What to expect from another Fortnite x Arcane collaboration

What to expect from another Fortnite x Arcane collaboration
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What to expect from another Fortnite x Arcane collaboration

The last time Fortnite and League of Legends teamed up, players received the Arcane skins, with Vi and Jinx hitting the Item Shop as the first LoL Arcane skins in the popular multiplayer title from Epic Games. The skins were an instant hit with players, making it one of the most popular collaborations in the game.

All popular collaborations so far have also received a second edition. Marvel, DC and naruto they have already received multiple collaborations with the Battle Royale game. Naturally, Arcane: League of Legends looks like the next best thing to bring back with new skins. Thankfully, rumors floating around suggest that Epic Games is doing just that, as they’re apparently working on a Arcane Collaboration 2.0 which may appear soon in the Item Shop.

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Unlike the previous Fortnite x Arcane collaboration that included skins from League of Legends, it looks like the remake will be based exclusively on a character from Riot Games’ popular Netflix show. Based on recent leaks from popular data miners, Mel de Arcane will be the next skin in Fortnite.

mel of Arcane may be coming to fortnite soon

For the uninitiated, Arcane is a Netflix show by Riot Games based on their popular game League of Legends. Given the worldwide popularity of LoL, Arcane it quickly became one of the most watched shows on the streaming platform. Champions Vi and Jinx appeared as the show’s main characters and were also selected to be the skins that made it to Epic’s popular multiplayer game.

Surprisingly, leaks suggest that the second Arcane x The Fortnite collaboration will be strictly limited to the Netflix show and not the game. Instead of another champion appearing on the show, like Jayce or Caitlyn, it will be Mel who appears next in the Item Shop. Mel had an influential role to play on the show, and Riot clearly developed the character of him through Arcane.

BREAKING: Mel from Arcane is coming to Fortnite in the near future! Based on that information, it’s also safe to say that the other Arcane skins will be returning soon! (Information of @HYPEX)

This information comes directly from popular leaker ShiinaBR, who broke the news that Mel could be the third Arcane skin to get to the battle royale. However, the rumor is not based on encrypted files, but on inside information. So there is still a chance that this is just a rumor and nothing more.

Jinx and Vi from League of Legends could return in Fortnite

yes other Arcane collab ends up making its way into the Battle Royale game, possibly bringing the Jinx and Vi skins back to the Item Shop. A lots of Arcane and League of Legends fans missed out on purchasing these skins. Therefore, the rumored collaboration will be a lifesaver for fans, as they will not only get a new Arcane skin, but also the opportunity to complete your collection.

When they were initially released, Vi and Jinx Arcane packs cost 1,800 V-Bucks each. The skins alone cost 1,500 V-Bucks, and the bundle included a pickaxe, a back bling, a music track, two loading screens, and a spray. If the rumors about Mel’s arrival are true, it’s possible that he too will arrive with a similar price tag and cosmetic bundle.

The next Fortnite x Arcane League of Legends collaboration will be Mel 🔥 This is according to 2 different sources that were correct multiple times!

Thankfully, HYPEX, another popular Fortnite leaker, thinks there’s a real chance the collaboration could actually happen. In one of his earlier tweets, he claimed that the information came from an extremely credible source, who had been right on two previous occasions. Hopefully the files for the next Fortnite x Arcane collab will appear in one of the future updates for dataminers to discover.

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