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Resident Evil 4: 10 Best Weapons, Ranked

Resident Evil 4: 10 Best Weapons, Ranked
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Resident Evil 4: 10 Best Weapons, Ranked

After much speculation about the possibility of a Resident Evil 4 redo at last has been confirmed to join the other modern remakes of the franchise. Scheduled to release on March 24, 2023, fans are locked and loaded to experience a polished version of the beloved game, though the original still holds up decently well.

Considered one of the best horror games ever made, the GameCube exclusive defines itself not only by its wide variety of malicious enemies, but also by its more than plentiful arsenal of weapons used to take them down in the sickest of ways. . Playing the game for the first time can be very intimidating, that is until the player unlocks and upgrades all the awesome weapons once the game is fully beaten. By saving and using the right resources, Resident Evil 4 becomes infinitely more entertaining, the best firearms in the game perfect for annihilating your toughest enemies.


10 killer 7

Named after the Capcom game, assassin 7, and with a base firepower of 25 that becomes 35 when upgraded, this weapon has no trouble holding up during encounters with the toughest enemies in the game.

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There is an unwritten law followed by fans of the demonic resident franchise that claims magnums should always be reserved for tough enemies and more importantly bosses as you can take out some of them without wasting time or ammo. When used against Ramón Salazar, the Killer 7 is capable of killing him in a short amount of time compared to other beginner firearms that could be used.

9 Striker

Although it is the smallest shotgun in the game, the Striker is one of the best, as it has the ability to push enemies back with its impressive 100-round magazine once fully upgraded and dealing adequate damage.

Avoiding one of survival gamers’ worst habits of running from danger is easy with Striker, as he’s the king of crowd control and stuns enemies, allowing Leon to get out of some pretty sticky situations. Unfortunately, the weapon is not suitable for boss fights despite its many perks, making it underweight compared to other weapons.

8 black tail gun

As one of the best survival horror games, Resident Evil 4 It won’t give the player the perfect light firearm to bust zombies’ heads right off, but the Blacktail Handgun is pretty good for one that’s available in Chapter 3.

With the third fastest rate of fire in the game and a 4.5 damage that has the ability to outperform Red9 per second, this weapon is a huge step up from the standard pistol. On top of this, it is surprisingly accurate, doesn’t take up much room in Leon’s briefcase, and has the fastest reload speed of any firearm found in the first game.

7 semi automatic rifle

The game’s default rifle has nothing to do with the beauty of the semi-automatic rifle, especially when fully upgraded, as its rate of fire is increased substantially, and who doesn’t love throwing a bunch of bullets at multiple enemies at once? time?

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In Resident Evil 4, Leon needs to be able to quickly shoot enemies from afar more than one might think, which is where this rifle comes in handy. With this weapon in hand, larger antagonists like Garrador and the Regenerator become considerably simpler and less of a threat to deal with, certainly earning their spot on the roster.

6 grenades

Famous for instantly killing any enemy with Las Plagas exposed, grenades are really cool projectiles. The three types of grenades in the game are regular, incendiary, and lightning. Each one is good for specific purposes and they are very useful for conserving ammunition.

Incendiary grenades can burn enemies, while the blast from regular grenades propels enemies in the opposite direction, making them great for knocking Leon out of corners. Lastly, Flash Grenades should be especially prioritized for use at night when a lot of Parasites start shooting disgustingly from Cattle heads.


The TMP is the only automatic weapon in all of Resident Evil 4 and is one of the first firearms available when you encounter the Merchant. Being a small weapon, it leaves room in the player’s inventory for other weapons to back it up, which can be more useful than it sounds. Increasing her firepower as soon as possible is an absolute must, as her bullet storage and rate of fire are relatively average.

A fully upgraded TMP is a force to be reckoned with, having enough ammo to take down hordes of Ganados, leaving no question as to why he’s a favorite among the game’s long-time fans. Additionally, the TMP can cause some of the funniest glitches in the series, like shooting breakable locks from the other side of doors in the GameCube version and skipping entire stages.

4 red9

Purchasable in Chapter 2, the Red9 might not be the most powerful weapon in the game, but it is a classic that has enough accuracy and ammo once fully upgraded. The weapon can also be quite the killer with its fast reload speed.

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To have the strength of a balanced shotgun that can fire longer ranges, the Red9 will need a stock to strengthen its reliability and decrease recoil. Like the biggest gun in Resident Evil 4it can take a respectable amount of health from bosses it doesn’t seem to do much against, especially with the significant damage bonus it has when maxed out.

3 chicago typewriter

With unlimited ammo and impressive firepower, the Chicago Typewriter is perfect for shredding Ganados without the threat of ammo depletion, significantly lowering the game’s difficulty for easy playability.

Once unlocked by completing Assignment Ada (or Separate Paths on non-GameCube versions), the weapon makes defeating tricky enemies a very satisfying breeze, especially when taking revenge on bosses that stomped on the player too many times. during his first run of the game. play.

two Infinite Rocket Launcher

Leon may have some demonic resident’He’s got the funniest quotes under his belt, but no one will be laughing at him when the Infinite Rocket Launcher is pointed at his face. Unlocked after beating the main game, this weapon packs much more than just a punch.

As it breaks the game, the caster can guarantee an instant kill to most Resident Evil 4 enemies and bosses like Ramón Salazar. The only flaws with the Infinite Rocket Launcher are that it can make the game a bit too easy and cause Leon to accidentally take his life when shooting enemies that are too close to him.

1 ORP 412

If the player has demonstrated his expertise in Resident Evil 4 when completing it on Professional difficulty and just want to get in and out while destroying everything in its path, the PRL 412 is the weapon for them.

Running at full speed while wielding this rare firearm is almost therapeutic after defeating the toughest enemies in the game on the hardest level. Leon has never looked more powerful with the LRP equipped, capable of crushing almost any enemy with a single shot, apart from U3 and El Gilantes.

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