NICKMERCS Dominates Enemies With “Fastest Warzone Gear I’ve Ever Killed”


NICKMERCS Dominates Enemies With “Fastest Warzone Gear I’ve Ever Killed”

Warzone Pacific Season 4 Reloaded is in full swing, but players are looking forward to what’s to come in Season 5. This is when Season 4 is scheduled to end, as well as the expected Season 5 content.

Call of Duty: Vanguard and Warzone Pacific are now in their fourth season, with each update bringing major changes to multiplayer, Zombies, and Battle Royale. Warzone Season 4 and its Fortune’s Keep map have been very well received, but players are always looking forward to what’s next.

Warzone Pacific Season 4 Reloaded, the mid-season update, has appeared to introduce even more content. Season 5 will kick off after that, so here’s everything we know about Warzone Season 5, including the release date and expected content.

Warzone player running in Caldera

Warzone Pacific Season 5 Expected Release Date

Warzone Pacific Season 4 will end on Wednesday, August 24and we expect Season 5 to follow immediately after.

The date has not been officially revealed by crow software but, assuming there are no delays, the season should start on August 24. Stay tuned as we will update this article when a date is officially confirmed.

Warzone player using machine gun in Fortune's Keep

Warzone Pacific Season 5 Expected Content

Although none of the content for Warzone Pacific Season 5 has been revealed, we can use previous seasons to risk guessing what to expect.

Warzone Season 4, like previous seasons, has brought new weapons like the Marco 5 and UGM-8, as well as major quality of life changes and updates to the Caldera map.

Using the Vanguard seasons as a guide, here’s everything we expect to see in Warzone Season 5:

  • Season 5 Battle Pass
  • New Operators
  • new weapons
  • Seasonal event with free challenges and rewards.
  • New and returning game modes
  • Map Updates (Caldera, Rebirth Island and/or Fortune’s Keep)
  • Major weapon upgrades and nerfs
  • Quality of life updates
  • Plus

While Season 4 brought the new Fortune’s Keep map, we wouldn’t expect another one until Warzone 2, which comes after Modern Warfare 2 later in 2022.

Fortune's Keep map in Warzone Pacific Season 4

Warzone Pacific Season 5 Leaked Weapons

Although Raven hasn’t yet offered any hints about what’s to come in Warzone Season 5, it’s possible that leaks have revealed the new weapons that will debut ahead of time.

Known CoD leaker Reality tweeted on July 27 stating that two new weapons called “EX1 (EM1) and RA 225” will be added, along with an unnamed melee weapon.

Unfortunately, they couldn’t find any more information on what types of weapons these will be. Based on the name EX1, many players felt that it could be EM1 from Advanced Warfare or EM2 from Black Ops Cold War.

We’ll have to wait and see if this leak turns out to be accurate and if the developers are bringing an old favorite to Warzone Season 5.

Warzone Pacific Umbrella Academy Season 5 Crossover Leaked

following the Terminator crossover in Season 4 Reloaded, dataminers have found details in the game files that suggest Netflix’s Umbrella Academy could be the next major crossover in Season 5.

According to Reality, there will be two Umbrella Academy packs for players to purchase, named after two assassins who appear in the series; the “Hazel Pack” and the “Cha-Cha Pack”.

Both are expected to be packed with Weapon Blueprints, as well as skins of both time travelers, most likely wearing their signature bunny skins. They also stated that anyone who purchases both bundles before September 30 will also receive “an exclusive Legendary KG M40 Blueprint, Legendary Weapon Charm, and Legendary Calling Card.”

Based on this leak, it doesn’t look like major characters like Numbuh 5 or Luther will appear, but more will likely be revealed in the lead up to Warzone season 5.

Will Classic CoD Villains Coming to Warzone Pacific Season 5?

Another leak that has been circulating in recent weeks is that since Season 5 is probably the last one before Warzone 2, various Classic villains from CoD history will arrive as Operators.

Again, Reality discovered the names of the old enemies in the Season 4 Reloaded update files, indicating that there are plans to bring the characters back.

The leaked villains expected to return in Warzone Season 5 are:

  • Raul Menendez (Black Ops 2)
  • Gabriel Rorke (Ghosts)
  • Khaled Al Asad (CoD 4 and Modern Warfare 2019)
  • Seraph (Black Ops 3 and 4)

And that’s all we know about Warzone Pacific Season 5 so far! We’ll be sure to keep this piece updated as more is revealed about the upcoming season.

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Image Credit: Activision