime counterpart, Bulma will offer support to players as they strive to complete their quests, providing items that are essential to complete. Fortnite new Dragon Ballthemed quest in exchange for gold bars.


bulma is doing it Fortnite makes his debut in more ways than one, joining the likes of Goku, Vegeta, and Beerus to make his appearance as a premium character skin available for purchase in the Fortnite Item shop. Yet she is the only one Dragon Ball character who currently appears as an interactable NPC in the Fortnite island during Fortnite x Dragon Ball. Players can find her at the Kame House to the east of the Fortnite island, a place that will surely become a place of pilgrimage for Dragon Ball fans, especially given the prominent role that Bulma and the Kame House play in the hit anime series.

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Visiting the Kame House is actually one of the quests that appear in Fortnite x Dragon Ball’s Warm-up quest set, which asks players to visit a familiar training spot. Greeting Bulma is not required to complete this quest, but players must do so to collect event-exclusive items.

Where to find Bulma and the Kame house in Fortnite

Casa Kame is located offshore in the middle of the small chain of islands on the easternmost edge of the lagoon where mighty monument currently sits. Just like in the anime, the island is barely big enough for Kame House to fit on, making it hard to spot from the air. Unlike the anime, though, it’s not exactly isolated right now – some hardcore fans can be found landing in most matches to complete their missions and buy the kamehameha Y nimbus cloud items for special events. The island probably won’t be a favorite landing spot for Fortnite x Dragon Ball’s competitive tournament of powergiven its size, but players can still find some interesting things to make their visit to Bulma and the Kame House worthwhile.

The Kamehameha and Nimbus Cloud items are essential to completing some of the quests introduced during the game. Fortnite x Dragon Ball event. Since obtaining these items from other sources, such as capsules from Capsule Corp, is not easy, players can purchase them directly from Bulma for 250 gold bars each. Players can also enter the Kame House and search for loot; While there won’t be enough to set up a duo or trio squad, solo players should be able to find some solid starter weapons and consumables for the rest of their matches.

Players who enjoy sightseeing at the Kame House and visiting Bulma will soon be able to visit other iconic locations as well. Dragon Ball locations in Fortnite when the habit Dragon Ball Adventure Island The level activates on August 19. There is plenty for gamers to do in Fortnite, if you are experiencing all content Fortnite x dragon ball offers or completing other missions for Battle Pass XP and Stars.

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