Minecraft 1.19 the 5 best mobs to farm

Minecraft 1.19 the 5 best mobs to farm
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Minecraft 1.19 the 5 best mobs to farm

Minecraft has a lot of mobs. There are several dozen mobs in the game, ranging from passive mobs that will never attack the player to neutral mobs that will only attack the player if provoked. Passive mobs include many farm animals in Minecraft, and neutral mobs include wolves and endermans, as well as hostile mobs that will attack on sight, including the game’s iconic vine.

Most of these mobs have drops that are either unique or incredibly useful, like the vine that drops gunpowder for firework rockets, or the endermen that drop ender pearls to access the Final dimension to beat Minecraft.

Below are five of the best mobs to farm in Minecraft, either for their XP or useful drops.

The five most useful mobs to farm in Minecraft

5) cows

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Cows are an amazing mob for first games to set up a farm. This is due to how simple it is to build the farm and also how useful the drops from the cows are in the early game.

For example, cows drop raw meat, which is cooked into steak, an incredibly useful food for all of Minecraft. Cows also drop leather, which is vital to the new survival worlds. This is because leather becomes books, then bookshelves which are needed to get level 30 enchantments from an enchanting table.

The cow farm, known as a cow shredder, is incredibly simple, with the most advanced component being a single dispenser. The farm uses entity shredding to kill the adult cows, dumping their meat and hide into a hopper, leaving the remaining adult and baby cows for the future.

4) wither

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The Wither is an odd mob to list as a good mob to farm as it is a boss mob. However, players can set up an area that the Wither spawns in, which is within the bedrock portal frame at the end. This causes them to die instantly and drop their nether star. This star can be used to make a beacon, one of the most powerful player buffing features in Minecraft.

Also, players can use a different style of farming to make Wither kill other mobs. This will cause mobs to drop withered roses that can be used on other farms to kill mobs while dealing contact damage. While wilted roses aren’t something players need in abundance, it’s nice to be able to farm them.

3) Enderme

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The endermen are the main focus of the first farm that players must build after slaying the ender dragon. Players should build a farm about 100 blocks from the main island as it will cause all the endermen to spawn on the farm. From here, smart placement of an Endermite will cause the Endermen to fall into a hole, taking enough damage to leave them with half a heart.

From there, players can kill a large number of Endermen. This makes it one of the best XP farms the game has, and will also give players ample Ender Pearls if they prefer to use these consumable teleportation items to traverse the world.

2) iron golems

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Iron is one of the most useful resources in Minecraft. It is used to make shields, which are often the only thing keeping players alive in tight situations. It can also be used to make hoppers, which almost all automated farms use as a means of moving output items to temporary storage systems for players to collect.

Therefore, iron golem farms are very useful. Since iron golems drop some iron ingots upon death, and farms are simple enough to build in the early days of a new world, there’s really no reason not to set up an iron farm. Especially if players set it to a shard that is always loaded, it will run in the background until players need the iron inside.

1) Witches

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Witches are an interesting mob. They are usually very rare and serve almost as a mini-boss for a typical night of cave exploring. They can heal themselves and poison the player. However, players can create farms for themselves, surrounding the witch huts that can be found in the game’s swamps.

Witches are an incredibly useful mob to farm, as they drop a host of useful items, including sticks for villager trading, redstone for components and farms, glowstone for light and potions, gunpowder for TNT, and rockets for fireworks. , sugar for food and potions, and side eyes for potions.

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